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   have you received your installment of grace?
   members having the same care for one another
   teaching many, and with song/psalm
   in the power of God, with full conviction
   mature servant-shepherds
   sending-out of communications, messengers and gifts
   sharing… as anyone might have need
   praising God
   wash one another`s feet
   all things in common
   assemble together
   breaking bread from house to house
   repentant of sin
   seeking the glory and approval of God,
in fear/subjection to God in Christ
   steady love and prayer for members
   those who believed were baptized
   perseverance-endurance in love, faith, service
   permit/desire spiritual gifts
   discipline and reconciliation
   taking meals together daily with gladness and sincerity
   receiving of communications, messengers and gifts
   continuing with one mind… one heart
   faithful till death
   showing favour for/with all people

what is Eutychus listening to?

Basic Training
PRAYER Convergence
Be My Disciple
Youth | Excel
Sheep Paths
The Orthotom
Marking Misdirection
The Study
new Books Examined
   enter by the servant door
   odio for small screens
   Charis RSS
   more about the Lord's ekklesia
   What is a camel doing in the eye of a needle?
   caveat of the unworthy house
extraordinary fall!
extraordinary life!
Jesus, I Have A Complaint…
The Family Caveat
It's Resolved!
For Love, will travel
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