David Powlison Anger
    For whose anger are we made?

Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola nano Jesus Manifesto
    Reimagining with the Friends

David Barton's WallBuilders
    Christian-cultural preservationists' caveat

Jack Fortenberry's Corinthian Elders
    Is Leading Misleading?

Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz
    Autobiographical "new-realism" essays & cartoons from post-moderism.

New Testament Restoration Foundation's Ekklesia
    Eight authors encourage apostolic root growth.

An Answer for author Dan Kimball
    Re: relationship evangelism folly.

Eugene Peterson's The Message
    What's up with this idiomatic scene?

Robert Fitts' The Church in the House
    When church is born pregnant.

Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life
    40-days Spiritual Journey on a false start.

John Paul Jackson's Needless Casualties of War
    Conservatively Fighting A Deadly Force?

Campbell & Chapman's The Five Love Languages series
    How may we define need in love?

John Maxwell's The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
    How or why must the irrefutable succumb at the gate of heaven?

Lynn Anderson's They Smell Like Sheep
    An introspection in Spiritual Leadership for any century.

Don Stoner's A New Look At An Old Earth
    Can the Earth truly be age-dated by methods of modern science?

Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Church
    Would the Saddleback vision be best for the Church today?

Nate Krupp's God's Simple Plan for His Church
    A Reminder of the Simple Plan, plus a revelation to the author.

James Rutz' The Open Church
    Will the next Reformation be Open?

Jim Petersen's Church Without Walls
    (outline with addendum)

Gilbert Bilezikian's Beyond Sex Roles
    Gilbert's claims from the camp of Christian Feminism.

D. James Kennedy's Evangelism Explosion
    Specific problems with the E.E. Coral Ridge program for lay witness.

Chuck Smith's The Tribulation And The Church
    An earnest plea for a pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.