The Pagan's Extraordinary Fall

ø I'm a good person.
"All have sinned and fall short"
Romans 3:23

ø We live in 'Eden', who needs Salvation?
"Anyone not found in the Book of Life was thrown into the Lake of Fire"
Revelation 20:15

ø I go to church. What more is there?
"Day by day continuing with one mind"
Acts 2:44-47

ø I'll be OK on my own.
"The fool says that there is no God"
Psalm 14:1-3

ø I'm not losing my soul. I just need to have control.
"Deny yourself, take your cross, follow Me"
Mark 8:34-38

ø I live an eclectic lifestyle. Jesus asks too much!
"so we ought to lay down our lives"
I John 3:16

ø We have a comfortable life.
"tonight your soul is required of you"
Luke 12:16-21

ø I believe in pluralism.
"There is one God and one Mediator"
I Timothy 2:5-6

ø Life is for the living.
"Without sanctification you won't see God"
Hebrews 12:14

ø There is already enough pain and rejection in the world.
"You will be hated by all on My account"
Matthew 10:22

"Have you called for a fire extinguisher from God, only to return into the flames?"