We live in a difficult world, in challenged times.  Whom or where to turn…
      why we are here, and seeing the purpose of it all.

  Think about this: complete new beginning for you, not like who you are today.

You've been operating by whatever strength you can pull together, depending upon human invent while existing (surviving?) in an uncertain world…
Do you know that you were designed to love & serve the One who made all things?

If you're familiar with Noah's ark, [from the Bible, Genesis chapters 6-9] maybe you already understand how this isn't the first time man has been in trouble.  Early in the first century, the Almighty God sent His dearest Son to show the way to Life; He was like the boat carrying Noah with his family to safety! So great was The Son's passion to rescue us, He let men in their hate put Him to death horribly. But death couldn't hold Him, and He was raised up again alive!  This is the Love of God toward us, working to bring us back and restore us to life -- His Life!
[from the Bible, John 14:6 & Acts 2:24]

Don't judge the power of the Almighty God to save you by so much phoniness & failure we see around us. We may not hear much about people who serve God faithfully; never cheat on vows; live by wisdom and justice, simply because few people come to abandon their pointless lives for the true Life of Christ.  If you will approach Him in humble heart true, He will satisfy your need to know and to be known in Him.  It is written as Yahshua, Jesus the Christ is saying, “ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.  For everyone who is asking is receiving; and he who seeks is finding; and to the one who is knocking, it is opened.” [from the Bible, Luke 11:9-10]
We have found Him to be true.

If you're done with philosophy & religious formula, the time has come to live in Christ.  There's no life in church steeples, personalities or organizations.  Grace & Truth is in Jesus of Nazareth.
[from the Bible, John chapter 1]

Don't wait to get your life together before you fully seek Him.  This is a “come-as-you-are” party; He loves you right where you are, and He is fully prepared to take you through the end of you into a new birth.  It's within His reach alone to instill real change by transforming you.  Our attempts at self-improvement seldom work, and amount to little compared to what the Spirit of Christ can accomplish.

You haven't gone too far for God to forgive you, when you genuinely turn away from everything that you formerly thought & lived without Him. It is written that when we repent (turn around and face His direction), “Which-any of y'all, with your mind changed and-also being baptized/washed on the surname of Jesus The Anointed, so on-to freedom/emancipation from sins and-also y'all shall be getting the gratuity of the Holy Spirit.” [from the Bible, Acts 2:37-38]  consider fully: Freedom from the stranglehold of short-falls AND gift of the One Spirit that is Love and Grace and Truth.
If you cannot or will not look to Christ, so having your feeble life exchanged for His, will it matter whether you read anything beyond this point?

Following Jesus is a total and full-on experience in obedience & trust.  The world, self and darkness have had there fill in you, even to holding you and shaking you like a child's toy, until now… Jesus desires to bring full control, to making you complete in every way that matters.  His love is most powerful for you, and, He desires to fill our being to overflowing with Him! Whether with sincere desire to know your true King, or in fear for the destruction sure to come upon all men outside His safe shelter, are you now…

   hearing Him calling you…

 Come to your Savior and King!

Everyone in the world has missed Life and has need to be rescued in Christ.  No matter who you are, apart from Christ as your new Life, you are stumbling off and away from being right; your judgment bringing a death sentence.  Despite how good a life you lead in human effort, your own boat is adrift and going down. Because sin is in the world, all men and women have taken to it and so earned for themselves its penalty of death.  Living on death row, we each have need of our crimes pardoned and to know our relationship restored with God and all His hosts -- to be unchained from the pattern of failure & death -- which can only happen through our participation in the sacrifice Jesus gave of His own blood and body.  It is where He took the fault -- gave up His life for all men by making appeal on our behalf to satisfy the Father's indignation. The Father, the Almigty One, responding by giving to Him all authority & power. Thru His passion for us, He won the earth and the day as King of Kings! [from the Bible, Matthew chapter 28; 1st John chapter 2]

You cannot by intention earn or raise yourself up to merit life with Christ.  Only The Almighty God can bring Life thru His Son into you & me. He longs to see your faith-trust in abandoning your own life for His, that He might grant His Son's Life and Inheritance in those who will be trusting Him --- as a little child is to trusting father's hand.

  Why do I need to respond to what has already been done for us?

Recognize your need.  Without Jesus Christ, you are a blind, foul, depraved, reckless person (even if you look pretty good to me) -- just as we all were before believing on Jesus.  Even the good things you may do are being invoked from a self-made or human agenda. Soured milk?   You must be willing to call your every failure & shortfall as what these are, even to be set apart from all that is less than Christ; allowing Him to possess your life, renew your mind, and allow Him to clear your old mind & habits of life, embracing the new as He supplies and directs; and so to pick up your own cross (suffering an end to the former you) to be following Christ on to the Life He freely gives.  It's losing your life for His sake and to His glory, that you might gain Life forever in Him.  His is passion of suffering, the overcoming of all things, forward in His glory.  Needn't bother coming to Christ if you're looking for an easy way! Yet without a doubt, the Life He gives is filled in joy and contentment, faith, hope and love.

You must receive Him by faith.

Jesus is saying, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.  No man shall be coming toward the Father if not through Me.” [John 14:6]

It is written, “Whoever should be invoking the surname of the Lord shall be being saved.
How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not trusted or believed?”
[Romans 10:13-14]

We are told, “This promise is to you and your children and to whoever the Lord will be calling to Himself.” [Acts 2:39]

 Come, Walk with Christ into the Kingdom of God

With a full turn of mind, come Follow Jesus.  Recognize your missing in life and hopelessness without Christ, and turn away from your ways -- look to the power of Almighty God in Christ.  Welcome His change without looking back to those things you had been doing beforehand.

Believe-trust that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; that He took the death penalty for sin upon Himself, appeasing the anger of God which was against us; that just 3 days following, He rose from that death and conquered sin.  We believe-trust to these things by faith-trust.  Having with and within the Holy Spirit, who will confirm in you by an inner witness, saying, “this is true.” “That if you are avowing with your mouth the declaration, Jesus is Lord, and believing from your heart that God raises Him up from among the dead, you will be being saved.” [Romans 10:9]

Make your appeal to God for a clean/clear conscience; receive His pardon.  He was crucified and died so that you may be released & forgiven.
  “for thus God loves the world as-also He gives His only-begotten Son, that all those believing into Him should not be being destroyed but may be holding The Life eon.” [John 3:16]
  “And now why do you delay? Arise, be baptized, and wash away your sins in calling upon His name.” [Acts 22:16]

“Confessing, avowing with your mouth.” There is power to speak the Truth.  Inviting you to proclaim with us, “Jesus is Lord”, and witness the power in/by those words true.  Continue speaking: “Jesus, I would have You as my new & only Life.  I've not been tremendously successful without You, nor could I truly be… now and forever I'm to be walking by Your Life and at the direction of Your mind.  I would be done with all the insufficient & wrong things, and earnestly desiring to receive the forgiveness that You gave Your body and blood to secure.  You death upon a tree, and rising up from among the dead on-to conquer all the works of darkness.  Almighty God the Father has higher exalter You and given You authority over all things --- fully including me.  You make me a new creation…  Because of You, I will be in You and with You face-to-face.  As you believe, announce, knowing these things true in Christ.”

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Do All of What the Spirit of Christ Has For You.  With your faith-trust in Christ, make your appeal to God for a clean/clear conscience: be baptized in water, and washed in His Spirit.  Allow God's love & grace in you to possess your life and purpose, day and night.  Follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in all that you say and do.  Obey Him as His disciple and without reservation.
“The one believing into the Son is having The Life eon. Yet the one unpersuading to the Son shall not be seeing The Life, but instead the indignation of The God is remaining on him.” [John 3:36]

Go tell somebody!
  “If you confess [avow] Me before men, I will confess you in front of My Father.” [Matthew 10:32]

Abandon your self-awareness for the Presence of Christ in you; pray and take up His Word in reading from the Bible and in fellowship with others whose Life is also in Christ.
  “For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ the Anointed in God.” [Colossians 3:3]

God has always got a place for you.  Ask him to guide you to blessings in devotion, fellowship, grace, love & service to Him.

Pray every moment within your spirit.  Talk conversationally to the Almighty One and in His Son.  The Spirit that is within you will keep you in touch with Him.  He does speak to us today, and you will better learn by Him how to hear His voice.

You're no longer alone.  There is no more reason to despair, for He says, “I am with you every day, even to the end of the age.” [Matthew 28:20]