Jesus Teaches from the mountain
    Matthew 5, 6, 7

  1. The poor rewarded
  2. The mourning consoled
  3. The meek allotted to
  4. The hungry filled (thirsty, satisfied)
  5. The merciful shown mercy
  6. The pure/clean see God
  7. The peace makers become sons
  8. The persecuted realize the Kingdom of God
5:13 Salt & Light

5:17 Jesus came to fulfill/complete the Law (in us)

  The Old World Covenant

  The New in Christ
5:21 Don't murderNo hate or curse for our brother.
5:27 Don't commit adultery

5:31 Lawful divorces
No lust.
Avoid snares.
Divorce only for a wife's prostitution.
5:33 No perjuryNo swearing of oaths/promises.
"yes" or "no"
5:38 "eye for and eye"Don't stand up against a wicked person. Give them beyond what they ask.
5:43 Love a friend, hate an enemyLove your enemies. Do good to those who misuse you.
Be perfect, as your Father is.
6:1 Do good & righteous thingsDo good in secret, and righteousness without fanfare.
6:5 PrayPray in secret.
Omit useless repetition.
Pray like this… (6:9-13)
6:16 FastFast without making it obvious to others that you are fasting.
6:19No hoarding.
6:22Keep your eye clear.
6:24One Master.
6:25No Worry/anxiety.
7:1Measure by the standard you will to be measured.
7:3No hypocrisy.
7:6What is holy, is to be holy.
7:8Request, seek, "knock"
7:12Do for others what you would have done for you.
7:14Enter through the narrow way; the cramped gate.
7:15Recognize false prophets.
7:21Do the will of the Father.
7:22Know Him and avoid lawlessness.