We thank God that these recognized the dead faith of intellectual, credal assent. Few are who would enter by the narrow gate/path. While in Island Pond, Vermont (USA), they became isolated; even to the persuasion that they were the only ones on earth who knew to obey the Master, Jesus Christ (Yahshua). His foremost commandment: that you love one another, even as I have loved you. [John 13:34-35; 15:12-14] A fire in 1990, and members began relocating; acquiring work and community homes in other places, other countries. By 1993, only 2 families remained at the Island Pond location.

What We Inherit

These friends believe that they inherit the sins and curses of their fathers, even to the fourth generation. What they did inherit can be sourced in the sins and legacy of the institutional church system which governed their repentance: organization pattern, clergy-laity caste, elitism, autonomy, methods of the world and from psychology, incomplete repentance, "camping" & "carousel", denying the power of God.

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TheC o m m u n i c a t o r
An Intertribal Journal of the Progress of our Communities  May-June 2008

Concerning Books for our Children
(from Bynah of Yehudah)
         I was wondering about a child's book I saw about a heroic dog and dogsled team that saved a village in Alaska from diphtheria by delivering the heroic medicine to the heroic doctor just in the nick of time. It was a true story, but it was the world.
         I related to the imma [mother] how Soreph Gamaliel had once repented in tears at a meeting when this subject was discussed. He said one of his sons told him that “approved history books put a love of the world in him.” Previous to that happening, he had received the following in a letter from Qatan:
     “…these books impart the values of the nations. Not just the degenerated modern valueless values, but solid things like hard work, providing for your family, and making a contribution to society (making the world a better place to live). And while such values may be sufficient to guide someone into the nations, they are not enough to bring about our Father's purpose on earth. So, if our children learn by literary example how to function on the level of making independent judgments based upon the knowledge of good and evil, then what more have we done for them than the serpent did for Eve when he introduced her to the benefits of the forbidden fruit? Didn't she see that the fruit was desirable to make one wise?”
         Sorpeh Gamaliel knew in his own conscience he hadn't really received Qatan's words, and had paid a very high price.
         Then this imma told me that certain leaders' families had that book about the sled dog. I brought back our beginnings in Island Pond where in faith we got rid of our children's toys and kept a few books on nature. We were serious about departing from the world. We would make little things for our children to work with when they were really small and as much as possible, our own books. I longed to be able to make books for children. I started highlighting stories in our Intertribal News that I thought would make great children's books. I wanted to illustrate and circulate the treasures of our life and its well learned lessons to be preserved and passed on. Why else would our children even need to read books? There is so much to do in our lives. Every moment is filled.
         According to our sense of responsibility for our dedicated children's lives we will bring them alongside us in all things. This may seem difficult or unreasonable, but I have seen that if you start when they are smallest, in those formative years, including them in every smallest way, then they know they are with you. That is gathering. As they grow they become accustomed to doing  your will, not their own.
         Giving them books from the world to sit by themselves or with older siblings is a great pacifier. You may as well set them in front of a TV set. They are out of your hair and you can clean your room, do your chore, sew or gab. Doing this strengthens their independence and resistance to your will. The older they get practicing this, the harder it will be to get them to do your will, the more frustrating it will be for the imma [mother]. Pretty soon she will either have to threaten them with raised voice to get them to obey at every turn or else she will resign herself to letting them live their own life, while she lives hers.
         Emet was telling me that we have more literature of our own now then ever, from the Intertribal News to children's books to all the books the print shop has been putting out for us.
         “But,” this imma replied, “It's very difficult to get books from the print shop.” Is it easier to go shopping and get them? Better to put our money in pockets with holes in them?
         She explained that there are people who go to the library and get books out every week to read to their children and in training of their children.
         Why? Always something new and something different. If you ever go to the appliance department at Sears to get vacuum cleaner bags you will find yourself literally surrounded by hundreds of TV screens of all sizes bombarding you with action that changes every millisecond. It's chaotic. People wonder why their children in the world can't pay attention. They have to give them drugs to keep their mind on one thing in school.
         We have a timeless, simple life where the Bible is a mainstay of our reading material. Every month we have a new Intertribal News full of news from around the world -- our life. We have incredible readers with stories that never grow old… if we live by the standard of the anointing we have received. If we bring in the flavor and standards of the world, our children will never be satisfied with the deep and simple wisdom we feed them. They will always want more, bigger, better, faster, because that is what we really want ourselves.
         I was talking to ha-êmeq about this and she felt said (sic) the same thing: “It's the world!” Why would we want to bring the world into our homes? Into our children's little unformed lives? Isn't this the only place on earth where we are making a home for the lonely? A haven of peace? The people who write those books do not have the same source of life that we have to pass on. They do not have answers to life's questions.
         While we were talking, the imma's little girl came out in the hall with a little car and ran it down the floorboards. “Where did you get that?” the imma [mother] asked, embarrassed. “We're going to have to throw that away,” she said.
         “The bell is tolling,” ha-êmeq sighed. “Who is it tolling for? Is it tolling for the first church? Is it tolling for us?”

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