For there was not a needy person among them, for all who were owners of land or houses would sell them and bring the proceeds of the sales, and lay them at the apostles' feet; and they would be distributed to each, as any had need. And Joseph, a Levite of Cyprian birth, who was also called Barnabas by the apostles (which translated means, Son of Encouragement), and who owned a tract of land, sold it and brought the money and laid it at the apostles' feet.
Acts 4:34-37

And when they had arrived and gathered the ekklesia/edah together, they began to report all things that God had done with them and how He had opened a door of faith to the nations/Gentiles.
Acts 14:27

And when they arrived at Jerusalem, they were received by the ekklesia/edah and the apostles and the elders, and they informed them of all that God had done with them.
Acts 15:4

M E S S A G E S   R E C E I V E D

report from the fields [MEXICO]: the spiritual situation is largely the same here [Guadalajara] as it was in Houston, at least in a macro level. Most religious people I've met are nice enough, but steeped in tradition. I pray to God constantly for the ability to love these people regardless of what they are or are not.

report from the fields [USA-OH]: Having many opportunities to share as of late that our identity must be in Chris alone. We are on a journey and passing through many things in life, but He is our very life and ultimate destination.

report from the fields [NICARAGUA]: The journey continues. We have been in Nicaragua for over 4 years. The Holy Spirit has done many great things in the people we have had the privilege to work with. We are excited to see what He has for us next, as we recognize that the time is short!

report from the fields [CHINA]: nearly all local believers have asked us to pray for the same thing: for them to have opportunities to share with, encourage, serve, and love their families while they travel home for the Spring Festival holiday.

report from the fields [AFRICA]: back from 2 months in Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe: it was highly anointed and blessed, divine appointments almost every day… invites to peoples homes and churches to share the Bible. Such hunger for truth. Some only have a very small place to live, a few clothes, and cook with wood; there are others that have a little more in the main cities, but jobs are hard to get in some areas. Many families live and share things with each other. Sharing in Botswana was a way of life. You could see in some places the prosperity type false gospel being used. Many wanted to come to USA for jobs, but I told them USA needs to repent of many things, our time is running short before more serious judgments come…

report from the fields [MONGOLIA]: Thanks to all who responded about the Apple Developer account. We found the right person and the project is complete. The completed project means this people group of 5-6 million people now have the written word available as an app on both android and iphone!

report from the fields [NIGERIA]: I met a Lady of the house and introduced myself as their new neighbor. She was somehow impressed that I went out of my way to be friendly. She opened up and started sharing with me the trauma she was going through. She had been married close to five years without any child and lost several pregnancies. The pregnancy would always goes out before nine months. She said I should please be lifting her up in prayers. I agreed that I would. One day I was praying for her and the Lord gave me Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all and his tender Mercies are over all his works. He said I should declare it to her and pray with her, which I did. It wasn't long we started noticing she was pregnant and she delivered. All the glory be to the Lord Jesus

report from the fields [CHINA]: We're using baking classes to bring the way of Christ and build relationships that are given by Him so others may know of Him.

report from the fields [TAJIKISTAN]: This month I will go to Pameer as there are 2 brothers and a sister renting a house and work with girls and guys. In Kuliab town [Kulob], there is a family… they left the mercy home and they took [with them] kids forsaken by drug and alcohol addicts; couple is Victor and Tanya, ex-convicts. It is very hard to find ministers who would dedicate themselves to street ministry. We raise ours, but it is very small number for such labors. Every winter kids are freezing and dying in slums and brothels without the Lord

ekklesia report [KENYA]: I listened to two people teach. And I shared a bit but really wanted input from them. This house church has been going 18 months. It has spawned two others. What do they think we need to do different? What would they change if they could about the way we are doing things? I have not ever asked this of another house church. Such is my respect for these folks. Great meeting. Again, so many needs. They go out and share and meet people literally missing meals and dirty from lack of soap. They pitch in and help each other and pray. I have to press them hard to find out their needs. Then, there are so many. Please pray for the Church that meets at Mariam's house. They are sharing their faith, their food and they are in need. They are joyful, but they are in great need.

report from the fields [USA-IN]: Walked with the cross at the Blueberry Festival, it was an awesome time got to show Jesus to alot of people and that He saves! One cop who was there last year saw me again and said, it was good to see me out here again this year and that I wasn't just a one time deal. I said, no one time deal, Jesus is a everyday deal! All glory goes to Jesus who gave me strength to do it… Love Him so much!

ekklesia report [USA-FL]: I just wanted to let you know that we've been having some amazing fellowship with everyone that we've been visiting, but my heart has been with you guys the whole time. Getting to spend some time with groups in other cities has been encouraging, but mostly because it's made me excited to share what we've been experiencing with all of you.

report from the fields [TANZANIA]: Had a great house church here with 37 people. Man we were packed like sardines. My whole house is 300 sq ft. Our meal served here on Saturdays is the only meat some of these people get each week. I am reminded of the love feast. And also of Jesus admonishing to throw a banquet for those that can never return the favor. Pray for me. My brothers and sisters mostly can't read and I am a bit stumped on their comprehension. I need discernment and wisdom.

report from the fields [KENYA]: We're teaching the Ushindi kids to give from what they've been given. Last month, several orphans went to visit and pray with local widows in Kenya.

report from the fields [NEPAL]: Nepal does not need many denominations it just needs messenger of the gospel. We can do more together then we can do alone. Today we have more than 16 churches around Nepal and most of the Churches planted are the result of the preaching of the gospel by the local evangelists

report from the fields [USA-FL]: There are a number of us groups that are now coming together in the name of Jesus, it has been encouraging.

ekklesia report [ECUADOR]: 9 simple churches and we have been meeting people around the country that are gathering also as simple churches. Me and my husband have been reading a lot from Wolfgang Simson, Neil Cole, Frank Viola because we feel that eventhough people from institutional church are gathering in houses the system does not get out from them and their roots are still the institutionalized religion and not Jesus purely.

ekklesia report [NORTH KOREA]: Every time we as North Korean believers make decisions, we pray and fast with Christ always in our center.

report from the fields [CHINA]: China now is on the stage of social transformation. Many people feel lost, confused, full of fear and anxiety. They try to seek religious way. brother Wang was one of them, who was influenced by the surrounding environment, his relatives and friends. which one to choose? Buddhist or Christ?

report from the fields [Santiago, CHILE]: This last week has been pretty amazing. We have done a lot of ministry in homes and praying for people on the street. One day we hiked up to the top of one of the mountains and had some prayer time and continued with some Bible teaching on God being our rewarder. The view was incredible, but I've been sore for a couple day now. One day we were invited to minister in the local government building in the city of Donihue (pronounced: dough-knee-who). I was able to share the gospel with about 20 government employees and several of them came forward for prayer. It's amazing how the Lord has given us favor and they actually invited us to come back again.

report from the fields [USA-WI]: The group is small now. Many have been shipped out to other jails, seem to shuffle people around at a new year; move them to bigger facilities, or on to prison if that was their next stop. We have had as many as 19 on Saturday mornings.

report from the fields [Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM]: Here in the South West of England, we believe that God wants to see communities of disciples growing and multiplying rapidly. We've tried lots of things and seen very little fruit. Whilst we know that sowing and reaping doesn't necessarily happen over night, we also see from the scriptures that ground prepared by God bears 30, 60 or 100 fold fruit (Matthew 13) So we are going out intentionally to find that good soil or people of peace (as Jesus calls them in the Gospels: Matthew 10, Luke 10) S said in his [SMS] message that there was also someone else living in the same complex that was interested in God. So we said that we'd come and meet with them. We arrived and met with S. I suggested that he called his friend before we talked about the message of the Kingdom together. So his friend came and joined us and we clearly and simply explained the message of the Kingdom. They both are very broken and fragile people. Over the next 45 minutes, another guy came and joined us and a lady who lives next door also joined us. We spoke about Jesus, His Kingdom and what we might do in response. We then all prayed and asked Jesus to lead us and help us. I prayed for each of the people there taking them by their hands. Afterwards we instructed them to keep meeting together, to read the scriptures we had given them and to keep talking to Jesus together. We will visit them again over the next week or so

report from the fields [Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM]: Katherine is a 35 year old women who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition called Personality Disorder She was brought up by her adopted parents. However, they didn't treat her like their other children, and she felt rejected. At the age of 13, Katherine turned to women for comfort and became a Lesbian. Recently, we started reading or listening to a book of the Bible each week and started with the book of Timothy 1 and 2. One night she called me and was very angry stating, there is something wrong with me because of what 1 Timothy 1:10 says about homosexualilty. She ended the call and I prayed. She called back a few days later saying she feels that she has alway tried to find motherly love in women and she has realised that this is the reason why she likes older women. She now has a disciple who she meets with. Do you have any stories about how Jesus is transforming people through discipleship and simple churches?

report from the fields [THAILAND]: spending our days with Buddhist people sharing Christ and our lives with them. Praying to start a simple church with people from the harvest and for the harvest. We hope to move from here in about 6 years to less churched areas some day, but need to stay in Chiang Mai for now. In the past have lived in South Thailand and Eastern Thailand doing simple church, teaching the Bible chronologically over many meals together with local Buddhist people and working with Thai believers. We feel very privileged to be here and count it a blessing everyday to be involved in this place. Only He knows how long we have to be here among these people.

report from the fields [PHILIPPINES]: We visited extensively with 5 regional house church leaders and stayed in the homes of three; two in Luzon and one in Cebu. With no intention to be critical, the reality is that, not unlike as in the US, we found house to house fellowships are talked and written about more than practiced! Three of the four leaders in Luzon not only did not invite us to a fellowship, but never once mentioned that their region even had one! A fellowship in Luzon gathers weekly, but seems to have minimal contact with one another otherwise. One that seemed to come close to living out the daily life together described in the New Testament is where we spent most of our time, in Cebu. It concerns us that in the USA and in the Philippines, there are people labeled as leaders in the house church movement, yet most are not living out New Testament fellowship. It is also a concern that some are attempting to convince pastors and others to come out of the institution, yet are not living examples of what they are calling them out to!

report from the fields [GHANA]: Our home fellowship here in Ghana is thriving. I have a burning desire to lead people to Christ, especially the voodooist and idol worshipers which is predominating in the Ewe tribe here in Ghana, also in Togo and in Benin. I travel frequently as the Lord enables, within our county Ghana, and our neighborhood, Togo and Republic of Benin sharing the gospel and helping nurture people that seeks to return to the way of [lived by] the early church. Most of these people that have repented in the villages here were former idol worshipers, that had never been to church, when they are touched with the gospel, they determined to abandoned their idols, and give their to Lord Jesus. I mean true repentance from the heart that is clearly visible through evidence and new lifestyle and continuous growth in the knowledge of our Lord. Please pray that they will remain strong in the Lord and not backslide.

report from the fields [USA-FL]: Going to Walmart to pray for strangers. Pray for us, and with us, and that God moves in some lives in Saint Cloud.

report from the fields (re: prisons) [NEW ZEALAND]: We just about always pray for the needs of the guys when we are with them, but also encourage them to reach out to God themselves in prayer. Some are a little bit enbarrassed to do so in front of their friends but others find it quite easy. I find this ministry such an encouragement. It's wonderful to see the Holy Spirit all over some of these men. More so than whatI have seen in most of the churches throughout our land. … I look at these broken men and weep in my spirit, because I have sat where they sit now and have wonderfully experienced the faithfullness of God in my life, and encourage them to hang onto their faith with all their hearts, as God is faithfull and will bring them through this time and will give them beauty for the ashes

ekklesia report [MOROCCO]: We are very excited to be in the camaraderie of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and we now have spiritual family who love and support one another; that's why we are very encouraged to share our problems which hinder us in our life before the Second Coming of Jesus.

report from the fields [ZIMBABWE]: One of my friends started having eye problems. Her family told her that it was because she was serving God and copying His word. She responded, then praise God. if he wants to take my eyesight, then glory to God. Her family kept calling her stupid, because she would tell them that she hears God on a daily basis and she loves being in the Word.

ekklesia report [USA-OH]: We met up with our brother and reconciliation has been made. Much repentance on all sides! Just want to dance and sing "Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God is higher than any other!..." Today the Lord healed our fellowship and my brother has returned (tears). I am so thankful to our Lord for His mighty work!

report from the fields [AUSTRALIA]: This summer [2010-2011] has been disastrous in Australia. Two years ago we were afflicted by fire. This summer it has been floods of alarming ferocity. Despite all this, Christ's Kingdom grows… mainly from beneath, it seems.

ekklesia report [NEW ZEALAND]: We are in the throes of many earthquake sorrows here, the ecclesia we interact with are remaining trusting and reasonably positive, for the most part. We collect rainwater to drink, as the town water is not yet trustworthy; most of the city is reconnected to electricity, and we wait to see what will happen to the infrastructure. As to the Kingdom, we see our Father doing much work heading to maturity among the saints here and Holy Spirit comforting with His Love fire and many prophetic encouragements. However, the spiritual is much as you would expect even though there is much in the present distress to drive all into our Saviour's arms, self continues to persuade many that it has things under control. How such deception can continue is amazing.

report from the fields [AFGHANISTAN]: Said Musa has been released from prison! There are so many more behind bars. Remember the prisoners.

report from the fields [PAPUA NEW GUINEA]: {among the Akolet tribe} the Akolets have now heard the Law, and last week Adam Martin used two illustrations to help them understand why God gave the Law. Pray that they continue listening and meet the Promised Rescuer.

report from the fields [USA-LA]: Everybody wants to go to church but don't seem to get the idea of Family. But I'm starting to believe there will be an outpouring of that revelation/reality in the very new future. I believe it's already happening, just in ones and twos.

report from the fields [FIJI]: We are in a 24/7 prayer in Fiji, on the Northern Island called Vanua.

report from the fields [USA-MA]: God is faithful. He has opened a door in Rhode Island with a precious couple who desire to start a ekklesia. He has opened another door with a group of Brazilian believers close to my current abode. He has opened a third door with another group in Cambridge. He is doing good things all around the Boston area. Thank you, Jesus.

ekklesia report [USA-TX]: My Father and yours has totally filled every need I sought to fill in regard to the saints in Mexico. It was been a dream to watch! I experienced a profound move of Christ. I am still reeling from it! I don't want to describe it b/c it's other people's story to tell if they want to tell it, but what I will say is that Jesus Christ wants broken relationships to be totally healed and reunited. Christ told us we're a part of Him, we live off Him, we feed and drink of Him -- He's the Head we're his Body, He's our vine we're his branches, He's the real food and drink and the stuff we put in our mouth and gulp down with our throats is just an object lesson of Him. I've experienced this, it's so different from being committed to family values or Biblical principles, and I know He's available to us all in a greater more intimate way than we can imagine.

report from the fields [USA-HI]: We give thanks to the Father of Glory for His provision, protection and the Blood of the Lamb for what He has done, is doing and about to do through the Holy Spirit! We're seeing a mighty move of the Spirit among the saints; there is a stir and a excitement in the air. We pray the Fire of the Holy Spirit spread upon the whole world as our redemption draws near.

report from the fields [PANAMA]: I am Guaymi tribe teacher of the Bible. I was thrilled when Ramiro, a man whom I have been discipling, stood up and read for the first time in a public gathering a verse from the Scriptures and shared how God had blessed him. Ramiro desires for to God enable him to effectively minister His Word.

report from the fields [CAMBODIA]: Planted several fields of potatoes. Did not use fertilizer or pesticides. The plants turned out bigger and healthier than any other potato plants in the area, even those planted by foreign companies. When a neighbor asked about the fertilizer that was used, told him, We don't use fertilizer. We pray to God, and He makes them grow! Our neighbor then said, Wow! Your God is powerful! Yes he is.

house church report [CANADA-NB]: We are growing together in spiritual depth; also recognize a holy discontent among those in traditional church settings… looking for genuine fresh breath of God's Spirit moving within [upon] the body of Christ. We enjoy encouraging one another. Temptation is to move out of the Spirit and into the flesh by relying on programs. We must always remember that it is not by might, nor by power, but by God's Spirit that we shall have the victory.

ekklesia report [USA-FL]: our friend, Dale, was a part of it all today! There is a growing sense that God wants us to multiply this group into other places, and after we all got up and transitioned into breaking up and leaving -- took as long to do this, as it did to come together -- Scot and I heard Dale speak about the three other groups with whom he is involved.

report from the fields [KAZAKHSTAN]: Pray for the cities of West Kazakhstan. In most of the western provinces, there are hundreds of cities and towns that do not have even one ekklesia. Ask our Father to raise up many Kazakh apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, servants who will labor to saturate these provinces with the good news and life of Christ.

report from the fields [KYRGYZSTAN]: A mature Kyrgyze brother from Bishkek has been visiting houses in four provinces. Two of those have transitioned from houses of peace to house churches.

ekklesia report [USA-MN]: We just fellowshipped with another couple for a couple hours in our home; will be meeting with people from two other towns next week... We are not organized as some would call organized. Getting together with more of like mind and hope to see more interactions soon. My two-year-old gave prophetic words tonight.

report from the fields [AUSTRALIA & INDIA]: We belong to an informal network of house churches, modest in extent. Each of them at a different stage of progress into the things of the Spirit. Many in the group have visions and dreams and operate in words of knowledge. Last February a group of us ministered in India, where the Lord was pleased to heal many and cast out demons through our ministrations. ... The Lord's power is increasing in the earth among those who believe. Aslan is on the move. The thaw has come.

report from the fields [CHINA]: It is still illegal to offer religious faith to persons under the age of 18. It is legal, although against policy, to hold small private meetings called House Church. The authorities have a respect for a higher power and will not interrupt a house church meeting to conduct a raid; but leaders will face the risk of being contacted at their homes and possibly imprisoned, tortured, or killed. As long as National Family members operate within the bounds of the law, are not vocal, do not evangelize, and move in very careful circles, they are generally safe.

report from the fields [HAITI]: The spiritual atmosphere of Haiti is a bit confused and that is really represented in the physical. Most will say that they are Christians but practice voodoo and don't really understand what sin is. Pray for us as we battle in spiritual ways what the Devil is trying to hold by making the people live in fear of voodoo. Pray for us to live and proclaim the truth, as 80% of the country claims christianity and 60% of the country claims voodoo.

ekklesia report [USA-NH]: At this point, we are about 10 people coming together as Family. … We also are starting to gather with people who have recently been released from prison and who have parole restrictions placed on them. [For this,] No one under 18 years old is in attendance. The Spirit of our Lord prompted us to do this after meeting and starting to disciple a few people who have committed felony offenses, spent several years in prison, but who also came to the Lord during their time there. Once they were released from prison, they had parole restrictions on them that prevented them from attending a church unless they had a State-certified chaperone with them. I've since been through the chaperone training program and made some connections with the parole department.

ekklesia report [USA-KY]: We do hear from and see one another often through the week. Otherwise I wonder how much church life we would really truly be experiencing, as I very strongly believe that the church is more than a meeting. Time spent together, hanging out, eating together, watching each other's kids, ect. We also get together from time to time to pray the scripture and fellowship with the Lord in that way.

report from the fields [NEPAL]: I am going to visit churches in the central and in east Nepal for two weeks, may be longer. I must go there to encourage pastors and evangelists and prepare in some ministry works ahead. I will be riding motorbike. Roads are not so safe; some roads are not even paved in the mountain, raining time, hot time, mosquito areas. No electricity, no fans. So please pray for me. I appreciate that.

ekklesia report [AUSTRALIA]: Things here have been tough for a bit as we all face difficult challenges and yet continue to seek the Lord's will. My health is returning, as God is transitioning us to something else. Some other mission field or some new connections that bring about salvation, redemption or absolution to others. We are all perhaps a little weary from the bushfires and our involvement in the recovery effort has perhaps knocked us around a bit as well. Yet, the Lord has been our sufficiency and strength. I have the sense that it is ok for us to be a bit bruised and battered right now as this (in some way) is preparation. Recently, there have been a number of prophecies that inspire and excite me about what is to be. We have a wonderful and gracious God.

ekklesia report [USA-TX]: Now en route to Mexico to visit the ekklesias there. Pray I get everything from Christ that He would want to show me, not to miss any of the gifts/graces He would have for me. May the Lord moderate and expand my expectation for all that He will do.

testimony to Christ [SOUTH AFRICA]: Last year I had to pray and deliver a person who was a Satanist. This person was actually commissioned to take me out; that was his assignment. He told me about it later. He said everytime he had an opportunity to attack me, my big body guards were always in the way. I do not have body guards, but he could see these 3 very big guys always surrounding me: God sent angels to protect me.

report from the fields [MEXICO]: There is fight here for the Baptist who have come as missionaries and some people. Please pray for us that the testimony true and power of Christ will come to us in Jalisco. More denominations bring us trouble only.

testimony to Christ [INDIA]: I had no peace and always [often] unconscious due to demonic pressures. My husband left me, but my mother not gave up me. When she heard, she brought me to the church. When a brother put hands upon me immediately a shocking feeling entered me and hit me pleasantly. As a wonder, the whole body became a very light and I am absolutely delivered from the demons that were bothering me since last two years. Now I am so happy. My husband returned home again and loving me. This is all the miracle of God. Now I am a true believer of Jesus Christ.

report from the fields [TIBET]: Saga Dawa, the month-long Tibetan Buddhist holiday, begins May 27. The belief that the karma received from one's actions is radically multiplied during this holiday brings Tibetans to flock in greater masses to every Buddhist site. Attempting to appease their dead god, many Tibetans will alter their lives in order to reduce bad deeds and increase good deeds. Beg the Living God to show mercy, expose the lies of traditional beliefs, and draw more Tibetans to Himself, the Living God.

report from the fields [BULGARIA]: We are looking to have meaningful conversations with Bulgarians to expose more of them to the Word, the Light and Life of Christ. Please pray for our every opportunity in this hope we have.

report from the fields [NEPAL]: Bible School is over but the students can't go back home due to Maoist indefinite general strike to force the government to resign. Students are here and they can't go back because all vehicles are closed. So please pray that situation soon return to normal [for travel]. I am using this time to teach them about discipleship.

report from the fields [USA-TX]: Last week, a man named Issac walked up to me and said that God had told him to come to this street and find a man to pray for him and he would be healed. Issac had been paralyzed on the left side of his body from a stroke. As we were praying for him, he said his body was tingling and then he started moving his left arm and leg. Simple faith and obedience! He started on the spot testifying of the glory of God to all who would listen. We also are still seeing a lot of addiction broke instantly, on the spot to the glory of God.

ekklesia report [USA-WA]: We are meeting in our home on Sunday mornings praising and worshipping our Lord, learning of His will for us, teaching Bible lessons at the County Juvenile Center and waiting. We have ceased attending the local Baptist building and being pew potatoes. We are preparing to start sprouting... God leads, we follow.

report from the fields [INDIA]: We are serving and planting in the middle of Muslims and religious peoples of India. I and my wife jointly working, we have started to provide education for poor and drug addicted peoples and their childrens. A long time of 9 years I am working in the middle of these peoples. But I always think that share the gospel and to fulfill the vision. In this regard, we have tried to contact many of the main-line church priests/pastors, but always I failed to get a cooperation from them. I contact many International organization also for that. But None. After all I and my wife working hardly to rise up our Lord's name in the middle of these people faithfully. I am still living a rented place and there is only one room. Also the charity building where I am operating the education is also a rented place. But always I pray to God that to get somebody form those who are a real faithful person.

ekklesia report [USA-MS]: The storm reminds me of when the Tower of Siloam fell (Luke 13) and men pondered why devastation had come and presumed it was the judgement of God upon the people who died. But Jesus reminds us that Unless you repent, you will likewise perish. Our prayers go out to those who were harmed and suffered loss. We do not know anyone directly, but we'll let you know if we receive word of any need. We were only 25 miles away from the tornado and it was bright, sunny and calm the entire time.

report from the fields [SUDAN]: I have seen too many skinny little arms and legs this week, Lord. Even as I struggle with the questions in my heart, I thank You, Jesus, that you allow us to be part of Your helping children in this area. Lord, teach us how to serve in south Sudan and strengthen our faith when we grow weak.

ekklesia report [INDIA]: Please urgently pray for those who are called by Christian in India, whom Hindu fanatics belonging to the RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishat and Bajrang Dal are killing and terrorising daily. The trouble is spreading across many states in India, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala. This is a planned attempt to destroy Christ's name & people in India. Do help through prayer because neither the government, nor Indian media, nor world media cares much about what is happening.

Report from the fields [ALGERIA]: Algerian law restricts the use of any buildings for religious purposes. Any gathering of more than nine people for a religious purpose in a place that was not specifically built for it is illegal. The Acts church is described as meeting together in both the temple courts and from house to house. Pray for us as we meet by small numbers and walk among the people, to remember our Lord and to speak and act together as one Body of His.

Report from the fields [UGANDA]: The battle continues. We have an epidemic in Kigazi. Over half of the community have got sick with fevers, vomiting, cough, and weakness. People are saying, malaria, some typhoid, but that's their usual answer. We would really value prayers.

Report from the fields [PAKISTAN]: Remember me in your prayer about ministry in Pakistan. It's tough here… and for my family.

Report from the fields [NEPAL]: We delivered encouraging message to the churches. We ministered to the sick with prayer and the sick recovered. To some of the Church, it was for the first time of a large meeting. Gospel was proclaimed and many heard it. We ministered in three places in Kathmandu. In east Nepal in the village we ministered in Kerkha, Jewan Church in Urlabari, and Jyoti Church in Madhumalla.

Report from the fields [IRELAND]: Pray for the people of Celtic language in Europe. Pray for us to lead incarnational lives among them. Pray that we will faithfully daily walk closer to our Lord and follow the path He gives us to the hearts of those He chooses to call. Pray that they will see our good works and give praise and glory to our God, and follow His Son.

Report from the fields [USA-MD]: For the first time I'm beginning to feel like I'm really a part of the Body of Christ. People in the ekklesia seem to be much more Christ-like. The spirit is much different from when I was attending regular churches. The people are even acting like those in the 1st century church. I've been reading Acts. This is all so beautiful. It really is. I'm getting to know the real Jesus now.

Report from the fields [INDIA]: All glory to the Father! Just this morning, we were stopped in traffic due to a prayer meeting that was going on among one of the Hindu people groups. Not only have many of these people come from darkness to light, but they were coming out of their homes in droves to pray to the One true God! Praise the Father for great things He has done.

Report from the fields [CONGO]: Savage ethnic conflicts here and surrounding areas has resulted in many millions of refugees flooding neighbouring African countries. In Tanzania, the camps are now limited and Tanzania is hostile to accepting more. Others have fled southwards, many currently in Malawi. They arrive by foot, bicycle, or hitchhiking on trucks... over 1000 miles on tracks and poor roads. The Truth is present in many of the camps and amongst some of the refugees. We have not forgotten Christ, our hope and our life in this sorrow and killing.

Report from the fields [KOREA]: Our heart goes out to our dear friend, and we are with him in spirit. We will remember him in prayer without ceasing, and we humbly ask you to join us. I prayed with him on the phone two days before he crossed into North Korea.

Thankful Pilgrim [USA-TX]: Oh, I'm very excited to be in a homechurch again. It's amazing. These people I visited last week live just right down the street from me and they used to live in Washington state, and met with the same home church as I did! God is so good. I was wondering if God had dumped me, but I guess He didn't after all.

Report from the fields [THAILAND]: The Thai church has become in love with western model of practicing church. Just the other day I was sitting around singing, praying and talking with a bunch of middle-aged women who are water melon farmers. The idea is that they want to start there own church and they get together in the front yard. This time a lady came who goes to another church, and sure enough she was very strong in leading the other women in a kind of sudo western church service. At the end of our time, they all stood up and started singing the doxology. I asked them when they were done, where did this song come from? They said, from the church in town. I challenged them to write there own and use it next time. They all laughed at me, thinking I was telling them a joke. But, I told them I was not joking. These are people who don't read very well; very poor and on the fringe of Thai society. I think they are good soil. Recently, The Lord has been really impressing on my heart to walk the streets and share Christ with whoever I find. I have been going with a young man who is a believer from Tibet. He can't speak Thai, but prays and is very fun person, so he can make friends easy. Every time we have gone we find many people to talk to and many people open to hearing about Christ, but no one believing in Christ. I am praying for more believers so we can see disciples come up. I feel like I am not doing missions cutting edge, but I feel like I am doing missions. I feel like God is directing this. I would say the main thing in this experience is that I am learning to get past peoples smirks and smiles as I do this. Other believers, who feel this is offensive to Buddhist, would never do this. I have found all Buddhist people to talk to and they have all been open to listening and even wanting to tell friends about Christ as Buddhist because it is good news to them. I just wanted to say this because you can do this in a Buddhist country if you know the language and culture and love people in the process. I am deeply convicted about my lack of love for people right around me. I want to love them, but I fail. I know a simple invite to dinner; a gift of fruit, some kind of relational interaction could make the difference. So, we are changing and stepping out and trying to love people. Doing before studying is more of a Thai mind-set. Jesus style of living is actually very Thai. I am praying for the power of God to fill me. In the mean time, I am learning to love God and have a broken heart like He does. This is really painful.

Report from the fields [NIGERIA]: Everything we do and say through Christ's presence in West Africa bring glory to our Father. Pray always for the new disciples. They have been experiencing some persecution for their faith in our Father. Lift up our Nigerian co-laborers who are discipling the new believers.

Report from the fields [INDIA]: Many have been cut off from their families for their decision to follow Christ. One young Hafiz (a Muslim who has memorized all 114 chapters of the Quran) came to Christ here in the Deccan area of India. He has been maturing by leaps and bounds in the faith in Christ. When his father-in-law and wife refused to relate with him anymore, it was a traumatic experience for him and he was discouraged, yet he remained faithful. By God's grace last month his wife softened to him, speaking to him kindly for the first time after months. Praise God for the love.

House Church Report [USA-WA]: We pray that all is well with you and with the ekklesia which meets in your house. As I prayed over the rough draft of this letter I found myself weeping in deep anguish over the condition of the Church and what God intends to do by way of holiness & fear, repentance and intimacy. The Spirit of God is moving and we need to be listening.

House Church Report [PHILIPPINES]: Our conversation together was filled with stories of how we made it together today. Some rode military trucks through flooded areas, till they could catch public transportation. Others paid local boatmen exorbitant fares for a ride. Still others shared how they walked through water that was up to their thighs. But we are here smiling, singing, giving praise to Almighty God who met us in the storm. Not much complaining or whining over the tragedy.

Report from the fields [PHILIPPINES]: We are at the school in Manilla for a couple of minutes since the internet is working well here. We are without phone, internet or cell signal at our home. As we come to the close of this day (Thursday), tired but OK. An even bigger storm is heading toward us and expected to hit by Saturday. We have no idea how long we may be out of touch so wanted to update you while we had the chance. Things here are bad: the death count is way over 200; many are homeless and if they are not homeless, all of their things are destroyed; many barely escaped the flood waters with their lives.

Report from the fields [CHINA]: The situation in China varies. In some places, there's little opposition to the Gospel; in others (especially in rural areas), there's quite a lot [of opposition]. One of our sisters has been zealously preaching in a rural and remote area. However, a trinitarian group that is registered with the authorities has reported her for spreading strange religion, and she faces quite some difficulties with the local police at this time.

House Church Report [USA-GA]: We had a great baptism celebration last week at the local lake and had 50 or so folks baptising 12 or so new disciples, no institutionalism present as far as I could tell, just believers meeting in the Name above all names! Keep up the faithful fight!

Report from the fields [PAKISTAN]: Once again had to evacuate late last night. Can't go into all details, but prayer would be great. The government here is releasing the Muslims that burned our homes for Ramadan, and arresting those who tried to defend themselves. The Christians of Pakistan really need prayer. Experiencing some major barriers in Pakistan.

Report from the fields [SENEGAL]: The door is open to you to come to us in Senegal and in The Gambia. An English teacher at the only public high school in a town in the middle of Sereer-Sine territory responded with great enthusiasm when we asked if he would be willing to have us help with classes at the school. We have great freedom to share faith with Senegalese students, even while the teachers are present. The teachers also showed an eagerness to hear and reading Bibles are given to them. We see that God is opening doors through students and teachers. Please join us in praying that God will call out people on fire in their faith and sharing faith with others.

Report from the fields [BRAZIL]: Please pray for our brothers who live here in Brazil but are seeking to reach non-indigenous peoples with the Light of Christ. Pray for them and for leaders among them, asking that the distance between them will not be a hindrance. Pray that they will not feel isolated or ignored. Pray that all of us in Brazil will continue to share and feel a part of our mission community, which is so necessary to our own growth in Christ.

Report from the fields [IRAN]: There's a revival going on, here. Thousands are becoming disciples and meeting in house churches.

Report from the fields [LATVIA]: One of the sisters here, Belinda, made invitations to a Bible reading. Most people in Eastern European cities live in large apartment blocks with all the mailboxes at the entrance, and their mailboxes are frequently stuffed full with junk mail and advertising fliers. And so, Belinda and Cindy photocopied a simple invitation, and sewed a piece of material and a bow onto each one, that people would go Wow... what's that? when sifting through the junk mail. Those special fliers got a great response, and the meetings quickly become a blessing in the day: reading a Bible chapter, doing Bible marking, listening to life stories and problems, and teaching the women to pray.

Report from the fields [MEXICO]: A young girl of 12 expressed surprise to hear that baptism follows repentance and trust for Jesus Christ. In her home neighborhood in Guadalajara, most children are baptized as infants. The children near us attend classes here and learn from the Bible. Rain sometimes threatens, but is held back at crucial times by prayers, as we prayer-walked each day and distributed invitations to come among the people. One morning a woman appeared on the street to say, I want my children to study the Bible and know about Jesus, and I have been searching everywhere to find a place!

Report from the fields [USA-TX]: Today was Nursing Home visit day. I receive communion and offer prayer for all, then go to the home and visit and bring Jesus to all who listen. They are all attentive. I pray with many of denominations, and minister to them also. These people are praying for us, too. They call the internet the little machine. I am ever in a state of blessing. I kind of know what Moses felt after talking to God. Gee, I love Him so much and his people.

Opportunity For Love [USA-VA]: Paige Beach would love to receive letters or cards from anyone in the Body. She really needs the encouragement. Her address is: Paige M. Beach #394921, Virginia Correctional Center for Women, 2841 River Road, Goochland, VA 23063.

Report from the fields [HAITI]: God is breaking the yoke of illiteracy/slavery in Novion, Haiti! Glory to the Most High King. The Lord has placed it in my heart that he is going to deliver that from every angle. The people slumber in poverty, mediocrity and voodo; they can't write or read. I am trusting the Lord to accomplish His purpose, and I desire to be a full part of that purpose.

Report from the fields [ZAMBIA]: 75 percent of Zambians would say that they are Christian. People here are open and highly responsive to the gospel. There is such spiritual hunger, that many will accept almost any teaching. New church groups of many denominations and persuasions are growing fast. The Bible is available in local languages, while there is often a mixing of Christianity with African traditional beliefs. These people need to know the Christ who will set them free and bring power into them by His life.

Present Testimony [YEMEN]: Thank the Lord for a young man with us in northern Yemen, who is filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Today he wrote a new song to Jesus, worshipping as he sang it. He has suffered a beating for the name of Christ. He continues to worship throughout each day, even in suffering.

Present Testimony [CHINA]: In China I have seen Christians gather to pray that the walls of a Buddhist temple would fall, and seen it fall. I have seen the faith of a little child praying for someone to be healed, and watched God heal them miraculously. I have seen a woman pray most of her life for someone, and then seen the person she prayed for turn from atheism to full-on loving God with all her heart, mind and soul. I know of places where earthquakes, tidal waves, and terrible storms destroyed everything, including idols and idolatrous temples, and yet the humble shack where believers gathered to pray remained intact. I have seen a person's life turn completely around just because he found out there is a God who loves him… I have seen what the power of God can do.

Report from the fields [THAILAND]: We were living with my mother and father [extended family continues a common cultural experience in Thailand]. They told us to leave the house, and they didn't want to have anything to do with us. They were mainly upset because they knew our son would not be ordained as a Buddhist monk so they would not receive that merit for their afterlife. I remember crying as we walked down the street away from their house. When you are a disciple of Jesus Christ in Thailand, you are singled out; you are known as someone peculiar and strange as you refuse to participate in the Buddhist rituals at family funerals, school, and traditional celebrations. Pray for all of Thais who continue to serve their new Lord, Jesus Christ, faithfully, often at the expense of becoming outcasts and being persecuted.

Report from the fields [CHINA]: We are working among a resistant people. Probably the biggest struggle we have been facing is hard hearts: dry, parched land, so that the seeds that are thrown there don't sink deep and take root. Over and over, we plan to see someone to encourage them, and at the last minute the plans fall through… prepare a meal for someone, and at the last minute, they call and say they can't come… plan a Bible study, and then everyone cancels out. We go to encourage brand-new believers, and they say maybe they don't want to believe anymore because their neighbors are giving them a hard time about it. Ask out Father to strengthen and encourage us, and pray that we will soon have the joy of seeing more true and lasting fruit.

Report from the fields [PORTUGAL]: Although the Bible has been in Portuguese since the late 1600s, many people here have never read even a page of it. Recently, I was able to give a Bible to my language teacher and explain the way of Jesus the Christ. Pray that a seed sown would grow and bring fruit in this land.

Report from the fields [PAKISTAN]: We went very quickly into the shops yesterday. my phupho (father's sister) called and told us there had been an alert and we should come home immediately. It was the day after the US Presidents speech in Egypt and there was a lot of hype among people trying to make up their mind about it. Being just before Friday prayers made it all the more tense. We had called the store manager of the little department store and told him what we wanted, and he had kept it ready for us. Back at home and suddenly there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was a beggar, I was about to take out a packet of biscuits… but it was Mustafa Khan, the owner of the department store. He looked in and as mum paid him, she asked him why he was not going home. He smiled and said that he was going for prayers. God comes first, he said. If something has to happen, it can happen anywhere. I must be faithful to God because without him there is no hope for me in the afterlife. God comes first; He gives this life He can take it. I came to give your groceries but also to ask you to pray for my wife she is very sick and with so little business it is becoming more difficult. Please will you ask your mother to pray for her also. I know Christians believe in healing. Ok, take care and don't worry, I think it is just a rumour. As he said this, he ran off back toward his shop. We looked at each other in shock! He had packed in extra groceries in another bag for Musa who had become his friend in all these years. Nothing happened in our city, but other cities have had attacks. Children are terrified of going to school. One little boy told his dad that he did not trust his school teacher anymore because she told him don't worry nothing will happen. But even though these are bad times and there is so much evil in this whole mess, none the less there are still those like Mustafa Khan who can think to be gracious and generous, even when their own business is suffering. Even in the midst of this, there are those who are acknowledging Christ's healing. Let us not forget to pray for Christ to be revealed to the millions of Muslims who are just faithful followers of God.

ekklesia gathering [GERMANY]: This house church in Munich is excited to tell you that God continues to be at work with each one of our brothers and sisters. We have seen our neighbor come to know Christ, and we ask you to pray for her. We still need to increase in number so that we can grow into 2 groups (that are really one, and one with all in Christ). This could take a while; but, pray with us that God will speed us along the way. Please pray for each one of the brothers and sisters in His ekklesia here, as we are all experiencing attacks and challenges because of our active participation in the Kingdom. Thank you so much for praying for us.

Report from the fields [PERU]: One of the things that we have been please with is the way Latin American churches have become interested in cross-cultural ministry. For many years, Mexico and south have been receivers of missionaries, and now they are senders themselves. Our work is aimed specifically at speakers of minority languages. Many of these languages are endangered, and some have never been written. We work at trying to build prestige and life into these languages with the goal of eventually helping to create a local literature and then to translate the New Testament. You'll be happy to hear that a group of Amerindians in Guatemala have just started a project to translate the Old Testament into ten different Mayan languages of that country.

Reconnaissance Report [TURKEY]: Many Turkish people, like those in your cities, believe that all roads lead to God and that good people will go to heaven. One of the greatest obstacles here to reaching people is their belief that the Bible has been changed, and is therefore no longer true. Our prayer has been, Father, we ask You to pour out Your Spirit on the Turks, and we pray that they will follow Christ. Breakdown strongholds of unbelief in their lives, and soften hearts of stone until they bow forever before Jesus of Nazareth.

Returning from a field [USA]: I recently went on a missions trip to Kenya with my school, and I was so strongly impacted like I never imagined I would. I changed so much, and am now a completely different person. Anyways, the fact that I may never be able to go back there again is haunting me inside, cause I know God wants me back there, and I know I want to be back there whole-heartedly. The only time in the near future I feel I could return is in the summer, and my parents are not willing to budge at all. They are telling me that I will never be back, or at least for now while I am still under their roof and that my money can be more well-spent. But they just don't understand the friends and connections I made with people will forever be on my heart, and I need to be in Kenya. Then on top of all this, a prophet came to my school today and told me she knew about my parents fighting me, and she knew about my desire to be back there, and she saw me in Africa with a white cloak on. This may be a sign of some medical position, but, never before in my life have I ever thought of being a physician or such. Yet, she saw me back in Africa, but she urged me to leave it all up to God. Please pray that God shows me the way. My parents don't even believe the prophet's words. I've never wanted anything more than to be back in Kenya.

Letter from the fields [TURKEY]: I was arrested about 6 month ago, because of the problems I had encountered in Iran with faith. They gave me 1 month to change my religion from Christianity to Islam. 10 days after my arrestment, I was also dismissed from my work. When I found the situation so hard, I came to Turkey and stayed in Istanbul for 3 months. I hoped that some of my problems would be solved. I returned to Iran after these 3 months, but I got arrested again after 16 days from my arrival. They tried to force me to say the name of the person who introduced Christianity to me and also the one who baptized me. Again, they gave a 1 month to repent and convert to the true religion of Islam. But I had chosen my way, so I did not accept that. Although it was against my will, I had to ignore all what I had in Iran and seek refuge in Turkey. I am in a difficult situation, I really request you, my brothers and sisters to pray for me. Thank you. Your brother in our Lord Jesus.

Letter from the fields [MYANMAR]: Ten years ago, a friend of mine had arranged for brother Sang Bel to go to the former capital city of Yangon, sharing about his anointed adventures as he has proclaimed the gospel. Sang Bel has a reputation for giving away what has been given to him. My friend then guarded the offerings that were given in those churches, and used them to build Sang Bel a modest home to replace the shack he and his family were living in. It wasn't enough, however, to build interior stairs to the second floor, and today there is still a ladder standing in the main room that connects the first floor with the second floor through a hole in the ceiling. When he is at home, Sang Bel, who is sixty years old, climbs up and down that ladder. Sitting in his first floor room, I asked Sang Bel about that ladder, and why he still doesn't have stairs. He replied, The Lord hasn't sent the money yet. His wife looked on with a knowing glance that said, The Lord has sent it, but he always gives it away. Sang Bel has preached many times to very primitive people in remote villages who have not heard of Jesus. He told us that some were so primitive that they were half-naked.

Report from the fields [INDIA]: The Lord is working powerfully in the neighboring district of Garo Hills. However, the born-again, Spirit-filled believers are being persecuted severely in some parts of the Garo Hills. Two days ago, a Garo friend of mine who's pastoring shared with me over the phone of how believers there were persecuted and beaten up and also received death threats. Some of them, fearing for their lives, have fled to the jungle. A friend of mine who lives in Shillong, left for Garo Hills yesterday to be with the flock there. Now if you're wondering who the persecutors are, they are none other than Christians belonging to the main line church (I'm told by more than one reliable disciple ministering there that the persecutors belong to the Baptist denomination). Please pray for me also, as my dear friend, Mikseng, has invited me for 3 days with the ekklesia in Garo Hills toward the end of this month. Pray for Holy Spirit's anointing, wisdom and safety.

Report from the battle [ASIA]: Currently there are more than 300,000 Uighurs here in post-Soviet Central Asia, with about a thousand known to have followed Jesus Christ. These are persistent in what they believe and how it has changed them, and they are giving their all into Christ. However, Satan does not like how they are striving for the Righteous Kingdom. In a very oppressive society, these saints are faithfully pursuing the things of God, regardless of the cost, and this is a huge threat to the Enemy. The result: a number with their families are dealing with physical ailments. One wife has migraines, one has high blood pressure, another had a cyst removed from her breast, and yet another continues to battle flu-like symptoms. Please pray for healing for these women and for their husbands, and that they may continue to stand strong for the One who brings their healing and has brought their victory.

Report from the fields [INDIA]: Earlier today at 10 A.M., we had the joy of baptizing three young men who are doing ordinary jobs in Shillong. They're from Tripura, another state in the Northeastern part of India and bordered with Bangladesh. These three are actually brothers. It was touching to see their eyes filled with tears of joy as we prayed for them after the baptism. Their names are Hari, Kishore and Bano. Please remember them in your prayers. Their eldest brother Prem, his wife Reena and their two sons had been coming to gatherings of the church here for quite some time. Later when his brothers arrived in Shillong, Prem and Reena brought them too along with them. However, Prem has stopped coming to the fellowship now for several months. Please pray for him. Bano and Kishore are working in a hotel and lives there while Hari who used to drive a taxi is now working at a construction site as a daily wage labor and lives in a small, dingy single room with two other young men one of whom professes to be a baptized Christian. Hari is in daily interaction with lots of other young men and also a married couple from Tripura who aren't believers yet. Regarding the married couple the wife expresses a keen desire to know more about Christ. Please pray for this couple too and especially for Hari (Kishore and Bano including) to be instrumental in helping many other of his folks to the Lord.

Report from the fields [AFRICA]: Surrounded by mud huts, mosquitoes, and a group of village elders, two apostles and one Malian believer gathered to participate in a serious discussion about Christianity and Islam. The little battery-powered lamp sitting in the dust did little to illuminate the men's faces, but their questions were clearly showing their hearts. The elders were open, seeking, and honestly trying to discern the truth. They talked deep into the night. When silence overtook the group, their spokesman explained, The answers you have given to our questions are running around in our hearts. We are trying to make them sit down. It will take time. Afterwards, two men approached us privately and said that they wanted to believe. But none of them yet were ready to tell anyone else. Standing on the brink of faith, looking over the edge, and wondering…

Report from the fields [BRAZIL]: Please pray for ministry among the German-Brazilians of Brazil. Making disciples among the Hunsrik people is based upon walking with them as one teaches them the way of Christ. His way is the only way, and for us, this is a trust we place and faith we accept (John 14) and we have counted the cost. However, that is not what this Germanic people of South America has learned. We sow the Word here, asking the hearers to count the cost before following Christ. This has led one family to a crisis of faith. They have in their possession a family heirloom handed down for many generations. It is the patron saint of the family. They have cherished it, prayed to it and worshipped it, as their forefathers have done. Hearing the teachings of Christ, they have realized that praying to images is wrong. Finally, after several more months, the wife asked about baptism, because she desires to obey the teachings of Jesus. This came about after one of us spoke to them from Acts 19, which led them to understand in their hearts that baptism is for followers of Christ's way. While the wife is ready, the husband is lingering, as are others. Pray for these to have the courage to follow Jesus, having counted all the cost.

Report from the fields [SERBIA]: Because we had not previously done anything like this, we were a little nervous. We were not sure how receptive the Serbs would be to accepting Bibles, and we were a little wary of gaining a bad reputation in the eyes of the Serbs, as it is common for non-Orthodox groups to be known as sects. We would, quite frankly, have been satisfied if God had softened the heart of even one Serb to receive His Word. However, God surpassed all of our fears and concerns. He opened the hearts of more than 500 people to receive His Word and gave us several different ways to distribute the Bibles -- one being right in the center of town!

A story of Life [Kabylia, ALGERIA]: A Muslim man in the military had been depressed for many weeks. He simply had no joy, and all the recent terrorism and personal problems had led him to contemplate suicide. Just as he had pulled out his service weapon, his Christian comrade came to relieve him of his post. He happened to be listening to a handheld radio playing the story of the jailer and Paul in Acts 16:27-31: Just as the jailer was going to lance upon his sword, Paul told him, Don't do this evil! Then the jailer said, What then must I do to be saved? Paul answered him, You believe [trust] on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, and your family. He immediately realized God was speaking to him through this radio broadcast, and this man is now a strong witness of God's mercy and his days are filled with joy and happiness. Praise God!

Letter from the fields [MYANMAR]: Thank you very much for your email. How are you brother? We all are doing well. All the baptized are well. Elisha is leaving to Chin state to meet his family. By the way, when you are in my home as soon as you leaving in front of the gate the governments are coming they gave warning, no more praying and asked some money I have to pay, other wise I will be in the jail, and also we have difficult time we must leave now from renting home. I need to find the place. But I thank God for protecting me and one day the ministry will be more. Thanks once again for your email, and pray for my family to go forward. May God Bless you.

Report from the fields [INDIA]: There are some Bhutanese students from Bhutan who've been coming to the church gatherings here since last month. Most of them are second-generation believers, but with love of the Lord and are desirous to grow in Him. Please pray for them that they would be true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and that by the time they return back to their hometown, they'd be firebrands in the hands of the Lord to bring Bhutan to the love of Christ. A young brother who's working with the Campus Crusade for Christ here has been instrumental in guiding them. Please remember him, too. Also, there are some people, especially young tribal migrants from Tripura, who're here in Shillong for jobs. They've been with us for a couple of months now and some of them have expressed the desire to be baptized. They're about four of them.

Report from the fields [MYANMAR]: Our gathering of believers is encouraging Zam Lam Thang, a native from Myanmar (Burma), to translate the Gospel of John into his native language. Please pray for Zam.

Report from the fields [JAMAICA]: Anthony is a friend of mine living in Canterburry, Jamaica. He is a community organizer in an area that is traditionally one of the most impoverished communities in an impoverished country. It is normally extremely difficult for anyone from his neighborhood to gain the steady and lawful employment required for their families' sustainability and to keep their kids in school. The global economic crisis has made this even more difficult. The unemployment rate in Jamaica has skyrocketed as the price of basic necessities has also increased. It currently costs 450 Ja for a loaf of bread. This is the equivalent to $5 US. The typical Jamaican weekly income for someone employed at minimum wage is, according to Anthony about 2800 Ja ($32 US) per week. Typically, if someone is able to gain employment, they will spend 15% of their income on a single loaf of bread. In turn, self-employment in a viable business ends up being the best choice for families, especially those coming from hard to employ areas like Canterbury. Anthony has owned and operated his own businesses before, and has used them to support both his family and his community by fueling education initiatives, gang prevention, and jobs for his neighbors. A fire in early 2008 (resulting from bad wiring in a shop down the road from his) destroyed his shop. The hurricanes destroyed his equipment. The lack of a place to work, viable employment, or supplies has caused tremendous difficulty for Anthony and his family. Their only income has been from piece work that he has been able to pick up and his wife's work as a hair stylist, which is difficult for her to maintain without a shop to work out of because booth rents are so high that they wipe out most of the profits. Remember Anthony's family. Remember the people of Jamaica.

Report from the fields [NIGERIA]: Last June, we made an exploratory trip to an area we had never been before. We visited the Ardo (the area chief of all the Fulbe) in his camp. There were cows by the hundreds in all directions as far as you could see, and many Fulbe camps dotted the plain. I had never seen so many bush Fulbe in one place as I did that day. I shared some Fulfulde cassettes with him, and he gave them to his sons and told them they must listen to them. There was just an openness there that I have not felt in some areas we have been. He made us feel like we were part of his family. I believe when Christ transforms him to the new man that the whole area may explode with the power of the Gospel. Pray that God will open the hearts of the Ardo and of all the Fulbe as they see and hear about the way of Jesus.

Impact Report [NEPAL]: I am G. Sherpa, a man from Solukhumbu, a Himalayan place in Nepal. I visit Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, once in a year. I am involved in climbing the Himalayan peaks. There are not any church or Christian people in our whole place. Last month during my visit to Kathmandu, a friend gave me a Bible saying that this is the most worthy book in the world. I went on reading the book and found that my friend was not wrong.

Report from the fields [KYRGYZSTAN]: Pray for the Kyrgyz. Kyrgyzstan is officially a secular republic, while Muslims make up 82% of all Kyrgyzstan's people. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, a number of Islamic centers and institutions has grown to more than 1800. The name Kyrgyz means horse messenger. We are burdened not only for our own people, but also for those around the globe who do not know the Truth. God will help us to be His horse messengers to carry the Good News.

ekklesia & community [USA-CA]: The sense of family is not something that can be felt just by showing up here a few Sundays. Meetings and gatherings are only one part of the family. In fact, I may venture to say that one may feel more like family when a brother or sister just picks up the phone mid-week to say hello to them, or shares some stuff on Facebook, goes for a bike ride with them, or takes them out to lunch. We do not believe nor try to make the main Sunday gathering a place to resolve everything. That leaves mid-week opportunity for the believers to be together and share their lives. We do not organize a meet and greet mid week Bible study so that you can really just come to get to know someone nonsense. The will to want to share life has to come from more than just those in oversight. On the weekend we come together to lift up God and the Word he's given us above ourselves. I'm always amazed that people feel plugged in to a church, when they simply attend there for an hour or hour and a half each week -- and yet have no meaningful relationships outside the gathering. We've been with each other for about 8 years, now. No nasty splits. Plenty of fights. Lot's of love, and God still reigns.

Report from the fields [EUROPE]: Give thanks with Josh and Kristen Hepner -- they write: Last month, we were told by one of the new believers here that his mother was very adamant that he not study the Bible with us. We were discouraged, but we prayed. We asked him about three weeks later how the situation was going, and he said that he talked with his mother and explained to her that it is a good thing. She said nothing at the time, but now every time she sees her son reading his Bible, she asks how our family is doing and seems to have a changed heart about the situation! We are rejoicing!

ekklesia gathering [CANADA]: We are so thankful the Lord has been putting us together with more local folks here. There are now folks from about 6 different household right here in this community who gather with us every week as well as a few from out of town. As you likely know, the Lord added a few to the Dunnville crew who used to travel here regularly, so the last 3 or 4 months they have been gathering there and the Lord is adding there as well. Keep in touch!

Fellowship Journey [USA-MI]: Friends and onlookers out there, please take the effort and time to get together face to face with other saints of like heart and mind. We had to drive 3 hours one way, and they 5 hours, but it is more than worth the effort.

Mission Preparations [USA-CA]: Father is sending 2 to Bolivia, and we are awaiting Him for more to accompany this brother & sister for the work already begun. Pray for these, even now, as there are many dangers to serving Christ in Bolivia.

ekklesia gathering [USA-CA]: Our house church is thriving! Recently we had some good brethren from an Anabaptist tradition join us for worship, fellowship, and lunch.

Testifying To Power [RUSSIA]: My name is Julija. I am a believer from Voronezhslaya Oblast. I'm 28 years old. On 6 December I was baptized into Jesus Christ and finally found peace with God. I searched a long time for the Truth; I went to the Russian Orthodox church, Pentecostals, evangelicals, Adventists... I still couldn't see a clear picture of the Gospel. Every church had its own understanding of God's word. I thank God for saving me and for every good thing He gives.

Report from the fields [ISRAEL]: There is much persecution going on here for the past couple years, especially this year with the Ami Ortiz bombing in Ariel. There are all sorts of messianic streams and Christian Arab streams all across Israel, the amazing thing is that the messianic Jews and the evangelical Arab christians are very much in unity even in our differences. We take care of each other and love each other. Here in Beer Sheva, in the past month my wife and I have seen several new babies and those babies have already had other babies, etc., in a discipleship chain and simple church context; all sabra Hebrew-speaking Jewish Israelis (we are a Hebrew-speaking indigenous ministry). We are also very Jewish and messianic in expression. My wife is a former Orthodox Jew herself (and native Israeli) who had a supernatural encounter with Yeshua while in a yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem. She never stopped being Jewish after her salvation. We also are now starting a new people group here in Israel, the Bedouins of the Negev, and a first house congregation ever in history among this people group specifically in the Negev. In the Sinai there is a ministry among Bedouins in Egypt, and in Jordan a couple Bedouin believers who go to Arab congregations. However, this is the first Bedouin congregation ever in the Negev of Israel. We are pretty excited about this. However, these Bedouins are now late seekers and still need birthing although they are willing to meet on a regular basis. We don't have to tear down any former ways of doing church in order for the gospel to be effective. We are happy Yeshua can be the head! We have also seen 22 healings in the last 3 months, which is pretty exciting for us. We just saw another 2 last Shabatt [Sabbath]. This is particularly exciting because the separation between Isaac and Ishmael happened here in Beer Sheva, where I live. Isaac stayed in Beer Sheva (and later left for Haran and then Bethel), and Ishmael went to what we know as the Yerucham/Dimona area in the Negev (and later east of the Jordan and Saudi Arabia). There is some genalogical sources that say Bedouins are the sons of Ishmael and the Arabs are the sons of Esau. If this is true, the Bedouin-Israeli reconciliation can symbolize the Ishmael-Isaac reconciliation from the very place they were torn apart: Beer Sheva.

Report from the fields [USA-CA]: Last Sunday at the mission went very well. The Holy Spirit's impact upon the overall good attitude was evident. The message had an impact on at least one that we know of. It was about testing one's self to see if you are truly of the faith, and how one the greatest indicators is your new relationship to sin.

Report from the fields [KENYA & UGANDA]: I'm back from Kenya, Uganda, and England. If there's anything I've learned it's how desperately the message of the church is needed. God constantly teaches the church, and the world is in desperate need of what He's taught her. What God teaches the church is the marvelous way that he overcomes the flesh through love. We had incredible power in Kenya and Uganda. Pastors showed up asking us what made us different from all the other muzungus (white men) that visit and preach to them. Hearts were opened, and no one could deny the power or the need of our message. What did we do? We lived the way God taught us to live, which is to be a friend to everyone, and people who saw it were moved. They knew that it was good, and they knew that it was from God, and they showed up and asked us how we learned to live with such power. What people noticed is that we were different from other preachers. The difference is that we knew we weren't there for words. We were there to bring the life of God because that Life can teach Africans just as well as it has taught us. So we simply showed up and did what we always do. We fellowshipped with the people we met. Since we are God's people, this allowed the people we met to fellowship with God, and they liked it. They asked how they could have this life, and our words weren't just words. They were to a purpose, explaining how they could have and be taught by the life of God.

ekklesia sends word [Shilong, INDIA]: Last Friday morning (8th/Aug/08), we had the joy of water baptizing Tika Darji, a young girl in her mid 20's. She had suddenly disassociated herself from us. This came as a shock, because right from day one she was on fire for the Lord and would receive clear visions from Him especially in the form of dreams. Then as soon as we began to discuss about her baptism, she suddenly disappeared thereafter. We visited her several times and inquired as to what was happening. There wasn't any clear answer from her, except we knew that we had lost her. In the meantime her younger sister, Maya, came to repentance and was baptized and is still actively involve in the ekklesia. We continued praying for Tika from time to time, especially whenever Maya would request prayer for her family. The Lord indeed heard our prayer. For more than a month now, Tika suddenly reappeared. Again she would tell us of dreams where the demonic forces were still pursuing hard after her but also of dreams where the Lord was calling her to go out and share the Gospel to the lost. I suggested that she shouldn't delay water-baptism this time to which she complied positively. Have you realized that whenever there's a wonderful work the Lord does, Satan is not only frustrated but rages in anger causing a backlash in purpose to thwart the plans of God and to discredit the Lord's name and glory? That's what he tried to do with Tika's family. And we have witnessed this more than once, that Satan hates water-baptism. I have seen people convicted by the Lord, coming to fellowship without having to face much or any oppositions from family members, relatives and others. But as soon as water-baptism becomes an issue, then the devil raises his ugly head and tries every means possible to stop this.

House Church report [USA-WA]: Our home church gathering, last Friday evening, turned interesting when, mid-way through our prayer and worship time, one of the prophetically gifted had a vision that our meeting was under demonic attack. We quickly dealt with the attack and returned to adoration & prayer to our King. A few minutes later, this same intercessor said that the attack had subsided, and in its place there were three angels in our midst.

ekklesia sends word [USA-OR]: Father is challenging us to pray and move more in honor. We are being led that direction, since He builds the house. It isn't easy, but growing can have strain or Joy: it is better to have joy. However, with wrong attitude and being moved out of one's comfort zone, can make one feel heavy. The Body here is extremely well equipped and mature; as many are apostles and prophets, and this has been a training center for the mature. However, that also means there has been spiritual warfare and demonstrations of power and signs following; endurance has been overwhelmingly trained, to the point of fault. …endurance isn't self-control. The perky joyous focus on Jesus and simplicity seem to fade in the years of embattled endurance; the freshness and first-love seem to get more distant with the constant barrage of distracting. So we run the race; but, the defining of it is the joy. The Lord being lifted up and magnified. {The patient endurance should mature to joyous strength.} Our Father wants to give us the oil of Joy in place of that spirit of heaviness… So pray we grow in self-control: the instantness of heart to agree with joy; the instantness of obedience; the instantness of saying yes and amen to the Holy Spirit's leading; the instantness in season; the instantness in prayer; and, the instantness to say no to sin and things of the world and the flesh and the devil. The life that prays, Lead us not into temptation.

House Church report [USA-CA]: Today, the modern US church scene has surely become a great house with much mixture of vessels of gold and clay. Wherever you are my friends, may GOD personally lead you to find those precious few who simply pursue Christ, with no other agenda -- those with a fire to pursue a more intimate walk with Jesus with others who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Last week in 2 Timothy 1, the Holy Spirit again convicted us that our righteousness must EXCEED that of the Pharisees in word and conduct that we may be a proper, prepared vessel with good character for God's use, like Paul was before his conversion! Then as we allow the Spirit to empower us to live such a holy righteous Godward life, we will be vessels much more meet for the Master's use vs. our untrained character being a hindrance to His holy calling for each of our lives!

Disciple writes [TRINIDAD & TOBAGO]:I have cried many tears in my lifetime and I'm totally sold out for Christ, yet the pain never subsides and the torment of the world does not stop… But, I was reminded by a visiting minister from Jerusalem, and he told me this: he said God has heard our every cry our prayers and our concerns and he is moved by the feeling of our infirmites…He will do what he says He will do, and He is not a man to lie. This life throws us a lot of curves, pains, trouble and hassles, but God is mighty to save and deliver. His love is never ending and never changing, He is awesome and He is with us in all aspects of life with us. Cry if you must, but there is a time when all one needs to do in this life is to sit back and rest in His presence let go and let Him do the rest; have a song of praise and worship upon your lips, and do not fear and do not doubt: God is faithful to complete the work he started.

Disciple writes [SERBIA]:I was about to leave to visit a friend at her home for the first time, and I decided to take her a Bible. It is a tradition of the Serbs to bring small gifts to the host or hostess. I opened the gate to her yard and rang the doorbell, praying that the Lord would bless our time together. My friend opened the door with a smile and three kisses on my cheeks; I was invited in for coffee. In her small living room, one wall is filled with books. In the center of these bookshelves is a place for other books and knick-knacks, protected by two small glass doors that are locked. She opened her present and seemed genuinely grateful for the Bible. But as she turned to put it on her bookshelf, my heart ached as I watched her unlock the glass doors and place the Bible in the center section. She then turned the key, and I heard it lock. Since then, I have visited her home and I always check to see if the Bible has been moved. Sadly, the Word of God remains in the same place: behind locked doors. Praise God that the Bible has been translated into the language of the Serbs, and that millions have the opportunity to own Bibles.

Medical Mission [HONDURAS]: We treated over 1900 patients in 5 days. The country is beautiful and the people were very nice. They are very poor and live in conditions we could not even imagine, but they work hard and get along as well as they can. The children were the most fun. They were fascinated with cameras and seeing their pictures, the medical equipment (hearing their own heart beats), and Us (Gringo's); they wanted to be examined by us even if they were well.

Report from the fields [USA-CA]:
Not only has it been a rough year under the sun, but the spiritual oppression had become so bad that we didn't even want to go. Sunday, your prayers were answered. The oppression had lifted and it was a very positive evening at the Mission. One of our prayer partners had sent a question to ask the men there, and it was used as a basis for the message. He wanted me to ask if any of them were disappointed or discouraged in their walk with God. Not one of the 23 men at the mission were disappointed, nor would any of them had any desire to go back to their old life. This was used as a launch for a message to those present who do not yet know Christ. We have been blessed by God to see the power of His transforming power. The x-MF13 gang member has a glow about him, and is {now} someone we would want to have as a friend. A couple months ago, there was a guy in the mission for the first time. My wife had noticed him, and said he was very scary looking. He entered the mission there, and last night didn't even look like the same person. Although you are not with us there physically, you are just as much a part of this ministry as we are.

Turkish Meetings [TURKEY]: We are in Karamanmaras, now. I am not sure how to spell it, so if you look it up it could be a little different. It is an hour and a half drive northwest from Gaziantep, Turkey. We are not sure yet how long we will be here. It could be two weeks or just two days. Today we are resting and then tomorrow we are meeting with a Turkish family. Please keep us in your Prayers. We need some maturing still in the group as well as the life of the spirit. I am sure we left home with Him. Good things are happening, I am honestly saying that We have been protected and the kingdom is advancing! I am starting to ask our Father for the next season. A brother, Patrick, back in Antep, told me that he will be waiting for my return. I am seriously considering it. I need some language classes and support. I could very easily get a job in Antep, if need be. That would limit my time, though, so I am asking Him for the full support. If He lets me come back, He will not withhold! We have been walking the city every day talking to God and meeting people. I see good things… no, wait, wonderful things being done in all of us as well as this city. Please talk to our Father about Turkey. Gaziantep, and Karamanmaras, Oh, and Istanbul. So, I am going to go, now, and I am Praying for you all and I miss you. Another request for you is to pray for my 100% surrender and focus on what our Lord is doing here and with us and in us. I Love You.

A Dividing Word [YEMEN]: I was asked to visit a woman's gathering. After several visits and one-on-one sharing and praying, I was asked to pray over the whole group. As I stood and told the group I was going to pray for them in the name of Isa (as Jesus/Yashua is called in the Quran), half of the group left. The other half that stayed was able to hear His Word. One woman, who came to the group hard, cold and bitter, came to know His peace. She left free, warm and full of His loving peace. Ask our Father for these opportunities to continue. Pray that His Word will take root in their hearts.

Gifts in southwestern China [CHINA]: We were asked by a 64-year-old grandfather to come into his house and visit. His ears had some problems, but we were still able to converse with him. After some good visiting and some spiritual seeds of the evangel were presented, we were also offered dinner. Following the meal, we presented them a Bible as a gift, and they were ecstatic to receive it. We took pictures together and said our goodbyes. The next morning, though, I read in Matthew 12 how the Lord healed a blind and mute man. I thought to myself, Why did we not pray for this man s healing? I knew the Spirit telling us to go back to this village. Once we arrived back in his village, I pulled out my Bible and we read together the story in Matthew 12. Upon reading this and talking more, he asked us, Is He able to heal my ears? We responded with, Yes! He is not like a little God or spirit. He is the Most High God! We then laid our hands on his ears and asked God to heal him. Then, the man said that he felt like his ears were better. We continued talking, and then two more times, he said, I can clearly, clearly hear the words that you are saying! God healed him. Please pray that this sign will produce a family dedicated for the Lord Jesus Christ.

from the PACIFIC RIM area: Many sacrifices are being required from believers in various places throughout the Pacific Rim: Six believers have been jailed for gathering in a village without the required permission; a young woman is questioned about her activities and followed for nearly a year; a believing family is forced out of their home; a believing businessman is not able to get his license renewed for importing and exporting goods; pressures from family and tribe to conform to traditional beliefs and practices are growing stronger; intimidation and threats are causing many to turn away from faith; Other major world religions, cults and political propaganda abound. In some semi-literate societies, people are not very interested in reading and the Word is not readily available in their different languages. Many are prey to false teachings. Ask the Lord to send more and more laborers to the harvest where people are waiting to hear of God s love and salvation. Ask Him to strengthen the believers and send mature national workers to help them understand the Truth.

Healing Faith & Prayer [PAKISTAN]: A Muslim girl, 24-years-old, had broke her leg by accident. While praying for a friend in the hospital, she climb from her bed next over and began to walk, Her sisters and brothers were very thrilled to see her, and they all began to ask from that girl. She saw me and said, While this man was praying for this other man a few minutes ago, a man come and He wear white dress, He touch my legs, and I feel power in my legs.

To Prisoners [THAILAND]: We are grateful for prayers for the prison ministry in Khon Kaen province and ministry among the Isaan of Thailand. Last month, Helen Caldwell was joined by some unexpected, last-minute volunteers. Helen has written: As we were walking in the prison, one of these young women mentioned casually and quietly that she, herself, had been in prison once. I didn't really hear that with all the rig-a-ma-roll involved in getting into the prison, but as I was teaching, the Lord reminded me of it, so I stopped a few minutes early and asked her if she wanted to say a few words. What a blessing! She spoke eloquently, piercingly and beautifully. The minute she said, I was once just like you. I was in prison, too, every head snapped up, eyes riveted on her. She shared that when she was in prison, she thought her life was over, but Jesus saved her and gave her new hope. It seemed to me that every single woman in that place really heard. God used that young woman's terrible experience for His glory. Thank the Lord that the volunteers came with me, that His Holy Spirit urged me to ask her to speak, and that He will use everything in our lives for His glory.

Shan Dai In Southeast Asia [ASIA]: We praise God together for a handful of Shan Dai believers who recently had a celebration in their village that included baptism of two. Please continue to lift up the Shan Dai believers, asking that they will endure with grace the ridicule they experience and will be bold for His name. Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened. But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

Underground [INDONESIA]: Our visit to Indonesia was very timely led by the Spirit. Just prior to our arrival, the Indonesian Muslim government passed new laws prohibiting Christians from buying any more land, from being granted any new building permits and from being allowed to assemble anymore in hotels or shopping malls. In fact the persecution is getting so severe that in one province alone over the past twelve months, militant Muslims had burned or demolished eighty church buildings. The denominational leaders shared with me that the only way they could now survive was to “go underground” by meeting in homes. The Holy Spirit led them to invite me to equip and train them in transitioning into house churches throughout Indonesia. They invited our team to return in 2008 to train their leaders in the five major Indonesia cities to establish house churches throughout the islands.

Isa vs. Iblisa [SENEGAL]: A Fulakunda (FOO-lah-KOON-dah) believer testifies, I praise God for the day He sent a man to me who told me that Isa {Jesus/Yashua} is the only way to receive forgiveness of my sins and to get to heaven. Now that I am a follower of Jesus, I go to the villages and teach these truths to my people. I pray that many of them will come to know Jesus and accept Him for the penalty of their sins. … I know I will face hard times and Iblisa {Satan} will attack me and my family. I pray that I will have strength from Isa to continue this work.

Chinese New Year [CHINA]: The ekklesia had been distributing Christian literature during the Chinese New Year, and their success was overwhelming and the PSB police came and inquired. One of the brothers told them that new Christians will become good citizens and the police can stay in their office and drink tea. The PSB then left them alone. Later, one local party leader asked that “more foreigners preach.” His purpose was to attract the foreigners to invest in their city. Philip went to the leader and suggested that foreign funds could come in to start an orphanage. The SD Church went to prayer and were encouraged by the Holy Spirit not only start an orphanage but to include seniors and handicapped in the home as well. The government accepted their project. The SD church has invested in prayer about this home and accepted it by faith. This is an opportunity for them to bless their city by showing Christian love for orphans and widows. The compassion of Jesus has been seen by the communist government and the communities of this region because the word will spread about this mission. Now we can participate in the development of orphaned children that will now be loved and taught about their Creator and Savior, Jesus.

Work in Delhi [INDIA]: A satsang is a gathering (sang) around the truth (sat). Across northern India, more and more people are gathering weekly for times of satsang, where they usually meet in one person's home and sing songs called bhajans (pronounced BAH-johns) to Yeshu (Jesus) and hear stories from His Holy Scriptures. A satsang also includes times of sharing and reflection, as well as prayers to the Most High God. May these satsangs begin to replicate throughout the city as the truth of Jesus comes like a wave over all of Delhi.

Brother among a Muslim people: We are also under mighty God's hand. After I became a Christian, I had a desire to witness for Jesus in my country. In our country, it is not easy to openly share Christ with others. I believe where God's people are persecuted much more, their God is giving His blessing much more. Last few days ago, one of the group make a phone call to me and told me, why you are preaching the gospel? Do not know this is a Muslim country? Also they told me, long time we are watching you, what you are doing and where you are going. They told me, you are converting Muslim people, stop your work otherwise we will kill you. You leave the place within 24 hours, otherwise your dead body will go back to your own village. But still our faithful God is with us.

Songs To Jesus [BANGLADESH]: A small group of men sat together in a small town in Bangladesh, sharing stories of their lives as followers of Jesus Christ. These men had helped write worship songs about Jesus. One man had been an imam, the head of his local Muslim mosque. Now he was a follower of Jesus and could not help singing and writing songs to Jesus. The previous night, he had shared a song with another believer. The believer called over two non-believers and asked them to listen to it too. When the ex-imam finished singing, the non-believers spit on his song and walked away. The man continues to face ostracism from his community and wants to write effective songs that can reach his people.

Work in Nepal [NEPAL]: Emerging from a government change, Nepal has now been declared secular state. Some of the brothers there set out for a new ministry area, where they asked God for “men and women of peace” {Luke 10:6} and for five new church plants. They carried tracts, Bible cassettes, and “JESUS” films. After several hours, they had distributed these to hundreds, and had shared testimonies over and over. Several times while sharing, more Nepalese believers saw what they were doing and asked if they could help. “Of course!” As the day went on, they were emboldened and went to the bus park, where hundreds of people were waiting. Within 10 minutes, they had given away about 800 tracts telling the story of Jesus' life. They were able to share with many who were traveling through Nepal. They met a man who had had a dream in which he was playing a guitar, worshiping Jesus, and all of the bad things in his life were leaving. They shared the gospel with him and told him his dream would come true if he would repent and believe in Jesus. Although he did not then do this, he now knows that only Jesus can take his sin away and break him free from Karma and the cycle of rebirth in which he believes. Praise God for the openness He provided for His witnesses. Pray that this open atmosphere and hunger for knowledge of God will continue.

Work in Korea [NORTH KOREA]: Lately I've been spending some short time with a mother and her 22-year-old son who recently came here from North Korea. By the grace of God I was able to share about Jesus Christ with them and my personal testimony. They also came with me to visit the ekklesia here. Not yet though have they been converted to Christ, but that is what I hope for. Please pray for continued working of the Holy Spirit and that the Lord's servant may become an expert fisherman.

House Church report [USA-PA]: God has truly met our need for others to meet with under only the headship of Christ. We knew one family who have 12 children before. One family contacted us from our name on the hcdl index. We met with them individually and recognized their desire for meeting as the ekklesia was like ours. Along with the other family I mentioned, we began to meet bi-weekly. When a fourth family joined us (because they were suffering in the IC) we began to meet weekly. Those a young as 6 are welcome to input the things that the Lord has said to them from the Scripture. God has truly been leading us. There are some {apparent} theological differences, but by following the command to love one another and to edify one another, we have put those differences aside and turn our focus on Christ alone. What a joy it is when brothers and sisters meet under the headship of Christ!

House Church report [USA-NJ]: Last night at our homechurch, we had a powerful time of intercession and worship. We ached, groaned, wept and pressed in deeply to where the Lord would have us. I shared and gave testimony to the opportunities the Lord brings our way when brothers, sisters and pre-christians alike, reach out to us for that cup of water. It is a place of honor and only a humble spirit can see the opportunity to store up treasures in heaven. The pearl that came out of the testimony: When you live from the inside out, you expose the openness of your spirit that allows God to use you at every circumstance of His choosing. We must get beyond our own churchianity, and traditions that polarize and divide us to a point of selfless abandon to our God who delights in using His humble servants.

House Church admonished [USA-CA]: Peace only depends on you (1 party dying to themselves and their own way), but fellowship depends on two (2 people dying to themselves), which is God's ultimate will for His church body. LORD teach/help us to continue to die to ourselves that we may be peacemakers and minister and model Your life to others around us.
--Zac Poonen

House Church report [USA-OH]: We usually meet around 4:00pm and have a meal together around 5:00pm. No wafers or tiny cups of grape juice here. This meal is the best one of the week and we all look forward to it. We move into the living room around 6:00 or so and start with prayer. We use this time to talk about who we are praying for and why. After prayer we get into the Word. All the men usually bring something to share and it is usually not specific to any one topic. We let the Lord lead.

House Church report [USA-MO]: I have been meeting with a group of people in Ozark, MO, since December. We have about 7 families, and currently the Lord is in the midst of transforming us from a meeting time to a family.

House Church report [USA-NE]: We had a great time on Sunday night with 5+ HC's coming together plus we had a Muslim man, a Hindu family and a IC pastor who is thinking of going into HC ministry. This was a first time gathering and most people did not know each other, yet there was a wonderful bonding and fellowship. Several musicians put together a group and we had a great time singing together. We had each group share, and had several testimonies. One couple from Mideast told of their conversion from Islam to Christianity and the persecution they are going through. (please pray for them!) We ended in a time of communion and prayer.

House Church report [USA-ME]: The first gathering was good. We began to share a bit about ourselves and just talk about our personal convictions of gathering together in homes and why. The second we began to get into the scriptures!

House Church report [USA-NY]: We have indeed been meeting from house to house for over three years now. The heart which we had (and continue to have) was to join together with other believers in our home to seek the presence of Christ in our midst. Two families started out -- and now there are so many that our home is maxed out at about 50 or so. So now we are in a place were we are meeting in three smaller houses. For the 2nd week {of each month} we all gather together in a larger meeting hall. We have seen and continue to see Christ in our midst and His love being manifested as brothers and sisters love and care and serve one another. We actually desire to be together because we are growing in love for one another. Some getting together to study the Word, intercede, worship, having a meal, breaking bread… We have now planned to meet with the other home church groups on a quarterly basis to celebrate together {God willing}… I could write a book… but the One we've been reading, has been much more illuminating.

House Church report [USA-PA]: We have met at home for over five years now, although we have grown/changed over the years. Originally we met at home because there were not churches in our area that satisfied our longing for the truth of God's Word. Then in the summer of 2005, we came face to face with the fact that what we were doing in our home was only a "copy" of what was being done in the traditional churches. Since that time, we have been meeting only under the headship of Jesus Christ. Now we don't try to steer our meeting, rather let the Holy Spirit lead us in the direction that He would have us go. We always have a meal together and always study the Word in one way ore another. Our desire is to invite others to share Christ and share anything they are led to for the glory of God.

House Church report [USA-SD]: We are brothers and sisters in pursuit of daily living in the life of Christ our Lord. We are very much alive and well in the Life of the Lord here. We meet almost daily in one form or another… meals, work, play, meetings, studies, and cookouts where we can invite the neighbors and saints from the area to share a meal, fellowship and songs around a campfire or just spend a weekend camping out in the yard.

House Church report [USA-VA]: We have anywhere from 6 to 16 folks who show up ready to meet God. It has been a joy and privilege to see the Holy Spirit change lives, mend broken hearts, encourage the weary, release the warriors and teach us all to pray without ceasing. We are truly becoming family! At the citywide level, we are building relationships quickly and seeing a corporate, unified church raised up through fervent intercession.

House Church report [USA-TX]: Home church and home school going well as our fellowship continues to seek the Lord through His Word and depend on His Spirit to guide us forward into the specific plans He has for us. So many answers to prayer, so much guidance, so much provision from our wonderful, faithful, loving, heavenly Father.

House Church report [USA-FL]: Though we have chosen not to have a pastor, we are doing well ministering one to another. It is refreshing to have a group of mature believers that can encourage and build each other in the faith. Though we may not always {promptly} see eye to eye on things, we have proven ourselves that we can walk hand in hand.
Our meetings have included music; teachings and discussions; special speakers; simply fellowship; and prayer meetings. Regularly, we have men's and lady's meetings. Once or twice a year, we go away for the weekend for some type of retreat. Lately, we have been encouraging each other to walk in The Spirit. We have talked a lot about this in our meetings. Often we say to each other -- We need to live this out.

House Church report [USA-MO]: We are well in the Lord, and are knowing something of His presence and heart-instruction from the Word. We are really down to two families and a single or two on the Lord's Days, but are knowing much unity with this small gathering.

House Church report [USA-CA]: This is bro Thomas & sis Lucy hailing from Palo Alto! We just had an awesome prayer meeting tonight where are Korean neighbors with 2 kids joined us for the first time and the wife really entered into the spirit of prayer with us all! And the kids were quiet thru the time!

Shared for His Body [USA-GA]: Discipleship involves efforts to promote transformation by the Word of God instead of just providing information by teaching/preaching. It involves life style applications, accountability, personal conduct, commitment, life application feedback, homework assignments, tests at times, personal ministry training and hands-on ministry experiences. Discipleship rests on the transforming power of the Word when presented in a discipleship setting like Jesus used with His disciples.

House Church report [USA-AL]: Believing that the Lord has led us to involve our children in every aspect of worship, praise, learning, and devotion we have followed His guidance for many years -- the result has seen our family grow in knowledge, wisdom, love, companionship, and adoration for our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the biggest discoveries we have made is about the heritage of Jesus -- including celebrating Passover. If we are striving for anything it is a better understanding of the times, customs, and manners during the time of the New Testament which help us to better understand the Word and brings a deeper meaning into our studies. We are a homeschooling family, so this has easily become a normal part of our lives.

Thailand Prison Mission [THAILAND]: On July 4, 18, 25, 2005, we went to the Juvenile Home. On July 25, there were 5 young people who started to have faith in Jesus the Lord and two of them came to tell me that they wanted to do the work to serve God and they wanted to study the bible after they are out of the Home. At the moment, the gospels of God have had a very good response in the Juvenile Home both for boys and girls.
On July 11, 2005, we went to the prison in Phayao Province. We went to announce the gospel of God in the zone of the prisoners who are drug addicted and who are under the treatment. Everyone seemed to be excited when they came to listen to me when I preached. We hope that what we did today will have some results in the future. Moreover, on that day, we had the opportunity to go visit the library of the prison there and we went to see the corner for Christian books. Although it is not finished the work completely, everything looks fine. We hope that the corner for Christian books in the library in this prison will be the media in bringing the gospels of God to the prisoners there. Let us pray for the prisoners who will be released from prison too, because from August 12 to December 5 of every year, many prisoners will be relieved from the prisons.
Zao (Laos) Evangelism: The Lord Jesus has answered our prayers because now there are many officers that give help and support to the refugees who came to Thailand. There are about 7,000 refugees. Let us hope that the Love of God will bring peace and happiness to this world. May God receive the highest honor in all the missions we serve Him.
Love in our Lord Jesus Christ -- Boonlerd
July, 2005
On 5,12,19,26, June 2005, we assembled for worship in our office. There were ten people participating. We spent two hours in Bible study and teaching, then had lunch together.
On 6,13,27, June 2005 I and team went to prison of Children. There two people believed in Jesus Christ and many children are left from the prison. They went back home so blessed.
On 20, June 2005 we went to Phayao Province prison, Thank God there 5 persons believed in Jesus Christ and some new persons come to study Bible with us.
Zao Evangelism Mission -- I would like you to pray for many from the Hmong tribe in Lao that refuse to live in Thailand. They are the poor, no food , medicine for treatment, nor money or shelter. Glorify to God with our work as service of God. With Love, Boonlerd
June, 2005
On 2, 16, and 23 of May, the volunteer team and I went to the prison for children. To make the Bible easy for the children to understand, we took a video of the 10 commandments that teach about Moses' life. They very interested through this teaching and this month we tested them about God's word and how God created the universe so many children can get good score. We hope that if we change our strategy in teaching in many ways we can make the children interested and that they will pay attention to study God's word more and more. This month there are many children believing in Jesus Christ our Lord. May God guide their life.

House Church report: We encourage everyone to prove all things and study to show themselves approved as the scripture says. We do not take anyone's word for anything unless it can be supported with scripture. We all study and bring the results of our study to the group to discuss and sharpen one another in the Word. No one person is above the rest for we all are brethren in the Body of Christ.

Shared for His Body: Are there really times when the law of sowing and reaping does not work? Should I believe that even though the Bible says something, I cannot really stake my claim to that right within Christ? I hope not, because if I can't trust what God says, Christianity is no longer as good as I thought it was. This is a good day for each of us to judge ourselves and see what position God occupies in our hearts. Why not let today be your Day of Judgment by judging yourself and avoiding the devastation of corporate judgment? If you are a Christian but focus your entire life on advancing yourself without any consideration for the Kingdom of God you're experiencing what I'm talking about right now. However, if you are not seeing it yet, one of these days, you'll be staring failure in the face and you'll remember that you read this message on this site on this day. You can't exist in the Kingdom of God and put your life first and expect God to bless you.

Shared for His Body: …church patterned after the New Testament. Spirit led with a heart after sound biblical doctrine. We believe that since Jesus commanded us to Go and sin no more, (John 8:11; John 5:14) we can certainly do it {in Him}. We are firm believers in overcoming sin. We have recently relocated from Michigan, so we are looking forward to meeting the remnant of those who worship the Lord Jesus in sincerity rather than those who pretend.

House Church report [USA-GA]: Our desire is that a functioning living organism called the Body of Christ will find the freedom of expression in a corporate setting. The centrality of Jesus Christ is priority. Jesus is the Head and we endeavour to be a local expression of His Body. Our gatherings are about Him and for Him. We experience the benefits of such gatherings such as His manifest Presence among us and an increased love for one another. In simple terms, we lift up His wonderful Name and enjoy the riches of Christ. We do feel that it is imperative to include children and teens in our time of praise and sharing. The younger ones have truly spoken the Word and Mind of Christ many times. The Spirit of the Lord does not flow merely through adults. We Love to sing, eat, and partake of the Table of the Lord.

House Church report: My dear brother, most important when we gather is for each of us to all quickly learn to gather into His presence, keep your unswerving, vertical focus on Jesus first individually -- encourage all the saints that the key is to do whatever it takes for each one to get into God's presence for themselves -- don't worry about anyone else, then just learn to be led by His Spirit to do what He leads you to do. When we are sensitive to His leading small voice He will instruct us how to edify the gathering and stand against what is not edifying and self-serving/carnal. HE will marvelous order the time in surprising edifying ways and gather those He wants when He wants them to be there or not! So the answer to your one question is that when you let the Holy Spirit guide you and lead what you should do when you meet, it doesn't matter WHO is in the room, and how well you know them or not… One of my favorite verses is I Corinthians 14:24-25! If {when} God's presence is with us in a powerful way, even unbelievers will be convicted mightily by the Holy Spirit of their sin and cannot help but fall down and confess GOD is surely among us!