23249638 -5
δ  Patti Blount   at Shreveport, USA-LA
Consecration, Sanctification, Being Washed, His Holiness, His Presence, Repentance, Heart Training, Joy, Drawing Closer, Substitutes We Run To, God is Good-these are some things that are swimming around in my Spirit lately. This is where God has me, and what He wants to show my heart to help me draw only from Him. Do you know what He is showing you? Listen quietly and you will. And go there.

23244662 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Bradenton, USA-FL
Bible study tonight along the Manatee River, at John's house. Time to be praying for one another. Hearing our Father's voice against a backdrop of systematic theology that lingers to console the carnal mind. Are we able to speak the very oracles of God? It is His joy to be enabling us into the Living Word.

23235257 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Bradenton, USA-FL
breakfast in Sarasota with brothers Steve, Scot & Colby, considering the battle for which we are now engaged; the significance of the victory we hold in Christ; our faith-trust in our Father to prevail where men may stumble by the millions. Central Florida's systemic apathy with malaise cannot detour the great Love of our Father to be turning the hearts back to Him through His Son --- even in us, His children.

23230015 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Bradenton, USA-FL
Last night traveling to Riverview, Florida, greeting the ekklesia there. Precious time listening in the voice of our Father as the children were playing together. Joy to be hearing from brothers & sisters, though having been tossed about by religious systems, persevering while being molded by the Father's hand.
This morning returning to the gathering at Bradenton-Sarasota for a shared meal; praying for one another and for ekklesia at Seminole/Indian Rocks Beach; admonishing one another toward the liberty of forgiving and in gaining our Master's perspective so that nothing may be preventing us in the daily ministry of reconciliation.

23223557 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
We had a former Imam teach on whatever he wanted, just to see where he would go in his teaching and what was on his heart to share, when given the chance. I was impressed by his knowledge of the Bible. In fact he mostly quoted the Bible verbally and read the Quran. Read first in Arabic, then Ahmeric, then English. Yes, took a while. Spoke on Jesus being acknowledged in the Quran as being the Word of God, a healer and a creator. Interesting story in the Quran about Jesus blowing into a clay bird and it flying away. His observation was that this verse shows the creative power of God, in Jesus, the Word of God, and demonstrates His divinity to Muslims from the Quran. As the Father breathed into the first Adam the second Adam, Jesus also breathed life into, dust, (clay) and made dirt live. I am seeking to understand before being understood. I want to see where he is at, before I make assumptions and plow forward from my perspective. Very surprised by his inclusion of verses I frequently use when teaching on the Kingdom of God, and obeying Jesus. Evidently my former Imam brother can not only teach, but more importantly, is teachable.

23222868 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Palmetto, USA-FL
lunch with a 5 academics/professors at a riverside cafe in Palmetto, Florida: older men befuddled by centuries of division that fosters each their churches & seminaries. Their heart cry to help the suffering and lead the lost to the glory of Christ, beset beneath disunities via ancient schisms that work to sheer men away from hearing the still small voice of Father's Spirit. With some irony, brother Steve & I are listening to fearful questions about heresies among the small ekklesia (i.e., house churches). knowledge puffs up, and-yet Love builds up.
[I Corinthians 8:1; 12:25]

23221272 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Bradenton, USA-FL
yesterday morning among the gathering at Bradenton, seeing their compassion for men & women still trapped in traditional religious systems, and hearing more to our need to be trusting our Father in/thru all things.

23214983 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tampa, USA-FL
joy on Sunday morning to meet Stephen & family in Seminole, as we gathered in the Spirit of Christ, helping one anonther forward by way of encouragement; giving glory (speaking well of), praise (expressions of admiration & thanksgiving) to God in Christ.
last night, returning to Tampa with David, Debi, Angelica, and all the children, for Bible study in Acts 5. Thanks be to God for His precious remnant here in the Tampa Bay region!
now time to travel a little further south…

23180408 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tampa, USA-FL
Bible study at Panera Bread on Saturday, then a day together on Sunday with David & Debbie and kids; the beautiful spirit with these children!
our most probing question yesterday: May God be saving those who do not love Him? What if I want to be saved from death while I don't much desire Jesus? What if I like the idea of a good Kingdom, but don't want the King as mine?
I John 4:19; 5:1-3

23173567 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Seffner, USA-FL
last night in Lakeland, Mike Moselle meeting us at a Wendy's restaraunt to tell a little bit of the journey for believers here. In the account, considering the Grace of God in Christ; His propitiation for us that re-paved the way to forgiveness of sins while restoring us to the child-Father and brother-brother relationships now again so freely given by Him to/among those believing-trusting.
This morning, arriving in the Tampa area, in prayer.

23165059 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
last night, with brothers in ekklesia at NE Orlando. What does Love look like? As Christ in us is now the face of Love, with these eyes and ears and hands and feet that at one time before served short-fall and defeat… until He came! anticipating & confirming Christ in one another to His glory. [I Peter 5:8-11]
Today, en route to Kissimmee-St. Cloud

23161939 -5
δ  Miguel Labrador   at Nanegalito, Ecuador
We're doing a lot of baptisms here in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador. Disciples are being made. One of our strongest leaders expressed a concern about people "falling off" after their baptism. He wants to lay the blame at our supposed inefficiency in teaching others what baptism is before they are baptized. I think he might be right in some regards, but ultimately one's falling off after making any profession or confession of faith is extremely difficult to nail down. I believe that most unstable conversions are the result of an incomplete and incorrect gospel.

23159436 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
received a home-cooked meal yesterday from an older sister who is in Orlando for the winter, as I was honored to then share a few reports of ekklesia that may become of encouragement to her and others when she returns home to NYC in the Spring. reflecting also together how indelibly we must wait upon the grace & power & leading of God rather than to be building our plans.

23157744 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
after 2 weeks of updating computer code at Gainesville, riding the 120 miles to Orlando as a cold front is passing thru. last night being greeted at the curb by Raymond, who is graciously opening his shared home to the saints. Father has been showing Ray how, in builing as an institution, organized Christianity became creedal and set to the formation of some man-made doctrines which were later passed through the Protestant Reformation. Ray's journey includes often visiting prisoners at a huge county jail facility.

23124335 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Perry, USA-FL
Sunday night with the Bible together in Tallahassee, and Father helping us overcome the tendency & training of systematic theology with its sectarian remnants that try to block, burden, or blind a man. Blessing to see the Spirit and Word teaching much by way of reminder, along with the willingness of these brothers & sisters to help one another along.
Praying that Love may be increased here; that Love be sustaining the journey of ekklesia in northern Florida.

23119007 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tallahassee, USA-FL
gathering this afternoon in NE Tallahassee to consider our implicit faith-trust in our Father like a young child trusting a parent. With Jesus bringing new Life in us, how does He then also provide an example to us?
Later tonight, Hebrews 5 together. How is it that the Son learns obedience thru suffering?

23115724 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Good to be back home in Tanzania. I am so blessed to be loved by my dear brothers and sisters of multiple tribes in two countries. God has surrounded me with faithful men and is adding to us weekly. Ezra was at my door to greet me as was Mama James who insisted she come in and pray for me. Fresh air and beautiful mountains. Don't get me wrong, I love the slums. Not kidding. God has blessed us so there. But I love the contrast of fast moving, filthy Nairobi, and slow moving beautiful Tanzania. House church tomorrow, can't wait to see the brothers and sisters.

23101737 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Daphne, USA-AL
east side of Mobile area this morning with brothers Dale and Terry, rejoicing, thankful in the journey that Father has been bringing us along; considering together the further strengthening of the weak and to presenting the evangel of Christ where a false gospel has been dominant.

23095416 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Bay Saint Louis, USA-MS
meeting Kevin & Yanel at a community meal, yesterday, hearing of their work with Messianic gatherings, their journey and the common heart we share for the members of Christ not to any longer be estranged from one another.

23088893 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Hammond, USA-LA
last night, visiting with a transitional gathering at Baton Rouge, and hearing from brother Paul of the good works of God years past. May the grace & power of God continue to come in them each new day as they grow together in Christ to the setting aside of every expectation upon God that is coming by human intuition or tradition.

23084133 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at New Orleans, USA-LA
while in Shreveport, good to be seeing a small gathering there coming back together after being beset by some discouragement. Now since traveled ~370 miles into Houma swamplands and across the Mississippi River to New Orleans. Last night seeing Greg, Alice & Sue at a cafe in Metairie. Searching for a witness of Christ remaining after the hurricane of 2005.

23054477 -5
δ  Timothy Germain   at Midland, Ontario, Canada
The meetings are out reach to the villages that they live in. Some of the villages have believers who are in Christ and gather together. The brothers new of my coming and planned these times for me to preach both to themselves and those villagers in the different locations. The brothers were key to hear what was the word of God in my mouth of which the Holy Spirit had spoken and is speaking. I desired to give the full councel of God and not withold any thing. They received what I had to say both about the need to have a living relationship in Christ first with God and the revelation that we are his body members of one another therefore we are to listen to Christ in one another.

23053902 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Kilgore, USA-TX
Timothy, glad for your travels and in all that the Word & Spirit have enabled as you would be sharing the Grace & Love of the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. When you preach to groups of people there, are you declaring the word to them as if they have not yet heard or received the word? … as if this if their opportunity to come by faith to Christ, or as one faithfully reminding men of things which they have already heard once before?

23051687 -5
δ  Timothy Germain   at Midland, Ontario, Canada
yesterday we traveled four hours to a small stone hut with bamboo roof that when I stood up I hit my head. About 30 people were waiting for me when I arrived. The brothers have been working in areas that the gospel has not been reached. Yesterday I had a difficult time sleeping and the 4 hour drive didn't help. I preached on the living Christ, made real by the Spirit and our communion with God; the centrality of the Cross, and our identity as new creations in Christ. Spoke with brother Jose from El Paso about what he would recommend for my diarea. The brothers went to the store and so far after taking it my stomach feels much better. Another example of our ministry to one another. Amazing we have such tools to talk and communicate around the world! We are getting together again today for a meeting and tonight we travel all night back to Chennai. Those roads! We fed 250 people who came to the gathering on Monday. They were very happy for the blessing from their brothers. I am grateful that we can bless others who have so little and some tangible way. My battery is dead on the camera and I don't have an adapter.We're returning tonight as we drive all night to Chennai. I am grateful that God has allowed me to meet and fellowship with the body of Christ in this land. We need one another to the praise of his glory.

23048027 -4
δ  Timothy Germain   at Midland, Ontario, Canada
we are leaving shortly to drive all night to get to our destination… 8 hours north to Tim Bonthas congregation where we will be there for three day. We will be fellowshipping with them and going out to villages with the gospel. Pray for our journey and time with the brothers there.

23046384 -4
δ  Timothy Germain   at Midland, Ontario, CANADA
visiting India is quite an experience. Makes you appreciate Canada a bit more. Visiting with San the young man that i've been supporting for the last few years. We are visiting his friends that live on the Sri Lankin compound. I'm take pictures of our travel and will upload them when i return. Pray for our time to be fruitful and helpful for the churches that we visit here.

23035341 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Sulphur Springs, USA-TX
Thursdays afternoon, while I was servicing a leaky tire along the highway, Josh rides up on his Harley to be letting me know about a men's Bible study just 2 miles around the corner in Campbell. About a dozen young & elder men seated at a long table to be reading from Matthew together and in prayer knowing the reality of Christ.

23030917 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at McKinney, USA-TX
rainy days in Texas. Blessed to spend parts of 2 days with David "the preacher" at Denton. David's mission: to be warning the alien and the apostate churches in the Way of Christ and coming Day of Judging. David is en route to Oklahoma City, though he would not take contact information from me; he is persuaded to permit the Spirit of God alone to direct his feet on the streets of OKC. I was glad to report regarding the ekklesia there and in other places. May every servant true to Christ be encouraged!

23026803 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Gainesville, USA-TX
last Sunday, visiting with young brothers at Mustang, Oklahoma. Is faith speaking to your fear; overcoming you fears? Are you receiving feedback while holding to our shield of faith in Christ?
Traveling south now through sparse lands, approaching a series of lights eastward toward Shreveport.

23009475 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Edmond, USA-OK
yesterday, gathering with saints at Midwest City. If Father asked you to write a letter and leave it in the hollow of a tree, would you? Such wisdom of the Almighty, with yesterday and today and tomorrow in His hand, His gentle voice prompting; unfolding mysteries; working His pleasure, by which at best we may now cooperate, bow, and know His wonder. In Christ, the second Adam, our experience became His that His journey might again become ours. Joy to share together with Gerald, Charlotte, Ben, Kris, Steve, Kim, Kelly, Dave, Lindsey, Scott & Jill.

23005167 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Oklahoma City, USA-OK
Thursday evening on 20th Street: brother Warren driving down from the rural town of Omega, and as the Spirit is teaching us, we are giving thanks to God. Religious leaders, taught by men, (called Sadducees in Acts 4) suffering myopia of spirit. When not living in God's presence, everything seems to look like a nail just to be hammered down. In Christ, hearing His voice, able to respond as He responds; as He is doing what the Father is doing.

22996713 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
House church today. James is working on improving our singing and praise. They do so love to sing here and I have not made any effort to include that aspect of worship. I want our faith to be lived daily and not event driven, like centered on just a weekly meeting. At the same time I do dearly love to sing His praise as He is Worthy. So I am trying to introduce praise by song while not losing our emphasis on a living daily 24/7 faith. Pray for us. As usual, we are all eating together. I am always reminded of the verse to invite those that cannot repay to a feast. At the same time, the early church are together all the time in meetings. So there are so many layers to this weekly meeting. I want to enjoy them all while sharing about and loving our Lord. Invited some new lost people to come eat today. James tells me they won't come because others know of their sins and the reputation of their families for sin.

22994873 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Edmond, USA-OK
if our meeting might not end in our hearts and minds, like those from Acts 2 daily "persevering in fellowship, to breaking bread and to prayers [drawing near together]". Because we live in/by the Spirit, we don't even have to be in the same room to continue in the one mind of Christ we have received.
I need be reminding the ekklesia: Yes, go home, it's late… but please do not let our meeting in fellowship and in Christ ever come to an end. [Colossians 2:5]

22994840 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Double Amen! So hard to get that across here in Africa, as the weekly events fit in nicely with animist observances and tribal community. They love the once a week event, but miss on the day to day practical lifestyle Jesus taught about.

22994772 20
δ  Molong Nacua   at Cebu, Philippines
I would rather teach the person how to cook an egg than teaching him how to do Sunday school on Sunday's. Christianity is a way of life, not a series of religious meetings.

22994607 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Edmond, USA-OK
last night in OKC, gathering on 20th Street: the blessing of learning in hearing our Father, His voice and His Way; having the fearful, controlling, coping heart removed for a heart of faith-trust. It is the wonder of His way working in us!

22990487 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Edmond, USA-OK
yesterday afternoon, Travis and I were visited by Warren & Rosa from ekklesia at Omega (50 miles NW), and delighted to see all that God has already prepared in our brother and for the training in Christ we are all receiving by the love of the Father. We learning to treasure Him more, as we value Christ in one another.
in the evening, hearing by telephone from ekklesia at Charlotte, North Carolina; encouraging one another for patience with all.
Having come thus far east, somewhere about Texas way religious traditions often take on the form of a strangling stronghold. Much enduring love and patience to the lifting of others from the mire of religious-denominational systems.

22990079 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Riding home yesterday I saw one of my favorite people, Bibi Elesantra. She has somewhat a hump on here back and a great smile. She told me she had punctured her leg with a stick. Indeed she did. I told her to go home and wash it good. I told her I would come in the morning and tend it as it was dark. I met her months ago. For some reason we just hit it off. She frequently switches from Swahili to Meru, but I still seem to understand her. She is broken and very old but still has two cows and three goats that she takes care of and a small shamba [field/plot] with corn. I am reminded when I am with her that the poor seldom ask for anything. The middle class parade through the shambas asking for money for school fees and soliciting for funds for weddings and holidays. That is very traditional and acceptable here. Asking for help from others. By sharing in each others expenses and needs it forms community and security. But the very poor mostly have the very poor for friends. They can't and thus don't participate in these exchanges. As a result they expect nothing from others beyond a little food if in dire straights. Bibi has only asked for sugar one time and she did it in the most subtle of ways. She simply said she was embarrassed to tell me she had none to offer when I visited. it was months ago she shared she could not drink her tea without sugar. I shared some sugar and now she is comfortable that we are trusted friends and I hope my dear sister in The Lord. She shared her testimony with me and of her love for The Lord. She lives about a mile from house church but comes when she is able. I stop and see her most weeks. She is usually hoeing in the field or milking goats. She thinks she is 74. Rather than wait on me to show up today she walked to my house to be treated. No wood in the wound. A little neosporen, some soap and water and of course a clean bandage is all I have to offer. She said she needed nothing for pain. They don't really know about pain relievers anyway. Pain is just what happens when you are hurt or sick. You get through it. I only have two widows in my house church. Some of the others are full of them. We have about forty kids and 10 adults. And two lovely widows. God bless them both.

22984691 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Edmond, USA-OK
gathering at Daniel & Alisha's house last night in Oklahoma City, breaking bread together; sharing in the good works of God; reports from near and far of His grace & power. Reflecting together in Acts 2, and an extended video visit with James & Jill in Hong Kong as they await a visa status change before returning to Inner Mongolia.

22980472 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Great meetings in Mathare [Kenya], today. Talked about seeking the Kingdom first. Jesus spoke to very poor people when he told them to consider the flower of the field. That life is about more than the food for life and clothing for the body. You may think that is a cool quote to remind you to trust the Lord and not be to caught up in the world. And you are right. Here, I quoted the sermon from Luke 12:22-34. I memorized it a couple of years back when going through a tough time. Here, people miss house church gatherings to literally go and look for money for food. I first challenged the brothers and sisters as to how we had church family members that had no food. If I have food, they have food. If the other members have food, then this brother has food. Then we talked of seeking the Kingdom first in this very practical matter. Here, it is not a cool verse. Here, it requires a step of faith to seek the Kingdom of God first trusting that God will add, all these thing, food and clothing. Faith is not just believing the right stuff about Jesus. Faith is needed to seek the Kingdom first and trust He will provide for the all these things.

22973014 3
δ  Margaret Ngangu   at Nairobi, Kenya
A fellowship where believers are able to touch one another with every person freely participating in fellowship is ideal but nothing should enslave any. All denominations start with a truth that is then exalted to be organized in a certain way with membership with need for rules and regulations to govern the group. But God is REAL! He is not static or organizable! On the other hand if Home Churches/fellowships act and live like it is another denomination they stop being productive. All that God wants is for a natural way of living with love relationship of one with another and with Him in a way that is not legalistic. Once walking with Him and in obedience, in genuine love of the the Holy spirit, then He will order one's steps appropriately.

22971793 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Amarillo, USA-TX
departing Amarillo this morning along the Bible Belt. People walking up to me handing me a Bible, talking about church activities, but in hearts unapproachable and unable to present Jesus alive. May God will to find more faith in Oklahoma.

22966082 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Amarillo, USA-TX
sharing with a sister nearby before leaving behind the fledgling ekklesia at Albuquerque. Riding to Santa Rosa, then with the bicycle in the back of a friend's pickup to Amarillo late last night.
The few who gather in New Mexico have relatively many not yet believing among them. Praying that faith will come, and in the power of God, that He may be effecting their salvation.

22965971 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Great crowd today. Almost every single member present. Over 45, but we must of had 30 kids. I could tell they loved David and Goliath, though the adults seemed to almost cheer at the end. We ate corned beef stew with tons of carrots, tomatoes and bell peepers. Got some beans in the offering today. About 2 kilos. Actually look like black eyed peas. Discussed fixing a widows roof after church. She held and kissed my hands when I told here we would have it done this week. Her humility, humbles me. She is an old school Meru tribes woman with the big ear piercings and colorful kangas. Barely speakers any Swahili. Just meru. Bibi Kundieli. She is my next door neighbor and she takes great care of a deaf girl. Love her to death.

22963705 -7
δ  Mark Millich   at Enumclaw, USA-WA
Sunday's meeting was truly blessed. There were visitors, new faces. We had a full house and the singing was anointed. A young girl was seated behind me. I turned and asked if she could see around me. Her older sister replied that she should be listening, not looking around. True, I thought to myself. Then I said to them both that sometimes we need to hear in order to see.
Towards the end of the meeting the young girl surprised everyone by piping up and saying that she was trying to be saved and wanted to be baptized. There was a moment of stunned silence followed by spontaneous prayer. An elder gently told her that we are not saved by our own efforts or works, but by faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior.
Her confession showed me, her mother, and us all, despite our doubts, that she has been listening, and had received something which heretofore was not manifested. Faith truly comes by/through hearing. The seed of the word of God is sown, planted in the earth of our hearts, and grows in secret, we know not how. First comes the tiny tip of the blade poking up through the ground, so green and beautiful in contrast to the dirt…

22948716 2
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Went to visit a widow today at one of our house churches. She is in her 80s. I think they said her name was Ferica. They speak tribal so I was going through three people to get the information. The local body took down her old larger house to have the materials to reassemble her a little 8 by 8 house. It has a dirt floor but it keeps the rain out. There are rags stuffed in the walk cracks to keep the wind out. She sleeps on a raised wood platform to keep her off of the dirt. She has no blanket nor foam on her platform to sleep. So those are my first two things to address, blanket and a mattress. We already provide rice to supplement her diet. She grows corn and tomatoes to feed herself. Her sons sold the family shamba, plot. So she farms about a 30 by 30 space. She only had corn planted this season. She walks about a mile to and then from church to meet. With her hugely pierced ears, she is typical of the waMeru people tribe. Gaunt, about 5 foot tall and a big smile. When I see her I see a family resemblance. She reminds me of our Heavenly Father, and when we help her, Jesus says, we are in fact helping Him. I have 6 more to go visit soon in this same church. I so very much look forward to it!

22948602 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
throughout this week, coming together with men and families gathering in this city; entering and commencing in the race for faith that leads to Life. To be led by the Spirit (yesterday, Third Street); to be finding our true redemption in Christ (Saturday, Stutz Drive); faith-trust to entrust all things into Christ (Friday, Espanola Street).

22943583 -5
δ  Grace & Israel Aloia   at Esteli, Nicaragua
[crossed the border into Nicaragua on the 8th of July] Israel got a word of knowledge for the guy standing in front of him, and asked if he would be willing to wait for him when he was done so that he could lay hands on him. The guy agreed and went outside to wait. During that exchange, a young guy who works at the border overheard their conversation, and, intrigued, he followed the man outside. Eventually I went and took Israel's place waiting at the window while he went and shared Jesus with the guy. The man was totally healed, and he and the young guy were both rocked. The young guy, Martin, then asked if Israel was a Christian and disclosed that we he was a brand new believer. When Israel asked him how long he'd been walking with The Lord, he found out that it had only been a handful of weeks. And he didn't have a Bible. But we did, having stashed a bunch in various cubby holes in the car before we left. Moments later, while back in line, 3 or 4 others came begging that they might have a Bible of their own too. Minutes later I happened to glance up, and lined up on this great big bench that went through the immigration building, were all 5 men with Bibles open, all of them engrossed in them. It was beautiful. Israel felt to get in there with them and minister the Word to them. I agreed, so he jumped in, teaching them and showing them in the Word about the Holy Spirit. More men were added and then Israel felt to pray for them. They all jumped to their feet, 2 removing their hats, a few with hands in the air, and others who just began to pour out their own hearts to The Father as Israel poured out his. The Holy Spirit gave prophetic words to several; some wept in encouragement and joy.

22937228 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
It can be a challenge in Tanzania to find water deep enough to baptize in, Marshall. We have a really good couple of spots about 5 and 8 kilometers from here. With this brother he is going against his fathers wishes to become a Christian and I wanted him to count the cost. Of course his father is not only Muslim, but was also paying for him to attend a distant Mosque with a more strict form of Islam and a more educated Imam. I preference to baptize them right away. Logistically this was not possible then I had to go to Nairobi, so I took the occasion to disciple him some more and challenge him in his commitment.

22937182 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
encouraged by this report, and knowing in Christ you have no fears of wizards, shamans or their curses.
Glenn, is there difficulty there to finding water to be baptizing one, so that he need not be waiting? Also, if we may soon know and be giving thanks to God, when this man is baptized, please write again of whether he then received from God a clean/clear conscience as Peter describes, baptism… an appeal/inquiry to God for a good/clear/clean conscience. [I Peter 3:21]

22937044 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Great morning disciplining a former Muslim that came to Jesus. I had him counting the cost again before baptism and speaking to him about a total surrender. That was two weeks ago. I have been in Nairobi. The first thing he wanted to know today was "when can I be baptized?". Setting it up now. We talked about prayer and God's Kingdom. The two greatest commands and then a little ministering unique to this part of the world. My brother and many others in his family believe that his step mother has put a curse or perhaps a wizard has put a curse on their relationship with their dad. When his mother died, his father remarried and his step mother was very cruel to the kids. Eventually, he moved out with his little sister and moved in with his grandmother. He frequently cried out to the God he did not know asking for help. Eventually, he as been able to contribute to supporting his aging grandmother. He loves her very much. But he wants to know what he can do to remove this possible curse. It is common here to take an animist view of things. It is also very likely that his step mother, who comes from the North Western sector of Tanzania, did in fact, contact a wizard or shaman to destroy the relationship of the children and their father. Parts of Tanzania are considered the epicenter of voodoo and witchcraft for this continent. We are praying for guidance. But I assured him, that the authority of the Name of Jesus caused demons to flee in the bible and greater is He that is within us, than he who is in the world. God is greater than any curse that satan or his agents can devise. Please pray for guidance as I deal with cultural issues that are unfamiliar to me. Pray for my brother as he seeks to follow Jesus in true discipleship.

22935306 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
[gathering in Africa] Sharing today about moving from belief to life changing Faith. Please pray for us!

22933549 -7
δ  Mark Millich   at Enumclaw, USA-WA
A dear sister in Christ, Robbin Brown, who was an anointed and gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist, wrote a lyric that made a lasting impression on me: "my soul is my testimony". This is a true saying and worthy of our acceptance and belief. 1 Timothy 1:15, 4:9. Although I have given my testimony before, and was blessed in doing so, and it blessed others; I have also been greeted by so-called brethren with the demand, "Well, what's your testimony?", which I then gave out of season only to have them quickly lose interest before I finished and find fault with it and me. But I learned from those experiences and count it all gain. Our testimony is something we share with others as the Spirit leads, guides, directs, and inspires us, not on demand, nor in 25 words or less. I have not one but many testimonies of the Lord. These things are generally brought out in the course of fellowship as we invest time with one another.

22932199 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
this afternoon, quickly reviewing several months of visits to ekklesia: for each city where women were inclined to be leading (whether quietly or openly), the men gathered alongside them were failing to be leading; men passive, even timid by way of immaturity.

22927192 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
for breakfast yesterday, meeting with a few brothers at Del Taco in Rio Rancho.
last night, gathering on the east side at Carl's house to prayer and in reminding one another of our Father's faithfulness, and how right He is to do with all men as He sees best. Meeting more who are successfully coming out from religious systems into the fullness of Christ and the maturity He is bringing by His Spirit. Not that we are deserving, but yet by His Grace in Spirit He is accomplishing it.

22925119 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Going to the Mathare slums today [north across the border into Kenya]. I always laugh when my favorite motorbike taxi driver and I enter. We always say the same thing and laugh. When we pass a small dump I always say, mmmmmm, nothing like the smell of the slums. Davy then wails and laughs and says I am crazy then something sarcastic. but to me the smell of the slums means I am nearing those that are near and dear to me. my brothers and sisters. the least of these. The harvest is plentiful here, but the workers are few. But that is changing as those led to The Lord 90 days ago are now going door to door in evangelism. Meeting with two new house churches, two established ones and teenagers at a local school.

22924125 -4
δ  David Gregory   at West Columbia, USA-SC
That which is too much for me is not too much for community, a shared life, shared produce, shared triumphs and joys, and indeed, sharing the life of Jesus, the Christ. We have not learned it yet, and we need to.

22917391 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
last night, a visitor at The Ekklesia, an IC with the moniker of ekklesia, and realizing on the way back from Rio Rancho how desperately this region of Albuquerque need hear the herald of Christ in His new Life!

22908549 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
on Sunday evening, meeting with Jim & Karen Skinner, learning of their journey in and around religious systems. Jim's currently with a parachurch organization, and has several times invited house church, but as yet not fully realizing the grace and gospel of Christ. While using a relational focus, and short of trusting God in all things, people would sometimes come and go and mostly go.

22902705 -6
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Albuquerque, USA-NM
arriving yesterday in Albuquerque. Last night, I waited outside a Church of Christ as people came out to their cars. One of the Deacons came over to ask of the journey. Curiously, nothing of Christ was in what he shared with me about his life and the opportunity he felt he had missed in his youth. There are many such C of C's and legacy churches here in Albuquerque; a very religious town, and as I might expect to find here a worship building erected to "An Unknown Denomination".

22896576 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Great day at house church yesterday. New brothers attending, some I had met with multiple times during the week beginning discipleship. We had over 40 folks yesterday in my tiny 300 square foot house. In just the sitting room! Then we played soccer in the road between our corn fields. Of corse that was after a great meal together and bible study on prayer. God is good!

22895374 1
δ  Claire Ellis   at London, United Kingdom
We are having meetings daily and people are so excited to be able to pray together fervently. God is really showing our giftings through our obedience to Him.

22894024 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
met with a man that wants to start a house church in the Kilinga area. This will be the first in this remote but beautiful village. Truly amazing place looking over a huge plain underneath the mountain. I am hoping and praying this will be the first of a number of house churches launched in these very remote villages.

22891182 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Holbrook, USA-AZ
yesterday in Winslow, meeting with Lahry Sibley to hear of bringing the evangel in Winslow (including some on-the-street). Lahry has traveled in parts of India, and he still mourns the corruption of institutional Christianity that has been spread to other nations. In Winslow, a city of 10 thousand souls, Lahry has found one other carrying the evangel, and a number of pastors bringing disapproval & opposition. Nevertheless, pressing on for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!

22889778 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Met with some of the alcohol brewers this evening. Tripp Hullender and Barrett Bowden led two to repentance. One was sitting with the drinkers listening to African gospel and rejoicing, the other was drunk. Jonah is doing well, Mbisi is still trapped in sin… I am not discouraged by Mbisi. Having worked with addicts I know some are tied to a stronghold that may be demonic or simply need prayer and fasting to break. Pray for us as we minister to these fledgling believers.

22889680 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Heading out this evening for more follow up with new believers from our trip. Passed out some blankets for widows. Man it was cold last night. Could see my breath in the dark.

22888315 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Flagstaff, USA-AZ
at Flagstaff this morning. The theme of denying our self continued at Cottonwood, even as Carl & I engaged 18 holes of frisbee golf. When Love prevails, our Father's awesomw providence can again become our full measure. When we love one another, familes & marriages are radically restored --- discovering our Life now in Christ has nothing to do with looking out for my own interest.

22887629 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Back home in Tanzania and hopefully a bit rested. 7 hours of sleep, but it was cold last night. I have many new believers to follow up on this morning, including a Muslim, three notorious drinkers that repented, three other folks and two ladies that live in another village. Plus a little boy that has a horrible toe fungus

22881508 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Cottonwood, USA-AZ
monsoon arrived last night, with sudden winds that seem to toss dust and debris like a carpet vacuum, followed by torrents of rain and cooling. Preparation for intensively considering our calling in Christ, that we withhold nothing from Him. He has purchased us in full that we might present our bodies and all that we might otherwise be to Him. It is to our Salvation to be hidden in Christ, so that when He appears in glory, we may also appear with Him.
[Colossians 3:1-4]

22875433 -7
δ  Jack Crabtree   at Portland, USA-OR
to Marshall: According to Google Earth it looks like another 22 mi to the summit of your climb, and about 1000 ft climb where you should find about 10 mi leveling then climb again up to Flagstaff, another 3000ft or more. I'm praying with you this morning, and eve. Mostly praying for contacts of souls living for Christ or hungry enroute.

22874811 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Cordes Lakes, USA-AZ
Departing Phoenix area yesterday. Praying for the rag-tag group of Gospel Ship sailors who will escape from looking to their own interests, and in realizing community in Christ. For if not, Mormonism in the Phoenix Valley will likely carry the day. [Philippians 2:4]
Hope to soon meet with an itinerant brother & sister in Cottonwood, and also as Father wills, travel to Sedona and into Flagstaff.

22872614 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
our numbers are growing as we share food and the love of Jesus with the glue boys. We are trying to build trust with young boys who have been betrayed and abused by everyone including each other. Some have asked if there is some medicine they can take so they can quit the glue. That is a positive step. We have told them that Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit can set them free.

22872514 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Mesa, USA-AZ
seeing friends at Mesa I Am Church last night, and considering in the Spirit how this week has been peppered with human reasoning about the Almighty… That desire to work things out (for Him) by our own mind has robbed some Spirit-wind from the sails of Family here in Phoenix. A man can think himself right out of the grace of God, but he will surely not be able to think himself into His Grace.

22869409 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Mesa, USA-AZ
Thursday, meeting with men in a Bible study format, with impromptu testimonies: weak or incomplete gospel; recognition of apostasy inside the institutional church (specifically, the one they are associated); the quest to establish faith without works. May God rescue these men at Glendale & Deer Valley from existing double-souled.
[James 1:5-8]
Sunday, joyfully seeing again the ekklesia at Scottsdale. Again, the Good News of Christ making appeal among us, that we might be fully convinced God raised Him from the dead. Millions assent that Messiah died for their sins; many fewer, that He died to save them from their sins, or that He truly has the power to rise into life from death.
[I Corinthians 15:3-11]

22865313 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
heading to Nairobi this week. I am excited to be meeting with my beloved brothers and sisters in the slums as well as the persecuted underground church.

22862593 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Mesa, USA-AZ
visiting with ekklesia at Maricopa last Sunday, seeing first works of Christ in their hearts, and their minds being made ready in the battle all around us. Tuesday Bible study, and no one home or answering our calls. Wednesday canceled. Deer Valley Village this afternoon, for fellowship-study at a local cafe.

22862395 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Tanzania
I went to two hospitals today one to visit Babu who is awake and talking a bit but has a terrible X-ray showing his left lung is dark. According to them, meaning: bad pneumonia. Then to visit a Dr. Friend and show the pictures of a sick little girl that it turns out has either scabies or ring worm. Got her some medicine and antibacterial soap. They have GOT to start bathing these kids more. She is a precious little girl in her one and only dress. Anna. Also wearing her big sisters school uniform sweater. Had to shave her little head.

22847897 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Mesa, USA-AZ
last night gathering in Scottsdale, a shared meal together with thanksgiving and our wonder by Grace's power to have ended our rebellion, saving us from our sins, restoring our child-Father relationship, and waking us into the light. Consequently, we're not drowsy or nodding-off, but are being kept sober & alert in Christ. [Romans 4:6-8; I Thessalonians 5]

22839553 -4
δ  Vinny Oliveira   at Fall River, USA-MA
I was thinking today that even if we assume the best intentions in those in the hierarchy, (which is some thing we should do for all,) the systemic problems would still be there and create a passive priesthood rather than an all parts of the body functioning as our own bodies work and the way that Jesus intended us to function as His Body.

22836377 -7
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Mesa, USA-AZ
επισυναγωγην [assembling together from afar; ref: Hebrews 10:24-25] yesterday afternoon into the evening in Mesa with others from corners of the valley, including members of Christ's ekklesia from the Gilbert-Chandler area.
Our dependence upon Christ as we receive the dizzy & wounded coming out of religious systems. His light burning in us as His living beacon to the city: Come toward Me, all the ones toiling and having been heavy-laden and I shall be giving you rest.