24420886 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
thankful for some outdoor time this morning and early afternoon exploring Paul of Tarsus 'not-exactly-quoting' from a Psalm. Meeting Ben on the road in pursuit of his purpose. a few humble souls, precious in the view of God, peppered into the city. sojourners in a strange land. asking God for every strength in our realizing His resolve for us; His purpose of the ages. He is saying, They shall be Mine.

24419585 -7
δ  Dean Wilson   at Sylmar, USA-CA
Blessed time of worship, fellowship, lunch, and Lord's Supper at the Aldaco home today. Brother Marty Eisen gave a good word on making our walk with God an adventure. Much to ponder and pray about. Always good to spend time with God's family!

24404962 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
well-timed visit with John in the park, today. He had a ready admonition for me, and then we shared a little about the few finding Christ as their path of Life.
God steadily adding to prayer for His Son Light to Orlando. Father, we are speaking with You via the wisdom You have shared that justice and hope may fall like rain upon this place. That men may abandon every hope but You!

24395068 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
quest to be meeting new friends in the Orlando area, beneath an afternoon heaven often divided between storm clouds and clear blue. Thanking Father for precious souls here in a world sold into chaos by a former messenger of light who would blind any man away from the reality that is Christ. Jim & Claudia, to ever keeping the faith; complete liberty in Christ for Terry, and also for Mike; Andrew to find wholeness in Jesus; overcome Vern to be empowered with divine Love; for Tony that he may not faint to knowing the revelation of Christ; Gypsy who had been feeling the touch of anxiety until joy came…

24364507 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
yesterday, listening to an older brother in Christ explain to me some of the temptations persistent in Florida. He being sent alongside just in time, as the compassion I received is puzzling to understand how those who believe here can be so prone to fall in specific ways. Leo was telling me about the relative poverty in central Florida, and how consequently many grabbing for power over other people as a means to their identity and personal security. Yes, in this he was talking about "Christians".
 What of our identity & security in Christ?
 What of His all-power and all-authority dwelling within those who genuinely believe upon Him?

24328111 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Orlando, USA-FL
last night with ekklesia at NE Orlando, brother Lee (visiting from Lake Placid), reminding us in the popular trend to re-define santification as an extended process (rather than a new creature) has brought the result of little of no additional maturity, or even a sliding backwards. So became the strong theme of the evening together: recognize & recall who you are in Christ --- if you truly are found in Him.

24295497 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tampa, USA-FL
fear for what God may next reveal or ask has brought some to avoid Him. Thousands falsely claiming to have a word from Him has also driven some to insist that He no longer has anything further to say. Trapped within the snare of Deism, isolated, forced to follow our own thinking where the Bible doesn't directly supply. The absence of a moment-by-moment walk with God in the garden, May we make appeal for David of Tampa, and all deceived into retreat from Christ.

24288351 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tampa, USA-FL
Seeing David again after 2 years passage, and he is sharing how it has been a rare thing to find men who have laid down their own life, responding to hope of Salvation: Christ the Anointed. Many have received a foundation other than Christ; others have soon abandoned the foundation and gospel they at first received. Yet the one in Christ being certain of Him, having turned aside from his former path.

24287175 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Tampa, USA-FL
joy to be with saints at Sarasota. Also visits in Bradenton, with most beset beneath the tyranny of a double-soul (double-mind). Earnest prayers for Bradenton, and as that nearby Sarasota may be extended (if for a time) to oversee and serve along the south bay.
Greeting a few at Palmetto who have pressed through to be throwing-off a sectarian error; all to their maturing in Christ.
Riverview, and into Tampa, visiting 2 Bible Study which came to be quietly sponsored by a local "autonomous" denomination. Seeing more small group efforts pop up toward recruiting members, as thousands continue to flee traditional religious modes.

24242351 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at North Port, USA-FL
lively journey today, meeting a few people at Port Charlotte & Punta Gorda. Catching up with Jay, who has re-discovered Torah (first 5 books of the Bible), and with a renewed passion for the precepts of Yahveh. Listening carefully to his account, perceiving for how the 2nd Precept seemed yet to lack for its keeping. Yet, the Spirit of Christ truly does cherish the Precepts of God in us --- all of them, and not just a selected emphasis or preference.
[Matthew 22:37-40]

24236654 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Fort Myers, USA-FL
arriving at Fort Myers along the gulf coast of Florida, thru days of rain, with joyful & lively encouragement freshly received in visiting with Michael, Melinda, Daniel, Australia, Betty, Alex… all the saints ready of heart to maturity who meet on Hampton Boulevard. Also with Rod & Jennifer and the little circle down by the fishing pier at Pompano Beach, and giving thanks for all shared with Michael Ferri at Boynton Beach.

24235148 9
δ  Mike   at Hitachiota, JAPAN
We are a gathering of about 15. We have identified leaders to send out to plant a new gathering which Lord-willing, will begin in April. We are not perfectly organic-who is. But we are un-learning lots and learning to live by the life of Jesus, day by day. May He be praised!

24188458 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Melbourne, USA-FL
with the Brevard/Melebourne organic saints this week. yesterday, Father reminding me for all He is able to share and do in the children. Plenty of children. How may they know that Jesus amoung us is saying, "come to Me"? Not alone… brother Evan also among us in this week as another commissioned on-to traveling through the cities, bearing the Light and marks of Christ.
May God enable His chosen men here to be taking up full faith in action and to devotion so that they may not be taken apart by the many distractions & diversions of this present world.

24169619 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Titusville, USA-FL
humble hearts react to seeing divine power differently than prideful ones.
with brother Steve last night, in gladness for the witness of Christ at Titusville. Awake again about midnight to herald of a man on the street proclaiming Christ to His glory. Not like the mechanical obedience solicited thru neo-pentecostal methodology, His Life for ours to be listening every moment that we may know and do what our Father is doing.

24161306 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Saint Augustine, USA-FL
beset by various schemes to divide the body of Christ, brothers in Jaxsonville not giving up, but rather determined to fight on in The Spirit of Christ. You are either in Christ, or you are not. There can be no denomination or autonomous relationship with Christ our King.

24149922 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Jacksonville, USA-FL
with some of the brothers at Jacksonville this morning. Cross, and the Way of the cross. Some counting the Way as for part, others for their whole being.

24128021 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Lake City, USA-FL
last night at Lake City, FL, visiting with Daniel, hearing of his journey from neo-pentecostalism, to worship service at home, to Torah study, on to the testing of faith in the Love of Christ. Can we love Christ and the precepts/law of God? Yes. While our eyes ever need remain on the Anointed One. The Torah is good, while He is the very Source of Torah. We have nothing without Y'shua Hamashia as Head --- our all in all.

24087680 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at McDonough, USA-GA
finishing up visits and re-visits in the Atlanta area, heart made heavy to see as much division that has set in. Meeting men who have, in their zeal, or simply by neglect, scattered the flock time and again. Yesterday, meeting a second time in McDonough: people as like the walking dead; men brandishing a Pauline-only gospel, rejoicing only for the divisions they have helped to advance while boldly denying the power of God in Christ to transform a child or a man. Atlanta, you are surely in danger.
Thanks be to God for His preserving a few of the younger outside the city!

24079617 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Ellenwood, USA-GA
in the Atlanta area, with joy to hear and to meet a few remaining steady: primarily the youngest and newest generation, enabled by God to be setting aside the former errors & infamy of organized religion; these knowing by the Spirit of God to be looking to Christ in and for all things. Light to shine into the polite darkness of northwest Georgia. Can the army of the Most High God be too young or too small in His victory assured?

24045037 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at North Bergen, USA-NJ
early morning men's meetup in Rye, NY. What do we believe for the work and presence of Christ in us? Has the work of building my kingdom kept me from His?

24037679 -7
δ  TumaYah   at Oceanside, USA-CA
Just wanted to say Praise Yah for this community group page, praise Yah for connecting me with brother Marshall. My family travels with minimal around country seeking those who Will hear the good news and walk like Christ. We are in oceanside, California now making connections and hoping to bring a impact to this region. We are a family that is always seeking community gatherings who desire intimate connection and daily fellowship and laboring codependently and intertwined in the daily life

24031894 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at East Lyme, USA-CT
Joy to be with the ekklesia at Ashford, Connecticut, over last weekend. Looking intently to Christ as our Source and Progenitor of all we would now know as Family.
[Matthew 10:37; 12:46-50]

24014629 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Attleboro, USA-MA
in the Boston area, visits with 2 Local Church gatherings. Seeing the struggle against being caught into the whirlpool of denominationalism. Blessed to be meeting brothers and sisters at Lowell and Dedham. Waiting upon our Father to see to their safe recovery from the isolation that becoming a sect tends to invent.
at Boxborough with Christie, Ben, Jill, Becky, Peter. Jim & Jim, and others; seeing their patience toward one another. In hope that all be embracing Christ in His fullness.

23997507 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Wilbraham, USA-MA
Sunday evening, breaking bread together in joy & laughter at the Wilder house. Hearing hearts determined in love, in peace, in service to the King of Kings. Reviewing the Scriptures intently and to the mind of Christ.

23969487 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Springfield, USA-VT
last night, visting a Bible study near Andover, Vermont. Rick sharing stories from visiting India years ago... admiring the faith of others.
In New England, finding few remaining in Christ. So soon and so easily men are being drawn away from their own Salvation/Christ! If only 10 righteous may be found here, that Elohim not leave the land desolate.

23936340 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Norristown, USA-PA
Yesterday, together in the beauty of Christ at the Pizzo house. considering the significance of maturity among all, how learning to walk in the Spirit early helps brothers & sisters from falling down. Maturity helps against having to write I Corinthians 5 over again. Also, praying for one who is now back in the world [adultery], with flesh being ruined that restoration may come forth in victory.

23935753 -7
δ  Dean Wilson   at Sylmar, USA-CA
Good fellowship today at a local park. Some heartfelt sharing about loving people even when we are offended by what they may say or do. Much work to do in LA, but with His help it can be accomplished.

23933927 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Norristown, USA-PA
Tuesday, thankful for a Philadelphia visit with 2 borthers from Virginia. Wednesday & thursday, praying for this corner of Pennsylvania with brother Kent at Hatboro, even as Father knows His own in this place.

23910563 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at New Castle, USA-DE
encouraged to be meeting brothers and sisters in the Washington DC area, and for the Spirit initiative they show --- empowered in Christ to connecting with neighbors and with saints around the beltway.
passing thru the darkened city of Baltimore, Maryland, further still to crossing a narrow bridge over the Susquehanna River and on-to Delaware.
last night, meeting with David at Bear, DE, and earlier hearing from Gunnar at Elkton, MD. Having committed the witness of Christ here to the power of His Spirit.

23886222 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Springfield, USA-VA
after meeting brothers in Richmond, coming on-to northeastern Virginia and the DC beltway which also reaches into Maryland. This is a cramped space where the tenticles of State bind men to politic.
yesterday, visting with a small group in Sterling, while another brother is visiting ekklesia east of DC. Joy to be greeting these. Hearing accounts of losses and the Lord's victory. Saints pressing on, strengthening "the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble..." [Hebrews 12:12]

23858881 -5
δ  Mark Millich   at La Crosse, USA-WI
After meeting and fellowshipping with both individual brethren and gatherings of saints in western Washington State for almost a decade, the Lord moved me on. I recently received a customary, "hope you are doing well" and "stay in touch" greeting from a leader of one such group.
Truth be told, I have stayed in touch with them, and others, more so than they with me. I have heard so little from so few, and from some nothing at all.
Is it out of sight, out of mind?
Or a case of, "he followeth not with us"?
Is there nothing to report?
I think it is because of the shallowness of many of these relationships. Despite appearances, there really wasn't much depth of earth (heart). What is true of the larger, denominational, institutional churches often carries over to the home/house assemblies on a smaller scale.
It takes a real work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of each individual member to truly knit together the body of Christ with ties that bind. No amount of messages, monologues, sermonettes, or endless teachings can substitute for that, or for the personal testimony and praise reports which are the outcome of it.

23857574 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Portsmouth, USA-VA
Monday night fellowship gathering at Cradock, a community of Portsmouth, Virginia. Don & Jeannie from journeys to Indonesia, Thailand... reflecting with thanksgiving to our Father with our hearts in Jesus.
Finding few saints south of the Virginia peninsula. Pressing on...

23852255 -5
δ  Mark Millich   at La Crosse, USA-WI
What κοινωνια > koinonia is not: "...the undisciplined* occasional gathering of individuals for worship... or a kind of superficial friendliness characteristic of the fraternity or lodge meeting."
*undisciplined (undiscipled?): unruly, disorderly, disobedient, badly-behaved, wayward, delinquent, rebellious, insubordinate, errant, wild, naughty, etc.

23826045 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Goldsboro, USA-NC
Sunday morning, ekklesia at Goldsboro gathering 20 miles north, at Stantonsburg. Speaking well of Jesus our King, and to the glory of the Father. How He heard our prayer, raised a drowned girl to life, healing a son out from critically fatal infection, sheltering us in storm and peril and persecution; His unmatched provision and care; His expression by His Spirit.
Extended rains last night filling the creek beyond its banks, reminding of the overflowing abundance we received in Christ.

23803267 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
The matrix is designed to erode our identity in Christ. Reminding one another of who we are in Christ and of His design for us to die away from our selves and the world-system. Also, giving thanks to God for recent gains in territory, including one the Adversary had attempted a petty counter-offensive, together at Fight Church today.

23783792 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
at the Rumball house last night, from a short video presentation, prompted to consider for how the Holy Spirit of God has been missed or misunderstood by millions through good-intentioned efforts to inform people about The Spirit. Ironic? Yet while we know by that same Spirit: only thru recognizing Christ as our everything, may the Spirit He sends be truly known among us! [John 15:26]
Earlier in the day with Fight Church, engaging in the war to take up a holy guard for the children crying out to witness State & system-sponsored family relationships that leave hardened hearts and broken families across the land. This battle we engage piercing the darkness even as the Kingdom of God is expressing our King far above status quo. Are we enabled by God to helping our neighbor while offering hope to our children? In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. [Romans 8:37]
Not far south of Cary on Friday night, gathered at the Bravo house as little children who delight in the joy of their Father and the Bridegroom. The daughters of our King dance before Him! How blessed we are to know His good pleasure!

23774104 -4
δ  Stephen Cornell   at Bradenton, USA-FL
Had a wonderful time at the house of Scot Moeckel with the people/family/household of God gathered there. Had a great time eating, fellowshipping and also explored how we got the Bible and some church history! Not necessarily in that order… we also prayed for each other!

23769586 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
Saturday at Ed's house, exploring Kingdom and the glory/brightness of Christ in us that brings community strikingly different than the world around us. Asking the harder questions, such as: Why are we working for our own survival against trusting our Father with His assurance that we shall not want?
Monday night, at another place in north Raleigh, meeting Michael over Bible study proclaiming the evangel of the Kingdom. Millions have heard a word about grace outside The Kingdom of God. Now is the time to be inviting these to Christ's Life far above a profession or paper salvation.
Wednesday with friends at Freedom House, sharing a few reflections in victory through the past week. Such great gain we have received in the fullness of Christ to out-pace all that might have otherwise been done by the desire of the flesh.

23756502 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
Saturday with sojourners at Fight Church, engaged in the good fight of faith --- not effectively from any presuppositional fortress, but to the power of Christ preeminent in and among us. Hearing the children, from ages 1 to 70-something, bringing a word of Grace, and to the beginnings of sharpening one another, as Paul is writing to remind, "brothers, add this: Y'all be rejoicing! Y'all be adjusting/attuning! Y'all be entreating! Y'all be being mutually disposed; be being at peace! And-also the God of Love and-also peace shall be with y'all."
[II Corinthians 13:13]
Sunday, brother Tom & I traveling on-to Clayton, discovering another small group of saints. Having met together ~25 years, knowing the peace and light of Christ. We were a bit late to arriving in the rain, yet still warmly welcomed while first meeting friends we have known in Christ life-long.

23739269 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Thomasville, USA-NC
together outside Thomasville last night, how psalms illustrate for prayer, assuring the righteous [Psalm 1] into enjoyment of the full life he/she shares with Almighty God our Father. While distraction and fatigue come to tempt us with merely doing what we know to do, the hearing of His voice is to rescuing & redirecting us by way of the great confidence we hold in Him.

23735000 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Thomasville, USA-NC
Yesterday, assembled humbly at Thomasville to welcoming the new and rejoicing in the newness/freshness of Christ alive among us. If somehow we did not bring a new song with recent accounts to His glory, the old would simply rush in again to fill the space.

23725135 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Thomasville, USA-NC
Sunday, with a transitional gathering at the city of High Point, which had been brought together circa 1971 by a church planter, and appears to be moving toward an extinction. Disturbing in Spirit within to see individual sacrifices of worship obstructed by sectarianism & isolation. Surely we know the Life and Body of Christ to be vivified and reproducing of its members. Our prayer that His Life might come in power to transcend all the former works.

23719027 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Thomasville, USA-NC
after 7 months, honored to again be greeting the 2 gatherings at Thomasville --- together One, pursuing Christ and in Love for one another. How may we describe the work of God among us? All He does, so incredible and beyond any human method or formula!
Thanks be to God, bringing me forward from Statesville, after a farewell blessing to the Long family now in Tennessee.

23592743 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Luray, USA-VA
with brothers at Woodstock this morning, after gathering at Winchester last night. At table, reflecting upon the end of our rebellion as we're realizing our adoption into the Family of God. How often the Adversary looks to accuse us, if as when we stumble, did somehow we intend to stumble? If the enemy might present us culpable, the distance we can imagine to be growing between our Father and His little children. Yet to those with the perfect assurance of Christ, how beautiful be Father's Love!

23583593 -5
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Luray, USA-VA
yesterday morning, gathering again at Woodstock toward considering things Paul suffered while writing to saints in Phillipi. We're wrestling with the scene because there's nothing like it set in the modern world we know. Not even entitled to daily food, Paul lives the fragrance of Christ to all in the house. The gap so large… no one in a room of 30 people seems able to venture there.
A chilly evening arrives in Luray as we are at table with a disciple across town, following his baptism in cold, living (moving) water at the Shenandoah River a day before. Re-affirming our dying so that we might all be living in Christ alone.

23562651 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Luray, USA-VA
yesterday, with ekklesia at Winchester sharing together how our Father is bringing His children alongside Him even as we pray, and in completing His purpose with Him; how His great power and wisdom declines rational or theological presumption of His having to pre-plan (such as we may think of planning). sister Victoria bringing an excellent inquiry, and-also the Spirit providing our assurance together.
This morning at Woodstock, being greeted by Mike & Holly who have opened their house to the saints for about 25 years. As afternoon came, responding to an invitation to lunch with a small group from a Baptist legacy church on the other side of the mountain. The house filled with adherents of a moral gospel, we're to sharing Light and revelation of Christ in conversation and hope.

23556362 -5
δ  Claudia Labrador   at Lindo, ECUADOR
I believe when folks are honed in so sharply to an end goal, like being sure to recite that prayer, they tend to miss what the Spirit is doing in the mix. This is where discernment should be allowed, to watch a heart break, a curiosity spark, a need to have questions answered, or whatever. We can see the Spirit at work if we are paying attention, and the Spirit will lead us the proper and good next step, which isn't necessarily talking more and reciting a certain prayer. If we are to be genuine stewards of God's Gospel ministry, we must be ready for anything. What I often see is when there is one focus, a means to one end, if the subject moves outside of that, many don't know what to do next, which then only adds to all the confusion surrounding these people who need so much to know more than a method, who are hungry for so much more than a mere present offer to receive. Let us be full and living in the very Gospel of which we desire for others to take hold. Let us discover more profoundly what that Gospel is if we are not living it. To know Him is to Love Him, and to Love Him is to be ready for any encounter in which we can minister the Good News spontaneously with our actions ever so much as with our words… May we repent of not being ready to offer the Jesus who lives and breathes and reigns as much outside of our understanding as He does within it. We may not have a quick or appropriate answer in the moment, but we have a Holy Spirt that can get us there. The beauty of the journey is that we can discover much more of Him together with those of whom we minister, and how much more profoundly the doors and hearts open to invite us into that discipleship journey that continues to teach us all as we go.

23542018 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Luray, USA-VA
last night, gathering at Winchester for a shared meal together, and to meeting a number of the next generation to know the Spirit's Life and the purpose of God being in Christ. brother Brandon and I sharing a few accounts; all consoling and encouraging one another in the joy of our King.

23533092 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
I remember thinking as a young man, just finally getting ahead in life, having a home, a car and a good job, "if I do what Jesus taught in the Gospels, it will ruin my life." Literally, I have the memory. I was right. It will ruin my life, as the world defines value, and I will have a very new life. One that the King of the Kingdom of God says, is of infinite and eternal value. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

23517385 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Powhatan, USA-VA
third visit with ekklesia at Powhatan, last night. Father desiring all our esteem, glorifying Him in His Son, even that we have none remaining to give for the world system. Blessed to see brother Thomas visiting also with me, and in all rekindling our love for one another even as Christ has loved us. By Him, echoes from revivalism and other religious forms all must be giving-way to the Spirit indwelling with Faith, Hope and Love.

23513250 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Chesterfield, USA-VA
Yesterday, gathering in the countryside at Chesterfield, celebrating Christ in His joy, power and goodness toward us. sister Jodie there leaving a note with me for the ekklesias…
Find joy in Jesus alone ~ Look up to Him always!!
"Two women peered out from jail bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars" … Praise God for the Body of Christ & His Spirit!

23505993 -4
δ  Rick Thompson   at Wakefield, USA-MA
One of the overlooked points in the Ephesians 6:10-20 armor of God passage is the word stand or withstand found four times in verses 11-14. Paul is using the physical reality of ubiquitous Roman soldiers to illustrate a spiritual principle [reality]. One of the primary reasons for the usual success of Roman soldiers over many centuries was their discipline. So standing doesn't mean standing around but standing in rank and formation. The tactics used meant that each soldier bore responsibility for protecting part of the next soldier with his shield. They had to rely upon each other. When we isolate ourselves and don't allow anyone into our lives then we are more easily defeated in spiritual warfare.
Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. ( Proverbs 18:1 ESV)

23498739 -5
δ  Claudia Labrador   at Mindo, Ecuador
Seems so difficult to move beyond assembling the church as a corporation model with elders deemed as some sort of Board of Directors, instead of a cooperative where everyone takes equal responsibility in using the gifts of the Spirit and talents the Lord has given for the building up of the saints and their ministries toward one another and to the lost. Aren't we all responsible for caring over good doctrine? Especially since we have the writings right in front of us, unlike the church of old! Sure! There will be immature saints. But let us not hinder their potential to grow into strong, mature members of the body, equally participatory. We learn much by being given the freedom to make mistakes. For crying out loud! God does not micromanage us. Why does so many church models today propose micromanagement?

23498668 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Chester, USA-VA
Wednesday evening, seeing again the ekklesia at Powhatan. When the Spirit of God calls for a fast, and for prayer, prepared to denying flesh with favor in spirit. Father gracing one ideal example among us of shachah [שתה to bow down, face to the ground; worship].
Friday morning with 3 men at Powhatan's Courthouse Café, considering the acts of our King made known to each of us. Remembering Ron & Greg, to be finishing the race well to the glory of Christ, overcoming even the religious programs and systems that today surround them.

23491574 -7
δ  Dean Wilson   at Sylmar, USA-CA
Had a wonderful time in Gorman, CA today! About 60 of us met for worship and fellowship. I quipped that this may be the largest church meeting ever in this small town. Had such a good time, I forgot to take pictures. People came as far away as San Diego to seek Jesus' Kingdom first!

23487787 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Midlothian, USA-VA
gathering at Powhatan (suburb of Richmond, Virginia) Wednesday night. About 18, a few prophetic; delightful together. They had me (and a few others) take turn to sit in a middle-chair to be prayed for, and speaking a word of admonition. Reconsidering Daniel's great hope in God to reveal mystery and dreams, and afterward to how our Father is so faithful toward caring for each of His own.

23469253 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
Lunch together earlier today at Steve's house. joy and thanksgiving for all the Spirit of God has been establishing in the saints of The Triangle [Raleigh area]. His calling out, drawing together. Though a few, yet learning obedience through any suffering. The revelation of Christ among them to His glory! Faith, hope and Love. Abandoning of former religious & social plans; receiving grace to be patient with all men. Honored to have greeted these brothers & sisters.

23469093 -4
δ  Tia Long   at Luray, USA-VA
When we have a relationship with Jesus, we cannot help but be transformed (become a new creation). One doesn't have to try to make this a reality. Belonging to a church or having a certain set of beliefs will never make you salt and light. Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Is that not what a Christian is --- a follower of Christ (THE Way)? When we have fellowship with Him, then our cup runs over and every part of our life is transformed and anyone near a follower of Christ cannot help but see Him whether they choose to acknowledge Him or not.

23467362 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Raleigh, USA-NC
last night in Raleigh at table together, and rejoicing among the ekklesia to share news of the grace and power of our God in a few places, and then the hour so soon becoming late. Reminded of our deepest desire to abide in the Vine; to be knowing The Lamb of God; to be known by Him. The marvel of His direct and His victory translating us through each new day, renewing out minds, joining our hearts by His own.

23457170 -5
δ  Mark Millich   at La Crosse, USA-WI
"How wonderfully God led His servant to touch on the lighter themes, often funny and merry ones… Then came the first glimmerings of light breaking through those heavy clouds… love and laughter alone doing their healing and restoring work, while all the serious subjects were carefully avoided. Indeed, so light was the spiritual touch, it could hardly have been detected. Yet how blessedly effective it proved [to be]." E. B.-C. This passage affirmed what I have been experiencing lately, meeting informally and occasionally with a number of Catholics and other nominally religious persons. By it I am learning to be more patient, long-suffering, and to wait on the Lord; to "plow in winter" and to hopefully win some of them over even without the word if necessary; all the while gaining renewed appreciation for the power and effectiveness of a single, inspired, Holy Spirit-breathed Word. "Praying always… that utterance may be given to me… to make known the mystery of the gospel… that I may speak… as I ought to speak."

23457046 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Durham, USA-NC
Sunday in Raleigh, visiting a transitional gathering as we mark the character & confidence we have received in Christ.
Monday night at Relationship Over Religion where we're tackling the God over mammon stories shared; how the Spirit of Christ is delivering us from fears about being without money.
Wednesday night at Tom's house, with evidence & account of overcoming fears; freedom from psychotropic drugging; health that follows faith-trust in the Great Physician --- It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. [Galatians 5:1]

23441637 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Cary, USA-NC
last night at Holly Springs, with David and Rob and family sharing dinner together and a little of our journey; our own deaths and providential exits out of religious system.

23435701 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
It's been kind of humbling the last few days. I am going to be gone from Tanzania for about three months. Though I got my visa renewed it is required I leave and reenter. I have not seen my family in over two years so I will visit in the fall. So I am going around to every house church greeting and encouraging the saints.

23430995 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Bibi, listening to the Gospel of Matthew on an Ipod type of device. They cannot read. Mama Luluquay immediately began shhhushing everyone. She would tolerate NO disturbance while listening to the word. Bibi just smiled and then began to recite out loud the verses she was hearing. It was so cool watching these Meru women, dressed in their traditional clothing with a modern electronic device clipped onto their kanga. Mama Luluquay, left listening so intently I thought she was going to walk into a wall or a tree. She was mesmerized.

23428171 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Thomasville, USA-NC
Thursday night in south Thomasville, considering Christ in you; perceiving Him in you, to our joy. How different this be from comitting, converting or trying to be good as He is good.

23422686 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at High Point, USA-NC
gathering at Thomasville last night. Have we given up on anyone suffering hopelessness, or someone who seems unable to help themself? May God in Christ be our strength to hope for even the most miserable neighbor; to love and serve and to not count the cost against anyone. The Light and testimony of Christ within you remains too precious to hide beneath human excuse or frustration.
Confessing our short-falls to one another at table, knowing to be praying for one another. Everything from the spaghetti to the salad to the joy of the Lord our strength, to tears, to joy, all to His glory. May His Light shine brightly at Thomasville and deeply into the Piedmont Triad.

23405182 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Charlotte, USA-NC
urging Michael Edward to become a friend of God, as he sips from a brown-bagged wiskey bottle in McDonald's. Departing Charlotte in confidence of Christ to the will of God for this queen city. an intentional community and a gathering unsure both inside the city; ekklesia nearby at Lake Wylie on the border; others willing and others further still. May God make us able in His Son for +2 million people in the metropolitan area. (brother Gideon, are you seeing this?)
Are you fearful to be leaving behind things which have divided us because doing so might somehow become divisive?

23397170 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Charlotte, USA-NC
meeting Charissa as she is confessing to have been running from the voice of God calling her. How many more on the run in Charlotte, or in your city? The troubles of this world or the mystery of the gospel can send people running… Let's be fetching-in as many as we may to the Kingdom of our Master Jesus the Anointed One!

23395741 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Charlotte, USA-NC
welcomed in peace on Monday at the Family Tree community on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina, and also joining them for morning prayers Tuesdays with brother David from Rock Hill, South Carolina. Glad for these brothers & sisters who have remained steady-on through the years.

23386824 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at York, USA-SC
visiting with Jeff & Dennis on a farm just outside York. What if I am set in my vision to build the very thing our Father has already established? The best outcome we can then hope to create would be a replica; a doll house for the Kingdom of God.
brother Jeff is a hard worker and skilled with the treasures of this world. We pray Father grant him full vision for all He has and has already set in motion without the intent of men --- even to the Charlotte area.

23377752 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Rock Hill, USA-SC
weathermen forecast no chance for rain Tuesday night in Winsboro, but Father said Yes and at 1:30 AM I am awakened to thunder. No time to save the bedding, running drenched to an overhang as lightning strikes above me shaking the earth. 10 minutes and all is calm again. Only a fringe of my blanket is damp. No means to explain this but to be offering thanks to Almighty God.
Met with a few in the Columbia area, only to find that over a few years they had moved from faith-trust in God to trust in their own devices. Knowing the Scriptures, yet slipping away from His power to be living by Christ.
Brethren, pray for one another. That old deception-enticement trick done to Eve is still being pulled with men & women unaware today.

23377397 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Had a great meeting in Tengeru yesterday. Very mature group. Mama James, ever concerned for the well being of my widows, informed me that all the older women, called Bibi's or Mamas, had no teeth. She asked for michele or rice to be provided for the poorer ones. It seems they were subsisting mainly on bananas and white bread and ugali, unable to chew harder things. Of course. Spoke yesterday on the teachings of Jesus being the essence of Kingdom Christianity. How we are not only translated from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His beloved Son, but that this beloved Son had presented the values of that Kingdom to us in His sermons. That following them we would be salt and light, two miraculous substances that can preserve things and purify and illuminate them. We are to be that in this world. That following these teachings the world would look, as Jesus said, and glorify God in Heaven for our behavior and good deeds and example of His Kingdom come. We are the light of the world when [as] we obey Him.
While I taught over my right shoulder was a few boards separating us from a room with some other characters. Seems that barrier was indeed separating the sheep from the goats. They were very interested in our doings but as scripture tells their fate is dim lest they repent. I sensed they were perfectly happy just staying goats. Most people that are goats are happy with their states as well. As least for now.

23371278 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Columbia, USA-SC
last weekend at Savannah, Georgia, being exposed to acute causes & effects of disunity. Father then bringing me speedily across 160 miles to Columbia, South Carolina. Learning an important metaphor via a closed bridge at the border.
Today with a gathering at Irmo --- one of a few remaining in the Columbia area. Does Father ever build faith in us only later to tear it down? Are we too busy to follow Christ in His way as we once did while He was our First Love?

23361147 -7
δ  Dean Wilson   at Sylmar, USA-CA
Wonderful time of worship and fellowship with the saints today! As a brother was saying a final prayer thanking God for His goodness and many, many blessings, five SoCal Honda employees came over and offered us all bottles of water! We were able to speak with them for a few moments and enjoy the water with our lunch. God is good, all of the time!

23355104 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Brunswick, USA-GA
lunch together with the ekklesia at Brunswick. Gratitude and praise for our God in how He has so much complimented them together with one another!
earlier today, a men's participatory Bible study with about a dozen men making way out of religiosity. Worrying not, as we read a portion from Philippians 4 together. Several speaking up in testimony to our Father's lifting of anxiety off of our souls.

23346309 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, TANZANIA
Sleeping next to the Indian Ocean in a tent. Rained off and on today but it sure makes you appreciate the sunshine. I am the only camper here since it is the rainy season. Had a hot shower. That's a real treat. Ate some pili pili prawns and going to bed early. Spent a great part of the day, praying for a friend in need and meditating on the teachings of Jesus.

23346286 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Jacksonville, USA-FL
Tuesday morning, as iron sharpening iron to dodging frogs --- distraction that seem at times to cover the ground and have us jumping for nothing; being set by God to the undoing of distinctive & schismatic devices.
early today in Bayard, considering the cost and outcome of community in Christ now that we children of the King; joyfully subject to His discipline and possibly His anger at times, though we are no longer the offspring of wrath/indignation.

23338995 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Jacksonville, USA-FL
visiting a VCF (Vineyard) last night where John Wimbur's daughter was speaking. Mixed in among the casual talk, there were a few fragments borrowed from reports of the Kingdom of Christ: "everything we do is [to be by way of] worship", not to be serving God from obligation; "God always provides", "minimal visitations" since the 4th century.
curious to hear these things sprinkled in, and yet not perceiving anyone that night as persuaded. roughly 300 in rows of chairs appearing as seekers who are calling (mostly in song) upon the Holy Spirit to come because they are not yet indwelt by the Spirit of Christ. And still the Vineyard "team" seems powerless toward effecting of their salvation. Yes, there have been minimal visitations in the institutional church (specifically, since Constantine; edicts & creeds). Astonished for the veil that maintains Protestant hypocrisy and their need for Christ.

23320531 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Jacksonville, USA-FL
pleasant time together at Chuck & Susan's house, contrasting and discernoing the light yoke in Christ with the heavy burdens brought upon us by submission to the world, flesh, the Adversary and even religious systems. How key our relationship with Christ, day or night, to discerning the yolk He is bearing with us from other ropes & chains.

23298654 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Spoke to a group of men in Kayole [Nairobi, Kenya] today. This was our third meeting about becoming a disciple, not a church attending mere believer, but an obedient follower of Jesus. Giving up everything to follow Him! We read Jesus alter call. His sermon to the masses on what it takes to become a disciple. You must hate all relationships compared to the love you have for Jesus. You must take up your cross, an instrument of death, dying to your self interest and taking on the interest of your King! According to Jesus, you must give up everything to follow Him. Have you decided to follow Jesus?

23294734 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Sanford, USA-FL
Sunday at the Murphy house in southeast Orlando, remembering where our true citizenship rests, and to staying with our true calling in Christ and His gospel; realizing we are foreigners in this land.
Monday into Saint Cloud, and 2 days with Leo & Kathy who had hosted a home fellowship during 2008.
Glad for all the welcomings and joy shared.

23286917 3
δ  Glenn Roseberry   at Arusha, Tanzania
Great meeting this morning. Went over the cost of becoming a disciple of Jesus. If you read Jesus own words in Luke 14, you know that to be a disciple cost everything. Since we have determined to be and make disciples, we urge new contacts, both pagan, animist, Muslims, questionable [doubtful] Christians, and atheist to count the cost -- Just like Jesus did. I actually left the meeting as we began to council people in repentance, healing, forgiveness and strongholds. We had five languages there. In that case, I can gum up the works requiring yet another layer of interpretation and translation. Faithful brothers, spent the morning, praying and advising and answering intimate questions sometimes about sin and repentance. I will met with the brothers later to learn the outcome. Praying!

23280426 -7
δ  Dean Wilson   at Sylmar, USA-CA
Great fellowship today! Several neighbors joined us. After our guests left, had a meaningful time of the Lord's Supper. Next step, dinner for the family and then send out the worldwide prayer list that has prayer warriors from California to India participating in it. May Jesus' kingdom expand!

23279031 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Titusville, USA-FL
still counting the vacancies along Florida's Space Coast. such a little remnant, yet the fire of Love will burn. Glad to be meeting Dick & Charlotte at Melbourne. Thanking Father also for Steve Stover's kindness and open door to the men's study.
from Orlando today, confirming a SE outpost, and to hearing Christ in my brother's voice from north to south.

23272644 -4
δ  Marshall Diakon   at Titusville, USA-FL
men's study last night in Titusville (Space Coast), to speaking the Word of Life in our communications; keeping the conversation & relationship in Christ foremost, with our human relationships to follow, as the first 2 Great Commandments.