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refusing the kingdoms of this worldIn Northern Virginia, approaching the Capitol Beltway, a different spirit ruling this populace from a high place of man lifting himself, and that to the seat from which Pilate spoke of Your Beloved Son, "you take him and crucify Him, for I find no fault in Him." Yet the people could not bring an end to the King of Kings. You appointed His days and His return, arising. And You have revealed this mystery among the saints at Fort Washington, while teaching them to care for one another, and seeing to it how they might look beyond the local horizon. So then on another hill, the government of Your Christ.
[Galatians 6:9-10; Isaiah 9:6-7; Matthew 4:8-11]

At Bear, Delaware, agreeing with You for David's heart to be close alongside Yours. You would that he follow You beyond the familial legacy of professional ministry. You call men to stand-upright in You. Then on to Hatboro, Pennsylvania, to see Kent long-marking his shortfalls, despairing to consequence in failure to be leading, so not becoming in Your Joy. Beneath hypocrisy, the children slipping to denying Your Son. Surely You know how Kent fell prey to timidity, and You know how to make each child of Yours stand.
Lion of Judah beholding the timid[II Timothy 1:7; Revelation 21:7-8]

By Your resolve, I arrived in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to ekklesia there, the same day in which a woman was to be remanded to the Adversary. Her stubborn straying broke-out beneath the weaknesses of contractual marriage. Surely You have been walking us through scenes of monstrous error, advanced through centuries in the admixing of "one flesh" with social-cultural and religious practices of the past and present world-system. Seeds sown to cripple a divine trust, generation onto generation, corrupting as to obscure beautiful metaphor of the life You bring. During some days to follow, we were asking You for this woman's restoration, while alongside, Your Spirit enabling the work of a short video, Irreconcilable Union as to help expose the progressive substitution of marriage for becoming (wedding). Later in the journey, word arriving of her reconciliation!
[I Corinthians 5; Romans 13:14; Galatians 6:8; Leviticus 10:9-10]

At Springfield, Vermont, where we had met Chris hosting home fellowship during 2006, our surprise to discover him in the end-stage of abandoning the house and faith provided him. Maybe Chris was, for a time, simply fascinated by You? But to stop listening attentively to Your heart can land a man into difficulty such as he cannot himself endure.
[Mark 4:16-17]

In Charlestown, New Hampshire, Martin and Roxene hosting, as where a few meet along the Connecticut River Valley. While trying to build a church or make people feel comfortable, men so inevitably miss Your Kingdom. Since we need not mistake You for a people pleaser, I ask for the Martin's also that their eyes may remain fixed upon the living Truth.
[Matthew 24:14; II Timothy 2:2-7]

During this time in New England, You vividly showed me how a false gospel had acted to break-apart my earthly parents during the 1970s. Rather late and abruptly, the woman who bore me sits before me, boasting in a false Christ who stood-by to see that she ever secure her own happiness in life. This was 20th century evangelicalism as "Trojan Horse" for Humanism --- a false and widespread report that Your Son seeks to save men so that they might entertain and indulge themselves securely, thereby exchanging Your unmatched esteem for the cares and casualties of this world-system. Not to embittered me since... because of who You are, "all these things, then essentially a violent loss by way of what is within the functional-knowledge of the excellency of Christ Jesus, my Sanctioner; I am forfeit the full portions of these, as scraps to be thrown to dogs, for what gains to Christ Jesus."
[Hosea 4:6-7; II Timothy 4:3-3; Philippians 3:8]

safely thru the fogFinding You have placed a Berea at Wilbraham, Massachusetts, in the home of Wayne & Charlene. As-like You also have kept me attentive to things examined in Your Spirit among the saints, You are the Warrior-leader for children who draw near You holding hope to navigate in places where deception fogs men. You see and remain generous to cast Your light ahead for the steps of youths. May you boldly carry the saints there into the avenues of Ludlow, onto Springfield's fields of souls. Your hand to build community in Your Christ.
[Acts 17:10-11; John 12:46; Ephesians 5:8]

So it is, all saints believe, while not all who believe are among saints. Your Spirit unveiling the difference, that the hope You give may prevail over any religious presumptions. You forgive our former pursuits in revivalism, salvationism, even as we abandon the former schemes; how sluggishly we have received Your power, how selfishly we have attended to Your promise. Thank you for sending sister Ardith, extending an invitation for Dedham, and with thanksgiving for the saints at Lowell. Being led by You, all things are possible.
[II Thessalonians 2; II Peter 1:3-13]

dragging church homeAt Boxborough, Ben had carried the "box" of traditional church into his apartment home. You know best how to handle this, as we are enjoined in Your grace to be gently offsetting failure which men have become feebly trained, as like a guitar in the unsteady hands of a would-be rock star. This Sunday, Ben is repeating for us a prepared study on Pride, while hearts attending to be lending humble corrections (some for the second time!). You helped all to beautifully engage, and-as You remind me to the weakness present in a formatted instruction of our own preparation; the cloudy water of exegetic opinions. Yet Love serving, as You open eyes in Your resolve more beneficial than our recycled outline.
[I Peter 2:9; Philippians 1:27]

How we love one another since You first loved us! The ekklesia at Ashford (CT) arising to ask that You extend Christ in them throughout the Ashford area. Then to an early morning at Serendipity Labs (Rye, NY), with "the goal is to become better priests, prophets, kings." All present here were seeking transformation. My prayer for them: transformation. They being admonished to be ready. You being able.
[II Corinthian 3:16-18]

Returning to Georgia, the young saints at John's Creek house church had been coming together less and less, until You brought them back together afresh! They are speaking to You of mission across the community and afar (i.e., Honduras, Afghanistan), with their requests forward-to You, as these "little children" press-in with the love and light of Your Christ. This as the generation apparent, sanctified in Your Son, following no others.
[I Timothy 4:12]

In Alpharetta: As Greg & Vivian shared of their journey and of defeats through the years at the hand of desires of the flesh, Greg's physical condition then coming to perspective. Flesh had betrayed Greg, leaving him both disabled and dry to spirit. Churches for him unable to point Greg beyond their pastors --- to Your Son, who sits alongside You in power and glory.
[John 1:12-13; Romans 7:5; Ephesians 1:18-23; Philippians 3:3; I Peter 4:1-2]

After ten years in wait, to meet Barry Evans, who had since moved from Jonesboro to McDonough. Together on the Campbell ranch, brothers who soon sought to inform me that You had long-ago abandoned the preserved Hebrew & Greek manuscript copies after having completed for Yourself a full-inspiration revision: the 1611 KJV Bible. Here I did come to tremble, as these men also spoke openly against the work of Your Spirit today. It seemed well to You by these things to be noting the dangerous well of Bible "versionism", which holds no power to cleanse or rescue a man from faulty interpretation.
[Matthew 12:32; I Corinthians 1:9-10]

At Lake City, Florida, Daniel recounts how some are saying, "to obey the commandments is putting your trust in the commandments for salvation." Commandments which are holy and yet serve an aging purpose in light of Christ. Daniel's love for You appears obvious during our 2 hours together. His story in having to look beyond pulpits and popular authors is such as we have marked before.

Returning again to Jacksonville to mark faith rising over knowledge, where the Anointed King of Kings reigns in the heart and mind. Here we are together sending your daughter, Ruth, to carry Your evangel onto a distant land. Amid wineskins new and old, Your Spirit causing us to deploy patience toward all men. Your clearing of the threshing floor ever worth the wait!
[Luke 3:17]


The Lord is Risen!
--marshall diakon

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journey replies:

  ---from USA-NC
Good to hear you are well and are still visiting people & places, brightly shining His light from within.

  ---from USA-OH
your prayers are heard and that your labor is not in vain, we are eager for the day when Father will deliver the hard working farmer's share.

  ---from USA-HI
Thank you for your inspired walking with Jesus writings. It has been awhile since your last update I received, but it's always a refreshing blessings having a brother who's willing and obedient to go among the ekklesia abroad. Fire of the Holy Ghost upon you.

  ---from Taiwan
It's wonderful to be part if the worldwide Body of Christ. May the Holy Spirit restore ALL of us to the simplicity of devotion to Christ; and to gather together accordingly. Please Help us to, Father we pray. Amen.

  ---from USA-MI
I am glad to hear of your journey... Truly keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and walking with Him in simple adoration and obedience is the struggle of the day.

  ---from USA-IL
Thank you for your faithfulness, thoughtfulness and for our inclusion. I join you in your prayer and petition.