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The Journey 2014
Near the setting sun, I'm arriving at Shreveport, Louisiana, to prayer for the city and a telephone call to Bill Ziegler, surprised at my arrival and inviting me to come deeper into this city and to his home. Thanks be to God for as many rooms He prepares for His pilgrims, and for the pleasant places of rest clothed in peace. Bill holds love for the Word, and appreciation for the written Scriptures (which have endured much a distressed history). We soon would meet together with Tom and Patti, Pat and Anna, and the realization for how a few here had been beaten down beneath discouragement, yet now being enlivened together. Men and women sitting quietly, humbly before our God. If only such humility had come to Albuquerque! Though uncanny to be sitting at the gate of a corrupt city, yet men in Christ find themselves appointed everywhere His ambassadors.

Hearing from Shreveport, the Holy Spirit confirming among that the born-again ones all have been given the spirit of counsel and wisdom; that when one member is having difficulty in seeing clearly, that the Body can give input from His Spirit in helping them; how it is ideal for husbands & wives to act in one mind; to accepting the sovereign lead of God in all things; that our meeting together need be well brought about by Christ and to His purpose.

At this time, the Spirit urging toward lightening up on exegesis, and in returning to true wedding. Temptation lurks for many to be usurping the Spirit by way of scholastic exegesis (adding explanation) for what our Beloved is saying... as if the Wedding Guests crave to hear this sort of thing! But, no.

Peddling southward into the murky bayou landscape of southern Louisiana, spotting the eyes of a small American alligator breaking the surface near sunset again. There are homes in the woods here that don't appear to actually have a driveway or gate in the traditional sense; sounds and scents so various... I could not identify many of them, though most were not pungent. This is a place where moisture holds ground. Soon our rudder would bring 'round toward New Orleans.


Those I came to greet in the Metairie-New Orleans coastlands were preoccupied in their religious & material devotions, yet not bearing the brand-marks of Christ. Evening at a cafe, Greg is visibly uncomfortable teaching from SBC organization guidelines. (yipe!) Mike, living in the New Orleans uptown area, his faith seemingly diverted and making no time to personally meet. I am learning how that, after the storm (Katrina) of 2005, there was in the city such mayhem, violence, chaos... true believers, seeing the heart of their city for what it has become, largely have packed up and left New Orleans behind. As I recall from e-mail of that era suggesting a post-storm exodus then underway... a catastrophe, New Orleans.


A little northwest into Baton Rouge, where Paul greeted us faithfully, and with homemade natively-seasoned gumbo. Father would have Paul & me exploring the gap between lively ekklesia and the stagnant waters of Protestant faith, even as we together visited an autonomous IC in situ. Father is bringing Paul and friends through the transition from a religious system, to a living faith, as He was faithful to be completing in another Paul called by Him along the road.


Breakfast with Dale & Terry at Daphne, just outside Mobile, Alabama, and as Dale is telling me that people here go to church "to get needs met", and not for meeting together at the feet of our Lord Jesus. Dale has been attempting to make the appeal of Christ from behind the walls of institutional church (something I had long labored in years past). Terry's heart has a Spirit-fire that, God willing, soon will reach his feet and hands and household. ATTENTION, captain of a ship commissioned into the King's fleet: carry out confidently what you see the King doing, by Him sailing all hands into your uncharted waters.


Riding along a portion of the Gulf Coast was as a rolling landscape of beauty, yet soon reaching to Tallahassee, Florida, and to the northeast side where Kent and Michelle are hosting Family in Christ. And-also evening Bible study, with Jeremy Parker visiting us from another gathering nearby, and with the spice of ekklesia; cutting clean between "fact" and "truth"; watching the Spirit wrestle with these young men at table. Like Jesus, learning obedience, and in one another. Religious training of systems and methods may continue subtly knocking at the door, but we are already promised into the mind of Christ.


Best Pastor trophyWhile in Gainesville, a brother posted this picture to the internet of a small trophy he had received from a member of the home fellowship there. Viewing this gold painted image, another brother among ekklesia in The Philippines is writing to me for how many in the house church movement love to "talk new" but still "acting old."

Pastor appreciation became part of organized religion, where pastoring is a position rather than a function. This house church "Best Pastor", when asked about his new trophy, afterward did in word agree that Jesus is the Best Pastor. I've masked the brother's surname from the image here, confident by hope that the ekklesia there are together gaining further in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ day by day, even as they will be learning to fully follow Him as their Pastor. In truth, when a man is pastoring well, it is in our full knowledge that his recognition/appreciation comes to him as he stands before the Good Shepherd. And God is able to make him stand.

A response to outrageously false allegations against Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, and others. This excommunication letter about Jim Wright is signed by over 35 Christian leaders.
[image from a document recently published by Jon Zens]

Why isn't Jesus excommunicating people like in the narrow image above? Why doesn't He move us to be cutting off people who have become a real problem? Some religious systems practice excommunication or shunning, as also does the mega-sect RCC... In Christ we simple don't because Jesus and His apostles have delivered us into "the ministry of reconciliation", and not to the social snub or barricade or pious trump. His agape love is far better equipped to be communicating and sending and restoring: The Body moving in accord with what The Head is saying, rather than pushing away from Christ via acts or thoughts of excommunication (isolation). Paul's account from I Corinthians 5 & II Corinthians 2 highlights an occasion and aftermath when a brother need be put out of the ekklesia to the purpose of his own restoration, "for the whole-ruin of his flesh, that his spirit may be being saved in the day of the Lord." In Christ, we get this. It's the story again of the prodigal son; the lost coin; the lost sheep; the sick who will be needing a physician. The same life-parable that Pharisees don't so often comprehend. As to those men already outside and yet estranged from Grace, Father's promise to all: His complete justice. For all paddling the relational canoe and ready to jump overboard for rough water, Jesus is inviting you to be coming alongside His majestic sail of Love unfailing.
[Matthew 5:38-48]

What if someone does accuse me (as some do!)? Whomever you are, may you never be found coming to my defense with denials or counter-accusations. If ever you did, with Love as signatory we must solemnly threaten upon you {grin} a serious effort toward reconciliation in the Truth. As Paul is writing to remind me and you, "Why not rather be being wronged/injured? Why not rather be being defrauded/cheated?"
[I Corinthians 6:7; I Peter 3:9]

What about II Thessalonians 3:14, and I Corinthians 5:9-11, where Paul is reminding us not to associate with a brother who is like this?
συναναμιγνυσθαι. phonetically sounding: sunanami... ah, like "synonymous": can't tell them apart. If a named brother/sister becomes willful disobedient of Christ, Paul's reminding us to refrain from getting all mixed up with them (serious commingling; partnering; close association) --- not forbidding us Love-guided contact (simple communications; caring actions; consideration...). In Christ, we forfeit our former freedom of associate which we formerly used to satisfy our group preferences and suckle our fears. But now we walk by faith, and not by ourselves.

some examples of Bible translation slipping 'n' sliding over μη συναναμιγνυσθαι:

KJV (1769) "not to keep company"
Darby (1890) "not mix with"
Concordant (1926) "not commingling"
NIV/NASB/Amplified "not to associate"
NJB (1985) "not to have anything to do with"
Green (1985) "not to associate intimately"
Recovery (1991) "not to mingle"

Suffering the fidgety Bible grammar, brothers may also be carrying "baggage" of somebody's sectarianism, even to regarding anyone not in their circle as being outside the group. Writing again this year by way of reminder: there is only one group, One Body in Christ. So also we are reminding one another. Thanks be to God, Love is unmoved by the weakness or drift of English grammar. In the present age, by the Grace of God in Christ, to see to a man's restoration we will go the distance; remain hopeful and accessible and fully responsive; leaving "the 99" at home just to find a lost one --- even as our Teacher is doing.
[Romans 12]

With great compassion, Jesus offering His new Light into personal & Kingdom relationships.
[Matthew 6:12; 20:25-28; Luke 6:22-49]

childrenLater coming to East Lawless City (descriptive name), I'm hearing from another about how being sanctified is a process [not true: see I Corinthians 1:2; 6:11], and that for new-birthed children of God holiness is optional [not true: see Ephesians 4; I Thessalonians 3:13], and-also in my ear was how we do not need to love God to be saved. We love Him because He first loved us? Maybe not. Inside legacy churches, we might have been expected to like the pastor, but I didn't have to actually-truly love God to be regarded as being saved or in good standing. For the tither and the worship leader alike, it's mostly about performance. I've experienced being under a creedal and doctrine-based salvation, with doctrinal distinctives working to define me as part of somebody's small group, rather than our knowing one another in every place as One in Christ. Yet now being in Christ, Love has become indispensable for us, even as "the goal of our instruction is love..." Praying for people today who have been misled or confused to think our Love of God as discretionary. When you assemble, thanking God in Christ that Love has come to be in us pinnacle. Faith, Hope, and the greatest of these, Love; to God, and-also toward my neighbor.
[Romans 8:28; I Timothy 1:5; I John 4:19]

Pastor appreciation, excommunication, and a loveless salvation... a few examples of "the old" attempting to impersonate all that Christ has made new.


morph-white great blue heron riding atop an automobileIn Florida, young white-morph Great Blue Herons seem to enjoy a brief ride atop slow-moving cars.

Arriving at Orlando, as I went to lie down, soon realizing that there were a number of tree roots beneath the chosen spot, and thinking to get up again and move to a smoother area. But, I must've then fallen asleep upon them, and in the morning I was awakened very refreshed, with no pain or discomfort. Giving thanks to God! Our roots in Christ are breaking through, and although they appear to warrant discomfort, The Root of Christ is refreshing.

Good to be greeting Matt at Orlando, as the Spirit is reviewing among us the manner of obedience that the Father desires in His children. How He anticipates the intrinsic Love of His Son responding by obedience, rather than grinding out His word or law as a set of instructions. All to the final goal of our instruction: Love from a pure heart and clean conscience and sincere faith. Striving to enter His rest; letting Jesus do the heavy lifting in the One relationship that is able to estrange us from our old rebellion and fears.
[I Timothy 1:5]

journey map

Greet the saints with you!

May you receive in Christ faith to discerning the wholeness of the body of Christ.
May you receive in Christ His wisdom above philosophy & reasonings.
May you receive in Christ faith to walk in His Spirit.
May you receive in Christ compassion to be forgiving of men & women.
May you receive in Christ faith to going as He is going, appointing as He is appointing.

The Lord is Risen!
Marshall Diakon

346-707-4757  [US]
skype: diakonii

Journey replies
   & ekklesia Prayer

  ---from USA-AL
What a pleasure to be reminded of the simplicity of the Christ-Life.

  ---from USA-CA
May the Lord continue to bless you along your journey! It is a pleasure to hear that Father is doing a mighty work in His ekklesia across the country.

  ---from MALAYSIA
Pray for me as I seek God on starting Miri Simple Church, especially for persons who are not attending any churches at the moment.

  ---from USA-SC
We recently left a Baptist setting to be coming together as ekklesia. Pray for the gathering here to be receiving direction by the Spirit and Word of God.

  ---from TANZANIA
Pray for our many neighbors who are suffering sickness and conditions of poor health that tend to go neglected.

  ---from USA-LA
Pray for brother Ralph who is testifying of Christ and giving warnings from a traditional church pulpit where his words are falling upon hard ground. Pray him full clearance and in power to confronting deadness & wickedness & deception with the Way and the Truth and the Life.

  ---from SPAIN
A tough assignment for us coming to the Orgiva area, that is well known for it's cosmopolitan population & the large number of hippie/new age people there. We are looking forward to the challenge though. Prayers for us.

  ---from USA-FL
Pray for us as we meet together to be learning and doing the Scriptures, and to inviting Jesus among us; to praise Him much more highly than repeating "praise you". May God, by His Spirit, help each one to be doing those things that the Son in bringing and the Spirit is instructing


The Journey 2014 - part 2

Dear brothers & sisters among the ekklesia,
Winter sojourn in Florida, sighting just one citrus grove. Like to One body that is together of heart and mind with Christ as Head. Travel and pray with me to the joy of the Father…


Meeting David, Debi, Selah, Uriah, Mercy, Sid, Angelica, and as David is expressing hope that men & women who today may be blaming religious systems, are not dodging their responsibility to be listening to the Good Shepherd's call. He was also quick to remind us in how we had been called to repent, and not narrowly to repent from sins. Selah, who is about 6 years old, following & participating with words shared this day.
early map of Tampa Bay, with ekklesia lighthousesYet near jeopardy, Tampa's premise of "big is bad" cannot sustain them. May all and together be knowing Christ as He is --- far greater than religious forms scaled-down. So persists our prayer for Tampa.


Crossing Tampa Bay into Clearwater, and on to Pinellas Park where Don Fizell is relating to me, from his backyard, how people's preferences had partnered with little-faith so to eventually unravel 20+ years of coming together. Recalling works of grace and power of the Spirit; the lure and tragedy of welcoming conformity; for faith without hypocrisy; avoiding the replacement of system with agenda; how much of Christ do we want? Riding 7 miles west, and there to a small gathering at Seminole with a high-water mark in test of faith: perplexed, but not despairing, a few faithful remaining here and loving one another.
[II Corinthians 4:8; I Timothy 1:5]


In Bradenton, there had once been a gathering at Ben's house, and so I went to see Ben and to ask of his welfare. Ben could well be Simon, as a fisherman; a crabber (stone crab, blue crab) and a man who has come to believe by the power of God. On his doorstep, he briefly told me how the Spirit had drawn 32 together, and of another brother suggesting that so many was then just too many. Instead of awaiting consensus in the Spirit of Christ with a packed house, the sheep were soon divided as men, and scattered thereafter.
church building on a lorry
As one of the brothers is pointing out, much apathy is accumulating here. Seeing apathy as a cause for division becomes enough to make the heart ache. Only God yet knows what will become of a field previously sown with spiritual seed of GMO variety… reports outlining various experiments performed upon ekklesia in Florida. With the Amazon pulpit shadowing, epitaphs to be recounted into our sorrows.

Scot & Rita at Bradenton host a gathering on Sunday mornings, and it was here that our shared advance began to bloom victory over offenses. Made together as the Family of God in Christ, no personal offense can be demanding license to perturb us. Yet, our brother was being tugged back toward the fleshly mind… anxious… self-concerned… Being among these soldiers in faith for 1 month, fighting together in prayer and in Word. It was at Bradenton that another brother being moved to the battle, began more boldly speaking words of The Truth and Life from the Father. Yet moments later, he is overheard asking his wife if he had done right with his speaking. Even to the Salvation of this brother with his family, may they soon walk in faith without doubting the Word of the One who Lives, as The Father is saying, "He who is conquering shall be enjoying this allotment, and I shall be God to him and he shall be a son to Me. Yet the timid/cowardly, and unbelievers, and the abominable ones, and murderers, and prostitutes/sell-outs, and those drugging, and idolaters, and all the false ones --- their portion is in the lake burning with fire and sulfur which is the second death." Visiting the Tampa Bay area with caveat for the timid ones. Christ in you, if He be your own: He is not a tinman; He is not a cowardly lion.
[Revelation 21:7-8]

Visiting for Bible study with a few families at John's house along the Manatee River, and as John is teaching from 1st John about Salvation in Christ without fellowship with God. How may this be? Our brother's source on his lap tonight is a study outline prepared for John bar Zebedee's long-treasured letter. Being aware how Bible learning can be tilted toward whatever we wish or imagine, as today it remains a prevalent mode by Protestant pulpits toward tailored teachings --- something that ekklesia has at times been held in suspect. But truly, the council of Christ would till no ground for sowing of doctrinal distinctives or so-called practical theology. If we had been together as ekklesia, our teacher tonight might have been promptly reproved for offering divisive reasonings. Not to say on that night the younger John quite understood the gravity of misstep. Many within the sphere of weak-end church systems have been scammed to trust sects, schools & scholarship (such are the works of men) as their acceptable or requisite portion in Christ. May God keep us!

Sects [αιρεσεις: airs; preferences; heresies] are among the works of the flesh mentioned by letter to Christ-followers in the ancient region of Galatia. As we have received Christ, no longer to be factioning His body --- or dividing the mind. Paul is writing, "it must be that there are sects among y'all, that the tested ones may be becoming apparent in/among you". There are brothers in many places proving skillful in Christ to disabling schism traps. Not to forcing opinions, but toward our carrying forward in the confidence and sound mind of Christ. Such as at Tallahassee, where on one day it was brought forward how Jesus is praying in the garden "if You be willing/intending, take this cup from Me"; of how the Father in lovingkindness has been to forgiving men long before sending His Own Lamb to Jerusalem to be sacrificed… Among the splinters of Protestantism, speaking such things can easily rekindle division beneath a catalyst such as Augustinian theology --- but not so for Christ, in Whom we all stand together.
[I Corinthians 11:18-19; Colossians 1:17]

Even from the 2nd century, without receiving of the power of God in them, religious & philosophic men have presumed to elevate teachings rather than Christ. to example, the formalization of baptism… βαπτιζοντες, "dipping" fashioned as a doctrine, had many fussing over how wet you get and/or if anyone was qualified to help you bathe, or even the exactness of words spoken regarding. Millions divided over baptisms becomes mere fallout in the Adversary's scheme to have the function of baptism obscured. It's still written in Simon Peter's letter, of water baptism as an appeal to God for a good/clean consciousness. But you may hardly know it was written so, for all the schism that church systems have embraced.
[II Timothy 4:3-4; I Peter 3:18-21]

Consciousness. Did you catch that? Your συν-ειδη-σεως points to the sum and collective-chorus of your physical senses/perception. Ah, but my Bible several times has this word in English rendered "conscience", and maybe once as "consciousness" [ref: Hebrews 10:2, NASB; RCV; Amp…]. Yes, there is some history behind… as supposition of ethics and moral philosophy progressed upon Christianity thru the 19th century, conscience was reaching to infer moral conscience. However, philosophy notwithstanding, the "ειδη" describes what arrives thru physical senses; our together-perception.

What is our Father up to, graciously bringing within His child a good/clean consciousness? This is about the way we perceive the world around us. Without His cleansing renewal of our means to sensibility, many false and conflicted impulses continue to ricochet in while we are among convoluted throngs and thralls of daemons & humanity. If not for Christ in us, we might mistakenly perceive a stranger where there is a brother/sister; fraudulently be sensing "I'm not loved"; lack awareness for the governing hand of God; false or fail to sense life's purpose all around; suffer confusion that masks and mocks genuine needs… deferred & contaminated senses obscuring reality, and so to building a virtual library of erroneous associations within a man or woman. Many personal offenses gain their impetus via a false/distorted awareness. Remember the expression, "reality check"? Yes, Our Father knows our desperate need to be perceiving things as they truly are, and as Peter is writing to remind of the priceless freedom and transformation for which men make their appeal to God. I thank God for His power to refresh the senses!
[I Timothy 1; Hebrews 9:14]

Steve and I would visit others in the Bradenton area, and-also travel 50 miles NNE to Riverview, where the saints gathered together toward listening for the voice of God, the One faithful in what He has revealed. Well worthy a bit of travel time to be greeting the ekklesia at Riverview.


at Sarasota brother Marc is sharing, That we may participate in the divine nature of Jesus. Not by the accumulation of Bible knowledge, yet by the knowledge in Him. Taking in His Life that we may be speaking His Life. Miracle at Sarasota, how this gathering seamlessly transitioned out of a book study. Thanking Father to be observing consensus, in joy, and faith to be pressing thru, with eyes fixed upon Jesus. As in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, OKC, and other regions, strengths of grace at Sarasota, Riverview, Bradenton, Seminole --- throughout the Tampa Bay area, best shared among and toward the building up of one another, and in all to the glory of God in Christ.

big birthday cake in the sky
Upon entering a home in central Florida, you may remove your shoes --- if doing so is to your comfort. Florida presents culture that celebrates the happiness of the individual. While in Lakeland, spotting this large cake in the sky (with antennae dressed to look like candles).

Also at Lakeland, meeting the Ross Family, for decades building a life-story of faith in God while about a traveling ministry, yet gradually lured to this present world's system: abiding physicians willing to be crafting aches & pains into chronic medical conditions --- the feeding of trust in men, where their had previously been faith-trust in God. I am cautioned even to perceiving the effect of Social Security [retirement plan] in supplanting our Father's life plan & provision for His children. Brothers, sisters, know that the world around us is system-governed in the primary objective of your shipwreck apart from Christ.
[Jeremiah 17:5; Romans 8:13; Proverbs 11:28; 28:26]


Rain in Florida is to filling 11 million acres of wetlands. Following 2 days of downpour, arriving in Titusville. Parking the bicycle in the palm forest beneath the stars, I was awakened just before midnight to a man standing at my feet. Justice appeared as if lost on the trail. From the torch in my pocket, I was showing him what led to a cull-d-sac at our left, and then upon the narrow path at our right. He chose to the right, thanking me for help. Settling in again, I wondered also for the simplicity in pointing men along the path of Christ.

At a Bible study in Titusville, urging brothers to revise from offering opinion, and so rather be speaking the oracles of God. At Melbourne, with James Dinsmore on the telephone telling me how he had hosted a home fellowship for 2 years, but now wanting nothing more to do with God or Christianity: caveat in well-meaning attempts of unbelieving men to serve God, then soon failing and hating Him. The simple church movement had rushed thousands into a practice of faith without first having Christ surely; the movement inviting many to be launching out with their own simple churches. Today, SC emphasis intently trended toward women, yet with similar outcome: unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor are acting in vain. We are urging everywhere the brothers & sisters to continue sowing good seed of the Word, like Father is doing; always anticipating Christ as The Builder of His ekklesia; welcoming The Master as Head of His living stones.
[Luke 8; II Corinthians 9:9-11]


Returning to Orlando, confirming 3 remaining. Now into southeast Orlando, meeting at Mike & Diane's house. Their experience in community forming alongside a missions agency located next-door. On this day, they shared together in Christ of having no confidence in the flesh; "have Your way with me"; how movements can feel like effort while actually amounting to our laziness; trusting God throughout the scale of our challenges along the Road to Jericho.
[Philippians 3:3; Luke 10:29-37]

Greet the saints with you!

  or, keep pace journeying together at Odio

May you receive in Christ faith to complementing every facet of Christ's body.
May you receive in Christ Father's cleansing for good perception.
May you receive in Christ great hope in His Spirit.
May you receive in Christ freedom from clinging to preferences.
May you receive in Christ faith to going as He is going, overcoming as He is overcoming.

The Lord is Risen!
Marshall Diakon

346-707-4757  [US]
skype: diakonii
Journey replies
   & ekklesia Prayer

  ---from USA-CA
So good to hear from you and to receive report of the ekklesia. All is well here as God shows Himself strong among us. We are seeing noticeable changes among the disciples as the Lord Jesus completes the work He began in them. It is very exciting for us. "Be exalted, oh Lord, in Your strength, and we will sing and praise Your power" (Psalm 21:13)

  ---from USA-OH
Thank for keeping me updated on your path with the Lord and on how the Spirit is moving in the home churches. As you are seeing it is a rare find when a church maintains the apostle's teachings and patterns. That teach Jesus Christ as life and our source for all things. Our home church could not maintain those precious things so is no longer together. You keep the faith and finish the race. Teach and encourage the brethren along the Way. Grace be with your spirit.

  ---from USA-PA
Thank you, Marshall for sharing this much needed truth. I don't think people realize, that in the Home Fellowship/Home Church, it is not only liberating from legalism and man-made rules & regulations, but gives us such a rare opportunity to worship in its purest form as the NT church started out.

  ---from Europe
Good to hear from you and I trust you are well and blossoming in the Lord. Thanks for the heads up on your travels.

  ---from USA-FL
I am just reading over the letter you sent regarding the church in various faith communities. Wow. both an encouragement and an indictment.

  ---from USA-OK
We would now have God's plan carried thru prayers into our knowledge and understanding of His for purpose for our Fellowship together. What a joy to serve such an awesome God!

  ---from USA-HI
May Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ provide safety, peace and provisions for your journeys. You are an inspiration for this home church and my self. Be encourage and having done all Stand! Keep on Keeping On, Peace unto the Brethren.

  ---from USA-IL
Your words continue to sharpen, encourage and inspire me. … I must admit that I covet your adventures and your willing bravery just a little bit. I pray that if the Lord calls me to go out in some manner as you have, that I will be as willing.

  ---from South Africa
Pray that we may be given a hunger & burning desire to fellowship more closely with Jesus.

  ---from USA-OH
Pray for us as we embark on this God thing called the ekklesia, which we do not want to touch with our own hands, but are a part of by His grace.

  ---from USA-CA
Father, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I pray for your ekklesia all over the world; especially those in the trenches doing the work you have called them to do. Let your light penetrate this dark and dying world with a renewed understanding of the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the power of you Holy Spirit give your church and a new understanding of the simple truths you would have us understand. Guide your church into full maturity until the return of our Savior.

  ---from the Phillipines
thanks brothers and sisters in the Lord for this encouraging update from your end. Please continue to pray for us here in Tagum, that the birthing of a true simple and organic house church will come soon, a ministry that will be used by God for the deliverance of many who are in bondage with the power of darkness. The Lord Jesus through His Spirit will soon find a way for us to have a gathering. God be with us always.

  ---from USA-PA
The Spirit of God is stirring in me to the gathering of the ekklesia. Pray as we receive direction, for both me and my wife.


The Journey 2014 - part 3

After our last meeting friends in Christ along Florida's space coast, journey with us among echoes and ekklesia in the US southeast: into north Jacksonville, being greeted warmly by Chuck Riggleman and a larger small-group at his home, exploring how our relationship with Christ, day or night, is key to distinguishing the yolk He is bearing with us from other ropes & chains. Soon after, a visit to a VCF/Vineyard event with John Wimbur's daughter, reminding how the vital Spirit of Christ is too often held hostage outside the doorway of religious minimums. A few days later, with brothers at a village called Bayard, considering the cost and outcome of community in Christ. Sunday, greeted to the Dudley ranch, as the Spirit is urging us beyond our intellectual pattern of knowing about Him, that we might truly know Christ alive and in us.

At Jax (local short for Jacksonville), cautioned to see a man's knowledge rush beyond his faith. Like a grand sailing ship, tall-masted and bearing little wind for its sails; the oaring crew soon exhausted with frustration on-deck; navigation gradually giving way to drift. Here meeting Gene Edwards and the few who still come together, to perceiving the "Summer Tree" community had formed intentional community plum atop would-be faith community, so declining beneath the framework of methodology and promise broken. If I'm following alongside someone who is unable to trust God with me, so fragile will be our relationship. Confidence in Christ being essential to our confronting challenges together! Faith declared by men can encourage and inform us, yet faith-trust comes out from a tiding heard, and-of the tiding through a declaration/rhema from The God. Later at Richmond, I would be meeting someone who so much reminded me of Gene. Pray for the elder folk, and as we are encouraging them to be pressing forward, alongside, in Christ --- no longer clinging to worthless or partial things. May no wineskin among the ekklesia lapse to old.
[Luke 5:37-39; Romans 10:17; I Thessalonians 3:8; Hebrews 5:12]

Experiencing an "all day" living parable while leaving Florida. US Hwy 17, and the bridge to Georgia is out. Apparently, it has been closed for more than a year: it's being repainted. Before I came near the old bridge, foolishly heeding a red bicycle detour sign; then after 15 miles, 95F degrees and out of water, resolved to annul that sign. Later, maps suggesting how this detour for bicycles would have taken me ~100 miles roundabout! Midday under +90% relative humidity, Father was merciful to be showing me a water spicket outside a "church with a big heart" Baptist denomination building. At first, their water ran clear. After a couple of waterbottle fills, the flow then turned putrid. Returning, approaching the old bridge, a man called out to me, warning me of the bridge being closed, and informing me that I would be permitted to use the I-95 freeway to cross over Saint Mary's River by bicycle. (memo: throughout the eastern US States, bicycles are not permitted on interstate freeways.)

The good water, turned bad at that cottage country Baptist property reminds me of how many start out fresh, then soon after tapped into a milky-muck of faith-via-institution. At Jacksonville, encountering some convinced that an ekklesia must be brought together and guided by a worker. Saints at Colossi may have lacked an apostle or worker before Paul is later writing to greet them. Some men also from here denying such as a Damascus Road experience for souls. We are cautioned for tradition building so rampant in the well-intended patterns of men, and for those launching out from any system-borrowed hermeneutic. Our Father is not submitting into their boxes. Much rather we trust the Holy Spirit to the working of His teaching. Instruction or training may come by way of a "teacher", while our learning must be enabled in & thru the Spirit of the Living God. Method-as-requisite, so obviously refuted throughout the Acts of the Apostles, cleverly redirecting even hopeful men far out of the Way, even as this US highway 17 detour nearly took me! Hypocrisy so often becoming the ends of methodology; hypocrisy in men who speak or write beautiful things that they themselves are not so abiding. Yet, the old bridge is out. A year-long closure just for a new coat of paint?! This reminds of religion shutting people out from Christ by taking a long-interest in appearances of operations. Then I received a good word that I would be able to go across the River expressly and despite a system of legality to otherwise detour me. So also is the evangel (good word) we bring in Christ --- the One expressly our all in all. By Him we can welcome every faithful servant of His, and without nursing a systematic plan or bridge closed.
[Matthew 19:14; James 3:11]


Yes, at Brunswick, a faithful little small group visibly holding honor among a large table of IC pastors from the area. While there, I spent a workday with brother Carl as we went about town repairing people's furniture. Carl's journey is to all enduring together (now more than 10 years). While at Brunswick, also perceiving a Southern work ethic robbing men and families of their allotment in Kingdom Life.

smallest church in AmericaWhen we would be building what God has already established, the best outcome we can hope for is a replica; a doll house rendition of the real thing. Before coming to Savannah, Father had prepared a little sight-seeing… North of Brunswick along Hwy 17, at South Newport, "Smallest Church in America". Illustrated from this country spot, minimal building bulk equating to emptiness. Yet by contrast, size of a small ekklesia need not reflect a token or vacancy.

In southern Georgia, colorful painted curtains on some of the resident's windows. As from journey 2006, northeastern Florida and far-southern Georgia raising images of little in this present world.

The New Church of Christ in Unity sign presenting a gospel of moralismA sign further along on US 17, "Jesus is the way to a better life", announcing a gospel of moralism. In truth, Jesus is the Way to the Life of the Father. We are not unaware for how false gospels continue to post & pulpit throughout pagan Christianity.

Recently, our sister Deborah being overheard: ekklesia is not a social club or a version of a PBS educational channel. It is not even a social services agency: it is of the very Body of Christ in which we now live and breathe and move and have our being.


At Savannah with Bobby Auner, to discovery that a number had been set back across town when weakness & division was permitted to prevail. Bobby's family is to joy beyond description. Yet, something is restraining their confidence in Christ. Riding downtown to 54th to be visiting a group curious by their specialization: a technical focus upon spiritual things. Thanking Father how they seem to know where faith ought be taking them, and as we must depend upon Him to effecting faith. A prayer, that we may together avoid spiritism taking hostage of souls who would see themselves heir-apparent to late 20th century revivalism.


The outcome of the gospel is our adoption into the Family of God. With David Gregory for a few days at West Columbia, surprised to be watching him ardently pursuing the desires of the flesh and the love of money, and this at ~75 years of age. Vanity from a man's youth seldom retires without first succumbing to the transforming work of Christ. That the Holy Spirit might be remaining upon the man! ekklesia at Columbia, though small, enlivened into the Love of God, and aware for one another. Yet David is here assuming that we're against him through our asking him to step away from danger and to faith-trust in Christ for all. Hearing of David's children similarly being sold into the world, we mourn the death of the Gregory family; yet aware our God is still able to revive and raise the dead --- the only One able to bring a man to turn and live.

You went through the years telling your friends, your neighbors and your relatives how you have trust in your banker, your savings, your work, your credit, your pension, their generosity… everything instead of Me.
You don't actually know Me, do you?

Weatherman boasting no chance for rain Tuesday night at Winsboro, but Father said Yes and at 1:30 AM I am awakened to thunder. No time to save the bedding; dashing drenched beneath a truck trailer as lightning strikes above me shake the earth. 10 minutes further, and all is calm again. Returning to discover that only a fringe of my blanket is damp. No means to explain this, but to be offering thanks to Almighty God.


In 2007, we began corresponding with Jeffrey & Alina Parrott, as they set out to journeying across the US States. In that year, Jeffrey had written:

My confession has been 'no matter what circumstances may come or how my emotions may scream I trust you Father.' My life and mindset has been changing significantly! Daily we seek. I have found this is a key to the Kingdom. Everything we do is through faith. 'It is impossible to please God without faith.'
[Hebrews 11:6]

2009 with their arrival in South Carolina, then hearing from Jeffrey less often, reluctantly acknowledging that he may have set his hands to building with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble. Now 5 years after, greeting Jeffrey in-person, and to know what, or who, had been building since? No longer itinerant, Jeffrey had struck a deal with his own fatigue, paving the path to discontent over the pace & provision of our Father, and then erecting a church sanctuary, complete with fundraising and various on-going appeals toward motivating people for labor and contributions. This short-fall example also speaks about confusing what our Father is doing ('Acts-in-motion') with what He is building. We are to doing (acts) the things He is doing, while He is to building (with Living Stones). Do we fully recognize the import of our child-Parent relationship with Father? Moving from the old covenant shadows and promise, to the new covenant reality has taken us out of the old building business, even so that ideally we may edify (build-up) one another. In Christ, the dedicated sanctuary of God has been moved off the sand and into the flesh of His children. Marvelous are His works! How could we come to resent or despise His Providence?
[I Corinthians 3:10-13; I Peter 2]


The Rogers home welcoming on a Saturday night, sharing food together at Lake Wylie on the Carolina's border, southwest of Charlotte. Here being encouraged to moving away from complacency. brother Joel had recently received diagnosis of a fatal lung condition, and on this night the Spirit of Christ bringing restoration in Joel's body, for which we rejoiced memorably. Rising up to take the shofar, Joel lets go a blast into the heavens! Truly our Savior is to saving us!

We're more than 8 years late responding to an invitation from Greg & Helms at The Family Tree Hyaets community, and now David Johnson (from Rock Hill) is also coming alongside for morning prayer with young friends here. This is a place of love and perseverance. As an inner-city community, abundant opportunities present for helping neighbors and growing together in Christ. With a diligent love for others, extraordinary love for Jesus and His Father will be sustaining. Pray for The Family in His unfailing love.

Crossing this Queen City into northeast Charlotte, coming to meet the Knapp family who had heard a herald of Christ while in New York during the 70s Jesus Movement, and having since encountered some who were wanting to return to the Law (rather than Christ) as our Source. Notably curious regarding the faceted history of house church, Don & Elizabeth were welcoming and thoughtful toward each encouraging word we might bring. Charlotte is being slow to permit dialogue as ideal over the old monologue practices of philosophers and sectarian religion, and to consequence of minimal learning. By this, I am witnessing tendency to be reviewing the past, rather than knowing Christ in the present. Remember also this house for courage to receiving the new while releasing the old.


no waterCaveat for the house making their walk into isolation, with families bathed in fear. At High Point, just outside Greensboro, Dustin came along with his bicycle to visiting another brother nearby whom I had hope to be greeting in the Lord. Arriving to hear that Ron had taken his grandchildren to a forest park for the day, and Dustin is inviting me to be returning to his home come evening. Later that day and after seeing Ron, I did go back by the urging of the Spirit, though Dustin was strangely unsettled at my returning, and after I had departed in joy the following day, he is openly bowing to fears and requisites of convenience. Greensboro furnishing a living parable [ref: Matthew 25]: Would we also be inviting of Jesus, while remaining unprepared in heart or household to be receive Him? For this cause, appealing to God for those gathered at Greensboro to be receiving full revelation of Christ. Cannot miss the caveat, even to hearing reports from various places about civil servants fearing for their own lives. If our intention were to continue in the fear of men, or to requiring that men honor us, what then have we to do with Christ?

At Thomasville, ekklesia meeting in simplicity and as the Spirit is bringing us to confessing short-falls and what had become a growing frustration: a witness to the hurting people in a community where the primary manufacturing industry (furniture) had suffered a crushing near-death beneath the so-called subprime banking/government speculative noose circa 2007-to-present. We are perceiving the enslaving scheme of debt enticement throughout the land; blanket unemployment payments taking their hold, overlaying more dependency --- this upon hand-outs from friends and social programs alike. How to help neighbors despairing and rapidly losing a little-hope wish for the return of wage slavery? Being moved forward by God out of this night, together at table, acknowledging with Christ His design of man, and how humans don't function well as lifetime individuals or independent of Him. Jesus in you and me is humbling Himself to be serving and coming alongside the weak; to be evoking the wisdom that is from above; patient with all. In Christ, we have access to understanding beyond all the present world can muster. We are equipped in Him to be honest and enduring by way of Loving our neighbor. To inquire reflectively with a neighbor, "What is it that you truly need?" In all things to be responding as Christ. Refreshed by His revelation, encouraged, giving thanks to God.

RALEIGH of The Triangle

Throughout the land, there can be heard the calling of Christ, and this amidst a weekly cattle call along the path of folly. As Pieter (from South Africa) is writing: "The institutional system is like a religious fog that blinds us to the things that God wants to reveal to us through the Holy Spirit (cf. 1 Cor 2:9)." This 1800-year fog has been sculpted by the cunning of darkness under purpose of hiding the children away from their own health and maturity while masking practices of pagan "Christian church". Thanks be to our Father, His messengers bringing out thousands each week into the Light of His Day! Soon approaching, where men of faith will no longer be handing themselves and their children into the hoppers of another religious franchise for sake of cozy talk, "good works" or a false gospel. In that day, more tears will be for joy!

moth that finds these brick buildingsAt Holly Springs, with David and Rob and family sharing dinner together and a little of our journey; our own deaths and providential exits out of religious system. On to Fuquay-Varina, meeting Randy Jordan. As Father enabled, we would rendezvous with Randy for a number of visits in the Raleigh area. Randy's on-going record of visits among Christ-followers here serving to drawing all together. Sunday in Raleigh, visiting a transitional gathering as we mark the character & confidence that we have received in Christ. Monday night, Relationship Over Religion at a pizza sports bar, where we're tackling several God over mammon stories shared; how the Spirit of Christ is delivering us from fears about being without money. Wednesday night at Tom's house, with evidence & account of overcoming fears; freedom from psychotropic drugging; health that follows faith-trust in the Great Physician --- It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Being at table together, and rejoicing among the ekklesia to share news of the grace and power of our God in a few places, and then the hour so soon becoming late. Reminded of our deepest desire to abide in the Vine; to be knowing The Lamb of God; to be known by Him. The marvel of His direct and His victory translating us through each new day, renewing our minds, joining our hearts by His own. Into the next week, and lunch together at Steve's house. Joy and thanksgiving for all the Spirit of God has been establishing within the saints who shine His Light to Raleigh area. His calling out, drawing together. Though a few, yet learning obedience through any suffering. The revelation of Christ among them to His glory! Faith, hope and Love. Abandoning of former religious & social plans; receiving grace to be patient with all men. Honored to have greeted these brothers & sisters, along with a number just now becoming learners of Christ that they also may have eyes for only Him and be entering into His Life.
[Galatians 5:1]

Greet the saints with you!

  or, keep pace journeying together at Odio

May you receive in Christ joy to complementing every facet of Christ's body.
May you receive in Christ His freedom from methodology.
May you receive in Christ full faith and bold confidence in Him.
May you receive in Christ every prayer to His glory.

The Lord is Risen!
Marshall Diakon

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Journey replies
   & ekklesia Prayer

  ---from USA-PA
thank you so much for sharing. It is good to be able to hear of what is going on in other Home Fellowships/Churches. We need to remember to pray for each other... it's vital. We've been blessed with a united fellowship for 7 years…

  ---from USA-CA
Pray for us, as we strive to be good disciples of the King of kings and Lord of lords, and strive in reaching out to the vast city called Los Angeles.

  ---from Tajikistan
Pray as girls from our home are helping other girls that are in the streets and we gather girls together twice a week from the streets, to feed and help, also guys from the streets.

  ---from USA-NC
We pray for our brothers and sisters meeting today across town.

  ---from USA-MI
After reading the latest report of the churches in Florida and your journeys my heart burns in a way I am trying to comprehend. I seek to know Christ in the depths perceiving as He is and knowing as He knows, being one possessing a clean consciousness free from all of the opinion of man including my own, not being timid but bold in Christ to live before Him and let Him love through me. May the glory of Christ continue to be manifest ever more in His body. Amen!

  ---from Tanzania
Please pray for the Church that meets at Mariam's house [Mathare slums, Nairobi, Kenya]. They are sharing their faith, their food and they are in need. They are joyful, but they are in great need.

  ---from USA-LA
So good to hear from you. Enjoy your letters always. Any plans to come back through Baton Rouge area? ... We are also eager to reunite with our family in Christ Jesus again soon down in the Bayou country south of New Orleans. They are dear saints and have continued in the Lord since we left in 2010. Still planting and making disciples for Jesus here. It is a slow go. This is a very religious area and harder to break through with the Gospel than it is with a formally Catholic background. But we continue in His strength. Be of good cheer and Trust in the Lord and do good.

  ---from USA-OK
Pray for Carlous Jackson and Pastor Mac, two servants of Christ in prison.

  ---from USA-FL
Thanks for the encouraging words of God and the reminders of sufficiency in Him. Praying for you and the body today.

  ---from USA-CA
God bless you and keep you on your journey. May his light shine brightly within you as you minister righteousness and love to the children of God.

  ---from Canada
if you're ever up in southern canada, please come by for a visit…

  ---from USA-VA
Prayer for the ekklesia in the USA to be rising above growing fear and turbulence in American-western society.

  ---from USA-DE
We are currently gathering together in our home as a family of the Family of God. Pray that we may be coming together with others who live nearby and know the simplicity that is in Christ.

The Journey 2014 - part 4 - IN PRAYER

Knowing not of the storm approaching Orlando, Florida, You brought me from that place to Steve, in Deland. Steve doesn't so much see you as "Father" and he says, "Never before has the world been in such a great need to reason.." so thinking the logos to be in the distribution of human reason, afraid for what all is coming to earth; dying beneath the same fears that Your True Logos has since swept away from my soul.

children confront knight of the religious realmAll that You arranged in Jacksonville, like a parable to Your Household this day. At Chuck's home, a few meeting together who wish to enjoy you as Father though yet without the full-but-light burden Your Son has unpacked for our shoulders: the burden of Love and to the war above. Paradox, how-that You send Your children to the forefront of conflict as more courageous than knights! Out of the mouth of little children and sucklings You founded strength, and this on-account of Your foes, to cause them to cease from being an enemy avenger. [Psalm 8:2]

One child believes that all his shortfalls and misdeeds are forgiven before he finishes them, consequently finding little purpose in what You had John writing-out: about confessing and being forgiven [I John 1:9]. His younger brother, whom he says that he loves, reacting to set aside the words You put to writing --- resolving against how men everywhere have so pervasively spoken so-as to misinterpret the Bible, often to contradicting You (and one another) --- young Vincent wants to be done with it, and a child will die. You see this our unbelief -- as if You're not seeing all we do. Later You would help me know Your strength at Jacksonville. Surrounded by the mirrors of religious and social systems, encompassed nearer by Your messengers, we walked together through Brunswick, Savannah, Charlotte, Raleigh...

Make it possible, I would ask, for us to leave the rebellion of Catholicism and Protestantism and other -isms without adding more rebellion to theirs. Sandy Hook and Chesterfield, Virginia, bristling with the stubbornness of man, to having Your assembly as we want it, and this beneath the cause of proving Your ekklesia legitimate in our interpretive eyes... because we trusted in what we know, rather than in getting to knowing You. Doubting Your providence, and yet You spoke mercy to the man fearing for his own. Day by day, I mark Your patience with us all as profound, Father, and today I heard my brother Clark, Building on Christ Jesus and not the reasons you left.

You're taking me up to Luray in the Appalachia for a winter season. Recalling that abandoned sub-prime house in La Pine, Oregon... where the tenants had left its rooms full of family things heaped like trash into the corners and hallways. You know that Brandon and Tia want You to meet them within the rubble of their own expectations, and for the weeks of struggle while I was coming to You with appeals that You might set them free from those deceiving bonds. There was also elder Gordon at Edinburg, insisting You said what You hadn't, building pious systems; men and women not perceiving how You are here with us now. Chilly December among the disbelief. Through all, You opened doors and furnished to confront snares and confession of men in old wineskin at Woodstock.

Returning to Thomasville and the Piedmont of North Carolina, You then took me to witness the Carty arrested assembly at High Point, where Your Good News had years before been pared and amended by a missionary to producing sterility and a termination in my generation. How many have planted as-like this? Surely You know. Later at the Ezzard house, Stantonsburg, the Carty Pattern haunting their small group into stasis.

Trojan HorseCaught in the falling snow half-way to Raleigh, while You are hearing my prayer --- You are melting the ice away. An honor to be returning so soon in Your appellation, and right on into a fight to the death. At first, Fight Church appeared to me as-if to be ready for the battle. One that these young people would lose. Bill Long was packing the clumsy gear of latent systematic theology, along with a friendly-fire munition of criticism for the inefficiencies of his fellow soldiers. He might have elsewhere been a mercenary? It was heartbreaking to see encouragements and admonitions bounce off the man. Eventually, Bill would find militant space with a parachurch sect. You did this. You saw the tactical blunder all along, and-as I was late to be perceiving outcome. Bill's institutional underpinnings becoming the Trojan sabotage that reconstructs confidence in self. Defeated before he ever really got to Fight. The camaraderie of fellowship fallen. His friend, Garth moving from disorderly to AWOL. No doubt Your enemies rather prefer that children fall hard like this.

As You had arranged to show Your overriding purpose in the ages, April 5th became the day for a few from the Raleigh-Triangle area small gatherings to be coming together at Marsh Creek Park. Your Spirit prompting an invitation to walk over to anyone in the room for which there is need of any reconciliation. Shock and delight that day to see as many crossing the room! Steve has brought with him a homeless woman, Kathleen, testifying in strong reminders for our place as Christ's heart to the poor. Steve would later write, I think it was a particular blessing for Kathleen to see what real Christian community looks like. It was while in Raleigh that You brought me thru edit of the short video: John 17.

Ruth by the threshing floorTo the Cradock community of Portsmouth, and up to an attic apartment, where Don is hosting a few gathered. Was it only 4 hours? we acknowledged together cultural tangles to the message of Your Prince and His Kingdom in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Africa... East to West, to Your praise, men hearing of the greatest gift of Your Son for the world to know. Places where systems of theology fail as there exists no western cultural norm upon which to saddle or cradle Your Reality... so the love and life of Christ to triumph as coming in simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ [II Corinthians 11:3]. Small groups along the Chesapeake Bay not so-much seeing the need of Your bonding them together. Consequently You have allowed some among them to be coming apart. Disintegration; blowing these back on-to the dust from which they came. Your resolve to thoroughly clean Your threshing floor! Awe-full! Glorious!

Joy to be greeting Thomas and Richard at Chester, Virginia. The recount of how You brought them out from pastoring two churches. As has been said, "truth is stranger than fiction". Stepping into Your faithfulness. Thomas reminding of the ekklesia, "Let it be what it is." To getting our hands and plans off Your Son's reward for His suffering. To watch in wonder while you mold the clay together in the One blood of The Messiah, cleansing. After several years, organization was taking over where house church movements got their eyes off Your Son and, in fashion of the system, returning to the service of mammon. We lament with You how men wander out and in of what Thomas has called "the monster", counterfeits; she whom heaven shows as to be an unfaithful lady out riding in the night, despicable and grossly alluring. You are to showing Your children part to unfolding the mystery of all these things surrounding. We just got to be listening to You, since we've given all up to Your Son, The King of Kings. Next we're on journey to New England, and You know I would not go without You.

The Lord is Risen!
--marshall diakon

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journey replies:

  ---from AFRICA
Hello Diakon, thank you so much for sharing this. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  ---from EUROPE
Like you, we are saddened by those who set out well but end up in compromise and back in the system they know to be so much less than the Lord wants.

  ---from USA-NC
thanks for keeping us informed about your journeys through the country to encourage the Family.

  ---from USA-WA
So Good to hear from you, it's been a while. Reading of your observation of the body of Christ in your travels is like reading the book of acts in today's world. Really appreciate God leading you by our way.

  ---from CANADA
really good to receive your update! I am on a totally new learning curve now.

  ---from USA-CA
I would like to say a small prayer for the brothers and sisters of the Ekklesia all over the world; that we all be strong and endure the race set before us until the very end. And, that we may be worthy of overcoming the Enemy and his devices to distract us from trusting, believing and walking in faith with our Savior and each other.

  ---from USA-PA
God bless you brother in arms.

  ---from AUSTRALIA
Thank you for the update, brother Marshall. Always encouraged to hear how our Lord is restoring His church to the simplicity in Him.

  ---from EUROPE
Thanks for the update. Lots to digest. So will read it all more fully over the next few days. Will be praying that Our Father blesses you in all you do. May you know His favour, supply and divine appointments that open doors into both hearts and new areas of ministry.