(a parody-spoof)

Paul-touted Care Plan Is Dangerous To America

This is a dreadful story that you may not want to hear.

For the sake of the health of our economy, prayers should not be permitted to manipulate the results of important diagnostic tests or procedures. Physicians have a right to keep their patients and remain in business. Time caring for an ill friend, a parent or grandparent at home robs you of other paid work AND will continue to put convalescence, homecare and hospice employees into unemployment queues throughout America. This Country was founded on free choice, not free health.

Paul’s plan calls for “praying continuously”, as has been done in other parts of the world, where human corpses come to life, the lame stand up and walk without corresponding medical treatment, vision and hearing restored.. all the sort of thing that will make healthcare less accessible for the rest of us. This Paul is calling it by "keeping the faith" and “finishing the course”, by which I take it that we’ll be planning for our own deaths.

It is entirely inappropriate for healthcare to be ad-ministered this way across State AND National borders. Under this plan, we will be praying for people who are not U.S. citizens; who are not entitled to the benefit of our charity! The implication of so many practicing this medicine “by faith” without a license is just staggering! And, there will be a “prayer chain” to decide just how much healing you may receive.

Prayer and fasting can get between physician and patient. No patient should be forced out of a hospital or clinic and into wellness by the intentioned prayers of family, friends or enemies. Physicians should not have to face the loss of a client, or the stun and disappointment of a clear x-ray, an unexplained cure, or another canceled office visit.

Other absurdities from this plan:

  A God who will deliver your benefits to you.

  Denial of direct access to your wallet by health care professionals.

  Conversion of all your own health plans in the Exchange.

  The plan will ration your use of professional health care.

  Medicaid Eligible Individuals may receive grace by faith. No choice.

  Heaven will remind you what you should eat, drink, do.. that’s total control.

  A God who sets value of doctor’s time, profession, judgment, etc.

Do we need this in America?