Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship [serve] the LORD in the beauty of holiness.
Psalm 29:2

…it is written, “The Lord your God shall you be worshipping [serving], and to Him only shall you be offering divine service.”
Matthew 4:10; Luke 4:8; Deuteronomy 6:13

Jesus says, “How can you believe when you receive glory from one another, and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God?”
John 5:44

And great fear came upon the whole ekklesia/edah, and upon all who heard of these things.
Acts 5:11

He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the first-born from the dead; so that He Himself might come to have first place in everything. For it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him.
Colossians 1:18-19

We have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to Him.
I Corinthians 5:9

Beloved, if our heart should not be condemning us, we have boldness/confidence before God, and whatever we may be asking, we are obtaining from Him, for we are keeping His commandments and doing the things that are pleasing in His sight.
I John 3:21-22

Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show grace, by which we may offer to God divine/acceptable service with piety/reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire.
Hebrews 12:28-29

  from Mize, USA-MS
Lord Jesus please help me to maximize the use of time for Your glory.

from Ellijay, USA-GA
I pray that I may never ignore the glory of the spiritual warfare battlefield all around us. I spit on every form of godliness that denies the power.

Almighty Father, You make me absolutely blessed, complete, perfect and entirely lacking nothing in Jesus.

from Kearns, USA-UT
Trusting You, God, to put me in the best situation and place next year.

from Spokane Valley, USA-WA
My God hears my prayer. If not, where would I go?

from Gainesville, USA-FL
You, my God, can make a way where there seems no way.

from Fort Smith, USA-AR
"I kneel before the Father from whom His whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being," Ephesians 3:14-16

from Denver, USA-CO
This is the Freedom that only You can give! I am walking a free man no longer a slave to things passing away.

from Honolulu, USA-HI
In the early church, one of the favorite titles for Your Son was "Christos Nika", Anointed Victor! recognizing Jesus once for all victory over the power hold of sin and of death, by which He gave us the victory in all manner of challenging life situations. That is how I know Him.

from Jacksonville, USA-FL
A prayer this morning, without asking You for anything, but instead I thank You for Who You Are! Your deeds unmatched!

from Orlando, USA-FL
I give thanks unto the Lord! To call upon His name and make known His deeds among the people. [Psalms 105:1] You have blessed me with 22 years with great family, friends, and in health. You keep Your hand on me.

from Nairobi, KENYA
Faith without works is dead. We pray and act trusting that Yahweh has given us victory and that we are able to again serve Him.

We can prepare horses for the battle, but only You can give the victory. Proverbs 21:31

from Columbus, USA-OH
Just in prayer, the Holy Spirit reminding me that true happiness comes from Him even when my circumstance improves, if I place refuge in visual success, Satan will find ways to pervert and leave me empty. The Spirit of the Lord is the Well that never runs dry.

from USA-AL
When we pray, God is hearing and adjusting us to His good purpose and He is helping us see what He wants us to be doing.

You, Lord, do truly get me through some hard times.

from Cumming, USA-GA
You are the best listener! I don't need to scream or shout, because You can hear even the silent prayer of a sincere heart.

from Riviera Beach, USA-FL
Psalms 91:1 Today, I pray that I remember that I serve The God who never let my challenges overcome me. Father, because of Your Beloved Son, I will be triumphant and spread love and not hate.

from Oklahoma City, USA-OK
As soon as I pray, You answer me; You encourage me by giving me strength. Psalms 138:3

from Boston, USA-MA
I am praying more, thanking Him more. Seriously, Jesus keeps me grounded; He is my everything. No self help books.

from INDIA
You are Faithful. You never forsakes the righteous.

from Edmond, USA-OK
As soon as I pray, You answer me; You encourage me by giving me strength. Psalm 138:3

from Orlando, USA-FL
Jesus, I am unable yet to consider all that You have made me in You! You are glorious indeed!

from Elgin, USA-TX
It still amazes me, how if I just let You take control of a situation, You take care of everything! No need to worry about anything anymore.

from Gwynn Oak, USA-MD
God, You are great! You do miracles so great! There is no one else like You.

from Manchester, USA-MD
I love You, Lord, because You hear my voice and my prayer for mercy; because you bend down to listen. I will pray as long as I have breath!

from Norfolk, USA-VA
Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.

from Seattle, USA-WA
You know, Jesus, You have really showed me and lead me in everything. Im free yes indeed. I worship You. Yes, Lord, my Savior my Strenghth. I love You.

from Seattle, USA-WA
God, You are so beautiful. When i look around me I see beauty. God You're hand is in everything so i know im always looking at expressions of You.

from Seattle, USA-WA
I am restored by You, my God.

from Trenton, USA-TN
I have really enjoyed my garden this year... it is such a gift from You to be able to see Your hand in everything. What a great Creator You are!

from Ajmer, INDIA
God is opening doors to preach in Africa. Friends, do pray for travel mercies and for us in Ethiopia and Uganda later

from Sturgis, USA-MI
I have contemplated suicide again recently to finally end the flashbacks; but Jesus, you seem to have other plans for me. You intervened and flooded my memories with love and peace. Because of You, I am still standing and ready to face another day.

from Seattle, USA-WA
I confess I use to covet because I thought I wasnt good enough. Father, thank You.that I am in Your Son. I have beautiful gifts; graces You gave me to use for Your glory. Thank You, God, I gave my all to you; guide me in Jesus.

from Surabaya, INDONESIA
Lord, You will establish peace for us, for You have also done all our works in us (Isaiah 26:12)

Thank You, Almighty One. My God Is our economy! You, our Lord, who owns the "cattle on a thousand hills". You, Father, who calls all the gold and silver your own. To You our Provider, who stores up the wealth of the wicked to give to the righteous, Your Saints; we, the Body. "I Am", who delights in Your servants. To Jehovah, who makes the nations of the world His footstool, and prepares a table in the presence of our enemies. Holy One, who meets all our needs in Christ Jesus. The Alpha, who sees to it that we lack no good thing.

Oh Holy Father, All glory is to You. Let my choices be Your choices; make me to walk with You, guide me, fill me with Your love.

from Accra, GHANA
I too want to take this great time to thank God. What the lord is doing in the ministry is beyond our saying here in Jesus name. Am here to testify to His own glory, amen. Psalm 34:1.