Acts of Pilate

1 And Joseph arose and said unto Annas and Caiaphas: Truly and of right do you marvel because you have heard that Jesus has been seen alive after death, and that he has ascended into heaven. Nevertheless it is more marvelous that he rose not alone from the dead, but did raise up alive many other dead out of their sepulchres, and they have been seen of many in Jerusalem. And now hearken unto me; for we all know the blessed Simeon, the high priest which received the child Jesus in his hands in the temple. And this Simeon had two sons, brothers in blood and we all were at their falling asleep and at their burial. Go therefore and look upon their sepulchres: for they are open, because they have risen, and behold they are in the city of Arimathaea dwelling together in prayer. And indeed men hear them crying out, yet they speak with no man, but are silent as dead men. But come, let us go unto them and with all honor and gentleness bring them unto us, and if we adjure them, perchance they will tell us concerning the mystery of their rising again.
2 When they heard these things, they all rejoiced. And Annas and Caiaphas, Nicodemus and Joseph and Gamaliel went and found them not in their sepulchre, but they went unto the city of Arimathaea, and found them there, kneeling on their knees and giving themselves unto prayer. And they kissed them, and with all reverence and in the fear of God they brought them to Jerusalem into the synagogue. And they shut the doors and took the law of the Lord and put it into their hands, and adjured them by the God Adonai and the God of Israel which was speaking unto our fathers by the prophets, saying: Believe you that it is Jesus which raised you from the dead? Tell us how you have arisen from the dead.
3 And when Karinus and Leucius heard this adjuration, they trembled in their body and groaned, being troubled in heart. And looking up together unto heaven they made the seal of the cross with their fingers upon their tongues, and forthwith they was speaking both of them, saying: Give us each a volume of paper, and let us write that which we have seen and heard. And they gave them unto them, and each of them sat down and wrote, saying:

1 O Lord Jesu Christ, the life and resurrection of the dead (al. Resurrection of the dead and the life of the living), suffer us to speak of the mysteries of your majesty which you did perform after your death upon the cross, inasmuch as we have been adjured by your Name. For you did command us your servants to tell no man the secrets of your divine majesty which you wrought in hell.
Now when we were set together with all our fathers in the deep, in obscurity of darkness, on a sudden there came a golden heat of the sun and a purple and royal light shining upon us. And immediately the father of the whole race of men, together with all the patriarchs and prophets, rejoiced, saying: This light is the beginning (author) of everlasting light which did promise to send unto us his co-eternal light. And Esaias cried out and said: This is the light of the Father, even the Son of God, according as I prophesied when I lived upon the earth: The land of Zabulon and the land of Nephthalim beyond Jordan, of Galilee of the Gentiles, the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, and they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them did the light shine. And now has it come and shone upon us that sit in death.
2 And as we all rejoiced in the light which shined upon us, there came unto us our father Simeon, and he rejoicing said unto us: Glorify you the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God; for I received him in my hands in the temple when he was born a child, and being moved of the Holy Spirit I made confession and said unto him: Now have mine eyes seen your salvation which you have prepared before the face of all people, a light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the glory of your people Israel. And when they heard these things, the whole multitude of the saints rejoiced yet more.
3 And after that there came one as it were a dweller in the wilderness, and he was inquired of by all: Who are you? And he answered them and said: I am John, the voice and the prophet of the most High, which came before the face of his advent to prepare his ways, to give knowledge of salvation unto his people, for the remission of their sins. And when I saw him coming unto me, being moved of the Holy Spirit, I said: Behold the Lamb of God, behold him that takes away the sins of the world. And I baptized him in the river of Jordan, and saw the Holy Spirit descending upon him in the likeness of a dove, and heard a voice out of heaven saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And now have I come before his face, and come down to declare unto you that he is at hand to visit us, even the day spring, the Son of God, coming from on high unto us that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.

1 And when father Adam that was first created heard this, even that Jesus was baptized in Jordan, he cried out to Seth his son, saying: Declare unto your sons the patriarchs and the prophets all that you did hear from Michael the archangel, when I sent you unto the gates of paradise that you might entreat God to send you his angel to give you the oil of the tree of mercy to anoint my body when I was sick. Then Seth drew near unto the holy patriarchs and prophets, and said: When I, Seth, was praying at the gates of paradise, behold Michael the angel of the Lord appeared unto me, saying: I am sent unto you from the Lord: it is I that am set over the body of man. And I say unto you, Seth, vex not yourself with tears, praying and entreating for the oil of the tree of mercy, that you may anoint your father Adam for the pain of his body: for you will not be able to receive it save in the last days and times, save when five thousand and five hundred years are accomplished: then shall the most beloved Son of God come upon the earth to raise up the body of Adam and the bodies of the dead, and he shall come and be baptized in Jordan. And when he is come forth of the water of Jordan, then shall he anoint with the oil of mercy all that believe on him, and that oil of mercy shall be unto all generations of them that shall be born of water and of the Holy Spirit, unto life eternal. Then shall the most beloved Son of God, even Christ Jesus, come down upon the earth and shall bring in our father Adam into paradise unto the tree of mercy.
And when they heard all these things of Seth, all the patriarchs and prophets rejoiced with a great rejoicing.

1 And while all the saints were rejoicing, behold Satan the prince and chief of death said unto Hell: Make yourself ready to receive Jesus who boasts himself that he is the Son of God, whereas he is a man that fears death, and says: My soul is sorrowful even unto death. And he has been much mine enemy, doing me great hurt, and many that I had made blind, lame, dumb, leprous, and possessed he has healed with a word: and some whom I have brought unto you dead, them has he taken away from you.
2 Hell answered and said unto Satan the prince: Who is he that is so mighty, if he be a man that fears death? For all the mighty ones of the earth are held in subjection by my power, even they whom you have brought me subdued by your power. If, then, you are mighty, what manner of man is this Jesus who, though he fear death, resists your power? If he be so mighty in his manhood, truly I say unto you he is almighty in his god-head, and no man can withstand his power. And when he says that he fears death, he would ensnare you, and woe shall be unto you for everlasting ages. But Satan the prince of Tartarus said: Why doubt you and fear to receive this Jesus which yours adversary and mine? For I tempted him, and have stirred up mine ancient people of the Jews with envy and wrath against him. I have sharpened a spear to thrust him through, gall and vinegar have I mingled to give him to drink, and I have prepared a cross to crucify him and nails to pierce him: and his death is nigh at hand, that I may bring him unto you to be subject unto you and me.
3 Hell answered and said: You have told me that it is he that has taken away dead men from me. For there be many which while they lived on the earth have taken dead men from me, yet not by their own power but by prayer to God, and their almighty God has taken them from me. Who is this Jesus which by his own word without prayer has drawn dead men from me? Perchance it is he which by the word of his command did restore to life Lazarus which was four days dead and stank and was corrupt, whom I held here dead. Satan the prince of death answered and said: It is that same Jesus. When Hell heard that he said unto him: I adjure you by your strength and mine own that you bring him not unto me. For at that time I, when I heard the command of his word, did quake and was overwhelmed with fear, and all my ministries with me were troubled. Neither could we keep Lazarus, but he like an eagle shaking himself leaped forth with all agility and swiftness, and departed from us, and the earth also which held the dead body of Lazarus straightway gave him up alive. Wherefore now I know that that man which was able to do these things is a God strong in command and mighty in manhood, and that he is the savior of mankind. And if you bring him unto me he will set free all that are here shut up in the hard prison and bound in the chains of their sins that cannot be broken, and will bring them unto the life of his god head forever.

1 And as Satan the prince, and Hell, spoke this together, suddenly there came a voice as of thunder and a spiritual cry: Remove, O princes, your gates, and be you lift up, you everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come in. When Hell heard that he said unto Satan the prince: Depart from me and go out of mine abode: if you be a mighty man of war, fight you against the King of glory. But what have you to do with him? And Hell cast Satan forth out of his dwelling. Then said Hell unto his wicked ministers: Shut you the hard gates of brass and put on them the bars of iron and withstand stoutly, lest we that hold captivity be taken captive.
2 But when all the multitude of the saints heard it, they was speaking with a voice of rebuking unto Hell: Open your gates, that the King of glory may come in. And David cried out, saying: Did I not when I was alive upon earth, foretell unto you: Let them give thanks unto the Lord, even his mercies and his wonders unto the children of men; who has broken the gates of brass and smitten the bars of iron in sunder? He has taken them out of the way of their iniquity. And thereafter in like manner Esaias said: Did not I when I was alive upon earth foretell unto you: The dead shall arise, and they that are in the tombs shall rise again, and they that are in the earth shall rejoice, for the dew which comes of the Lord is their healing? And again I said: O death, where is your sting? O Hell, where is your victory?
3 When they heard that of Esaias, all the saints said unto Hell: Open your gates: now shall you be overcome and weak and without strength. And there came a great voice as of thunder, saying: Remove, O princes, your gates, and be you lift up you doors of hell, and the King of glory shall come in. And when Hell saw that they so cried out twice, he said, as if he knew it not: Who is the King of glory? And David answered Hell and said: The words of this cry do I know, for by his spirit I prophesied the same; and now I say unto you that which I said before: The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, he is the King of glory. And: The Lord looked down from heaven that he might hear the groanings of them that are in fetters and deliver the children of them that have been slain. And now, O you most foul and stinking Hell, open your gates, that the King of glory may come in. And as David was speaking thus unto Hell, the Lord of majesty appeared in the form of a man and lightened the eternal darkness and brake the bonds that could not be loosed: and the succor of his everlasting might visited us that sat in the deep darkness of our transgressions and in the shadow of death of our sins.

1 When Hell and death and their wicked ministers saw that, they were stricken with fear, they and their cruel officers, at the sight of the brightness of so great light in their own realm, seeing Christ of a sudden in their abode, and they cried out, saying: We are overcome by you. Who are you that are sent by the Lord for our confusion? Who are you that without all damage of corruption, and with the signs (?) of your majesty unblemished, do in wrath condemn our power? Who are you that are so great and so small, both humble and exalted, both soldier and commander, a marvelous warrior in the shape of a bondsman, and a King of glory dead and living, whom the cross bare slain upon it? You that did lie dead in the sepulchre have come down unto us living and at your death all creation quaked and all the stars were shaken and you have become free among the dead and do rout our legions. Who are you that set free the prisoners that are held bound by original sin and restore them into their former liberty? Who are you that shed your divine and bright light upon them that were blinded with the darkness of their sins? After the same manner all the legions of devils were stricken with like fear and cried out all together in the terror of their confusion, saying: Where are you, Jesus, a man so mighty and bright in majesty, so excellent without spot and clean from sin? For that world of earth which has been always subject unto us until now, and did pay tribute to our profit, has never sent unto us a dead man like you, nor ever dispatched such a gift unto Hell. Who then are you that so fearlessly enter our borders, and not only fear not our torments, but besides essay to bear away all men out of our bonds? Peradventure you are that Jesus, of whom Satan our prince said that by your death of the cross you should receive the dominion of the whole world.
2 Then did the King of glory in his majesty trample upon death, and laid hold on Satan the prince and delivered him unto the power of Hell, and drew Adam to him unto his own brightness.

1 Then Hell, receiving Satan the prince, with sore reproach said unto him: O prince of perdition and chief of destruction, Beelzebub, the scorn of the angels and spitting of the righteous why would you do this? You would crucify the King of glory and at his decease did promise us great spoils of his death: like a fool you knew not what you did. For behold now, this Jesus puts to flight by the brightness of his majesty all the darkness of death, and has broken the strong depths of the prisons, and let out the prisoners and loosed them that were bound. And all that were sighing in our torments do rejoice against us, and at their prayers our dominions are vanquished and our realms conquered, and now no nation of men fears us any more. And beside this, the dead which were never wanting to be proud triumph over us, and the captives which never could be joyful do threaten us. O prince Satan, father of all the wicked and ungodly and renegades wherefore would you do this? They that from the beginning until now have despaired of life and salvation-now is none of their wonted roarings heard, neither does any groan from them sound in our ears, nor is there any sign of tears upon the face of any of them. O prince Satan, holder of the keys of hell, those your riches which you had gained by the tree of transgression and the losing of paradise, you have lost by the tree of the cross, and all your gladness has perished. When you did hang up Christ Jesus the King of glory you wrought against yourself and against me. Henceforth you shall know what eternal torments and infinite pains you are to suffer in my keeping forever. O prince Satan, author of death and head of all pride, you ought first to have sought out matter of evil in this Jesus: Wherefore did you adventure without cause to crucify him unjustly against whom you found no blame, and to bring into our realm the innocent and righteous one, and to lose the guilty and the ungodly and unrighteous of the whole world? And when Hell had spoken thus unto Satan the prince, then said the King of glory unto Hell: Satan the prince shall be in your power unto all ages in the stead of Adam and his children, even those that are my righteous ones.

1 And the Lord stretching forth his hand, said: Come unto me, all you my saints which bear mine image and my likeness. You that by the tree and the devil and death were condemned, behold now the devil and death condemned by the tree. And forthwith all the saints were gathered in one under the hand of the Lord. And the Lord holding the right hand of Adam, said unto him: Peace be unto you with all your children that are my righteous ones. But Adam, casting himself at the knees of the Lord entreated him with tears and beseechings, and said with a loud voice: I will magnify you, O Lord, for you have set me up and not made my foes to triumph over me: O Lord my God I cried unto you and you have healed me; Lord, you have brought my soul out of hell, you have delivered me from them that go down to the pit. Sing praises unto the Lord all you saints of his, and give thanks unto him for the remembrance of his holiness. For there is wrath in his indignation and life is in his good pleasure. In like manner all the saints of God kneeled and cast themselves at the feet of the Lord, saying with one accord: You are come, O redeemer of the world: that which you did foretell by the law and by your prophets, that have you accomplished in deed. You have redeemed the living by your cross, and by the death of the cross you have come down unto us, that you might save us out of hell and death through your majesty. O Lord, like as you have set the name of your glory in the heavens and set up your cross for a token of redemption upon the earth, so, Lord, set you up the sign of the victory of your cross in hell, that death may have no more dominion.
2 And the Lord stretched forth his hand and made the sign of the cross over Adam and over all his saints, and he took the right hand of Adam and went up out of hell, and all the saints followed him. Then did holy David cry aloud and say: Sing unto the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things. His right hand has wrought salvation for him and his holy arm. The Lord has made known his saving health, before the face of all nations has he revealed his righteousness. And the whole multitude of the saints answered, saying: Such honor have all his saints. Amen, Alleluia.
3 And thereafter Habacuc the prophet cried out and said: You went forth for the salvation of your people to set free your chosen. And all the saints answered, saying: Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. God is the Lord and has showed us light. Amen, Alleluia. Likewise after that the prophet Micheas also cried, saying: What God is like you, O Lord, taking away iniquity and removing sins? And now you withhold your wrath for a testimony that you are merciful of free will, and you do turn away and have mercy on us, you forgive all our iniquities and have sunk all our sins in the depths of the sea, as you swore unto our fathers in the days of old. And all the saints answered, saying: This is our God forever and ever, he shall be our guide, world without end. Amen, Alleluia. And so was speaking all the prophets, making mention of holy words out of their praises, and all the saints followed the Lord, crying Amen, Alleluia.

1 But the Lord holding the hand of Adam delivered him unto Michael the archangel, and all the saints followed Michael the archangel, and he brought them all into the glory and beauty (grace) of paradise. And there met with them two men, ancients of days, and when they were asked of the saints: Who are you that have not yet been dead in hell with us and are set in paradise in the body? Then one of them answering, said: I am Enoch which was translated here by the word of the Lord, and this that is with me is Elias the Thesbite which was taken up in a chariot of fire: and up to this day we have not tasted death, but we are received unto the coming of Antichrist to fight against him with signs and wonders of God, and to be slain of him in Jerusalem, and after three days and a half to be taken up again alive on the clouds.

And as Enoch and Elias was speaking thus with the saints, behold there came another man of vile habit, bearing upon his shoulders the sign of the cross; whom when they beheld, all the saints said unto him: Who are you? For your appearance is as of a robber; and wherefore is it that you bear a sign upon your shoulders? And he answered them and said: You have rightly said: for I was a robber, doing all manner of evil upon the earth. And the Jews crucified me with Jesus, and I beheld the wonders in the creation which came to pass through the cross of Jesus when he was crucified, and I believed that he was the maker of all creatures and the almighty king, and I besought him, saying: Remember me, Lord, when you come into your kingdom. And forthwith he received my prayer, and said unto me: Truly I say unto you, this day shall you be with me in paradise: and he gave me the sign of the cross, saying: Bear this and go unto paradise, and if the angel that keeps paradise suffer you not to enter in, show him the sign of the cross; and you shall say unto him: Jesus Christ the Son of God who now is crucified has sent me. And when I had so done, I was speaking all these things unto the angel that keeps paradise; and when he heard this of me, forthwith he opened the door and brought me in and set me at the right hand of paradise, saying: Lo now, tarry a little, and Adam the father of all mankind will enter in with all his children that are holy and righteous, after the triumph and glory of the ascending up of Christ the Lord that is crucified. When they heard all these words of the robber, all the holy patriarchs and prophets said with one voice: Blessed be the Lord Almighty, the Father of eternal good things, the Father of mercies, you that have given such grace unto your sinners and have brought them again into the beauty of paradise and into your good pastures: for this is the most holy life of the spirit. Amen, Amen.

These are the divine and holy mysteries which we saw and heard, even I, Karinus, and Leucius: but we were not suffered to relate further the rest of the mysteries of God, according as Michael the archangel strictly charged us, saying: You shall go with your brethren unto Jerusalem and remain in prayer, crying out and glorifying the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has raised you from the dead together with him: and you shall not be speaking with any man, but sit as dumb men, until the hour come when the Lord himself suffers you to declare the mysteries of his god head. But unto us Michael the archangel gave commandment that we should go over Jordan unto a place rich and fertile, where are many which rose again together with us for a testimony of the resurrection of Christ the Lord. For three days only were allowed unto us who rose from the dead, to keep the Passover of the Lord in Jerusalem with our kindred (parents) that are living for a testimony of the resurrection of Christ the Lord: and we were baptized in the holy river of Jordan and received white robes, every one of us. And after the three days, when we had kept the Passover of the Lord, all they were caught up in the clouds which had risen again with us, and were taken over Jordan and were no more seen of any man. But unto us it was said that we should remain in the city of Arimathaea and continue in prayer.
These be all things which the Lord bade us declare unto you: give praise and thanksgiving (confession) unto him, and repent that he may have mercy upon you. Peace be unto you from the same Lord Jesus Christ which is the Savior of us all. Amen.
And when they had finished writing all things in the several volumes of paper they arose; and Karinus gave that which he had written into the hands of Annas and Caiaphas and Gamaliel; likewise Leucius gave that which he had written into the hands of Nicodemus and Joseph. And suddenly they were transfigured and became white exceedingly and were no more seen. But their writings were found to be the same (lit. Equal), neither more nor less by one letter.
And when all the synagogue of the Jews heard all these marvelous sayings of Karinus and Leucius, they said one to another: Of a truth all these things were wrought by the Lord, and blessed be the Lord, world without end, Amen. And they went out all of them in great trouble of mind, smiting their breasts with fear and trembling, and departed every man unto his own home.
And all these things which were spoken by the Jews in their synagogue, did Joseph and Nicodemus forthwith declare unto the governor. And Pilate himself wrote all the things that were done and said concerning Jesus by the Jews, and laid up all the words in the public books of his judgment hall (praetorium).

1 After these things Pilate entered into the temple of the Jews and gathered together all the chief of the priests, and the teachers (grammaticos) and scribes and doctors of the law, and went in with them into the holy place of the temple and commanded all the doors to be shut, and said unto them: We have heard that you have in this temple a certain great Bible; wherefore I ask you that it be presented before us. And when that great Bible adorned with gold and precious jewels was brought by four ministers, Pilate said to them all: I adjure you by the God of your fathers which commanded you to build this temple in the place of his sanctuary, that you hide not the truth from me. You know all the things that are written in this Bible; but tell me now if you have found in the scriptures that this Jesus whom you have crucified is the Son of God which should come for the salvation of mankind, and in what year of the times he must come. Declare unto me whether you crucified him in ignorance or knowingly.
And Annas and Caiaphas when they were thus adjured commanded all the rest that were will them to go out of the temple; and they themselves shut all the doors of the temple and of the sanctuary, and said unto Pilate: You have adjured us, O excellent judge, by the building of this temple to make manifest unto you the truth and reason (or a true account). After that we had crucified Jesus, knowing not that he was the Son of God, but supposing that by some chance he did his wondrous works, we made a great assembly (synagogue) in this temple; and as we conferred one with another concerning the signs of the mighty works which Jesus had done, we found many witnesses of our own nation who said that they had seen Jesus alive after his passion, and that he was passed into the height of the heaven. Moreover, we saw two witnesses whom Jesus raised from the dead, who declared unto us many marvelous things which Jesus did among the dead, which things we have in writing in our hands. Now our custom is that every year before our assembly we open this holy Bible and inquire the testimony of God. And we have found in the first book of the Seventy how that Michael the angel was speaking unto the third son of Adam the first man concerning the five thousand and five hundred years, wherein should come the most beloved Son of God, even Christ: and furthermore we have thought that peradventure this same was the God of Israel which said unto Moses: Make you an ark of the covenant in length two cubits and a half, and in breadth one cubit and a half, and in height one cubit and a half. For by those five cubits and a half we have understood and known the fashion of the ark of the old covenant, for that in five thousand and a half thousand years Jesus Christ should come in the ark of his body: and we have found that he is the God of Israel, even the Son of God. For after his passion, we the chief of the priests, because we marveled at the signs which came to pass on his account did open the Bible, and searched out all the generations unto the generation of Joseph, and Mary the mother of Christ, taking her to be the seed of David: and we found that from the day when God made the heaven and the earth and the first man, from that time unto the Flood are two-thousand two-hundred and twelve years: and from the Flood unto the building of the tower five-hundred and thirty-one years: and from the building of the tower unto Abraham six-hundred and six years: and from Abraham unto the coming of the children of Israel out of Egypt four-hundred and seventy years: and from the going of the children of Israel out of Egypt unto the building of the temple five-hundred and eleven years: and from the building of the temple unto the destruction of the same temple four-hundred sixty-four years: so far found we in the Bible of Esdras: and inquiring from the burning of the temple unto the coming of Christ and his birth we found it to be six-hundred and thirty-six years, which together were five thousand and five hundred years like as we found it written in the Bible that Michael the archangel declared before unto Seth the third son of Adam, that after five thousand and a half thousand years Christ the Son of God has (? Should) come. Hitherto have we told no man, lest there should be a schism in our synagogues; and now, O excellent judge, you have adjured us by this holy Bible of the testimonies of God, and we do declare it unto you: and we also have adjured you by your life and health that you declare not these words unto any man in Jerusalem.

1 And Pilate, when he heard these words of Annas and Caiaphas, laid them all up amongst the acts of the Lord and Savior in the public books of his judgment hall, and wrote a letter unto Claudius the king of the city of Rome, saying:
2 Pontius Pilate unto Claudius, greeting.
There befell of late a matter which I myself brought to light (or made trial of): for the Jews through envy have punished themselves and their posterity with fearful judgments of their own fault; for whereas their fathers had promises (al. Had announced unto them) that their God would send them out of heaven his holy one who should of right be called their king, and did promise that he would send him upon earth by a virgin; he, then (or this God of the Hebrews, then), came when I was governor of Judaea, and they beheld him enlightening the blind, cleansing lepers, healing the palsied, driving devils out of men, raising the dead, rebuking the winds, walking upon the waves of the sea dry-shod, and doing many other wonders, and all the people of the Jews calling him the Son of God: the chief priests therefore, moved with envy against him, took him and delivered him unto me and brought against him one false accusation after another, saying that he was a sorcerer and did things contrary to their law.
But I, believing that these things were so, having scourged him, delivered him unto their will: and they crucified him, and when he was buried they set guards upon him. But while my soldiers watched him he rose again on the third day: yet so much was the malice of the Jews kindled that they gave money to the soldiers, saying: Say you that his disciples stole away his body. But they, though they took the money, were not able to keep silence concerning that which had come to pass, for they also have testified that they saw him arisen and that they received money from the Jews. And these things have I reported for this cause, lest some other should lie unto you (lat. Lest any lie otherwise) and you should deem right to believe the false tales of the Jews.