Inscription of Abercius

1 The citizens of an eminent city, I made this (tomb)
2 In my lifetime, that I might have here a resting-place for my body.
3 Abercius by name, I am a disciple of the chaste shepherd,
4 Who feeds His flocks of sheep on mountains and plains,
5 Who has great eyes that look on all sides.
6 He taught me... Faithful writings.
7 He sent me to Rome, to behold a kingdom
8 And to see a queen with golden robe and golden shoes.
9 There I saw a people bearing the splended seal.
10 And I saw the plain of Syria and all the cities, even Nisibis,
11 Having crossed the Euphrates. And everywhere I had associates
12 Having Paul as a companion, everywhere faith led the way
13 And set before me food the fish from the spring
14 Mighty and pure, whom a spotless Virgin caught,
15 And gave this to friends to eat, always
16 Having sweet wine and giving the mixed cup with bread.
17 These words, I, Abercius, standing by, ordered to be inscribed.
18 In truth, I was in the course of my seventy-second year.
19 Let him who understands and believes this pray for Abercius.
20 But no man shall place another tomb upon mine.
21 If one do so, he shall pay to the treasury of the Romans two thousand pieces of gold,
22 And to my beloved fatherland Hieropolis, one thousand pieces of gold.