Oxyrhunchus 840 Gospel

1 before he does wrong makes all manner of subtle excuse. But give heed lest you also suffer the same things as they; for the evil-doers among men receive their reward not among the living only, but also await punishment and much torment. And he took them and brought them into the very place of purification, and was walking in the temple. And a certain Pharisee, a chief priest, whose name was Levi, met them and said to the Savior, Who gave you leave to walk in this place of purification and to see these holy vessels, when you have not washed nor yet have your disciples bathed their feet? But defiled you have walked in this temple, which is a pure place, wherein no other man walks except he has washed himself and changed his garments, neither does he venture to see these holy vessels. And the Savior straightaway stood still with his disciples and answered him, "Are you then, being here in the temple, clean?" He says unto him, "I am clean; for I washed in the pool of David, and having descended by one staircase I ascended by another, and I put on white and clean garments, and then I came and looked upon these holy vessels." The Savior answered and said unto him, "Woe you blind, who see not. You have washed in these running waters wherein dogs and swine have been cast night and day, and have cleansed and wiped the outside skin which also the harlots and flute-girls anoint and wash and wipe and beautify for the lust of men; but within they are full of scorpions and all wickedness. But I and my disciples, who you say have not bathed, have been dipped in the waters of eternal life which come from... But woe unto the..."